How to make emery do it yourself

There is a constant need in the household to sharpen knives and other household items. Some turn to paid services for help, while others find an original solution by making their own emery. How to make sandpaper with your own hands at home? About this you can learn from this article, which contains the experience of a large number of homemade products.

Why does he need

How to make emery do it yourself

Emery is needed to perform a variety of works. For example, it may be sharpening drills. In the process, the drills are heated and, as a result, become dull. Throw them out and buy new completely illogical solution. Especially since with the presence of sandpaper, you can sharpen the drill yourself. This also applies to the kitchen knife. Perhaps not one housewife asks her husband to sharpen a knife. The usual rubbing of a knife against a knife is a difficult task, especially since such sharpening will not be long-term. For this reason, having your own emery at home is always only a plus.

Although, of course, you can not waste time on making a homemade device, since you can buy ready-made emery, yet, with all the necessary parts, why not make your own emery?


How to make emery do it yourself

One of the important components of self-made sandpaper is a flange adapter. It can be made on a lathe. What is needed for this?

  1. Make a sketch.
  2. Mark the dimensions of the diameter of the motor shaft.
  3. Diameter of the internal hole of the grinding stone.

With regard to the manufacture of the flange, it can be done separately or directly on the adapter. Depending on the direction of the shaft, the direction of threading should be chosen. If the shaft moves clockwise, then the thread is left, and exactly the opposite. In this case, the nut in the process of sandpaper will twist arbitrarily. And this, in turn, will make sandpaper operation safe.

What if there is no suitable cylindrical material for the adapter sleeves? In this case, take a thick-walled tube. The gap between the sleeve and the engine can be filled with woven tape. However, this option is not the most reliable.

To avoid the need to reel, you can use a metal pipe with an outer diameter of 32 mm. She is dressed quite simply and safely.

Electric motor

How to make emery do it yourself

Very often emery is made of a washing machine engine. It is necessary to put sandpaper on the motor shaft and fix it on it. So, you can use the engine from the washing machine "Vyatka", "Riga", etc. These and similar engines have sufficient power. You will also need to take from such devices and starter.

The recommended number of revolutions for emery 1000-1500 per minute. If the turnover exceeds 3 thousand, then this can lead to a rupture of the circle. The higher the engine power, the stronger the emery wheel, as well as the mount for it.

As far as power is concerned, 100 or 200W will suffice. If you need to sharpen large parts, the engine can reach power up to 400 watts.

Assembly and installation

How to make emery do it yourself

The emery attachment should be considered carefully. Safety of its operation directly depends on quality of fastening. Brackets are recommended for attachment to the workbench. You should also use a corner with a rubber gasket to reduce vibration. Be sure to make a protective cover that will protect your eyes and other exposed areas of the body from splintering. The casing is made of a strip of metal with a thickness of 3 mm. Cut a strip and fix it in the form of a half-ring on sandpaper.

Also note that sparks may form when sharpening metal products. To protect the workbench (especially if it is wooden) from fire, it is recommended to install a metal sheet under the bottom.

It is recommended to work on a grinding unit only in protective glasses and gloves.

How to make emery do it yourself Installed machine

To increase the quality of protection, plexiglass can be fixed to the motor casing up to 5 mm. Fastening it to the linkage, it can be folded.

It is equally important to pay attention to safety. You can not work on a workbench in clothes, whose sleeves hang down.

How to make emery do it yourself Protection

So, we have discussed with you the features of making homemade emery. If you have your own experience in this work, write your comments at the end of this article. For beginners, we recommend that you additionally view the prepared video.



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