How to make a suspended ceiling with a 3D pattern

In the modern world, only innovative technologies and modernized materials are used. In addition, an important in the construction and repair of the house is the use of fresh design solutions. Ceiling decoration is an important step in planning surface finishes. The most popular, beautiful and practical is the stretch ceiling. A large variety of design options will allow everyone to choose the appropriate option. Original will look a canvas with a three-dimensional image. How to make a suspended ceiling with a 3D pattern, it will be discussed in this article.

3D Ceilings

How to make a suspended ceiling with a 3D pattern

In simple terms, this group of ceiling coverings include PVC film on which a three-dimensional drawing is applied. To create it, a special photo printing is used on modern high-precision equipment - a printer. Figure is selected individually. This can be any photo or a specially designed design. Drawing with a 3D effect can be applied to all types of paintings:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • satin.

How to make a suspended ceiling with a 3D pattern 3D ceiling

In order to achieve a more effective result, you should also carry out the correct installation of the structure . You can use several installation methods for this:

  1. Cone. The film is stretched so that the top of the hanging ceiling is crowned with a chandelier. A column can also be used for framing. This design is suitable for interior design in the cave style.
  2. Arch. Smooth and rounded transition from wall to ceiling. If we are talking about a large room, here you can think of several different designs.
  3. Waves. Wavy fasteners carried directly to the wall. As a result, the entire surface of the ceiling is obtained in the form of different forms. To carry out such installation is quite difficult.

An original and unusual three-dimensional image will look on a two-level ceiling, where the picture is placed inside a geometric element.


How to make a suspended ceiling with a 3D pattern

Every modern person today is familiar with the concept of 3D, which means volume. A man just by this principle perceives the whole world. To create the effect of a volumetric figure on the ceiling, you can use many ways, among which there are only two leaders:

  • multi-level construction;
  • three-dimensional image.

How to make a suspended ceiling with a 3D pattern Wave-shaped fasteners

Let us dwell in more detail on the latter. To date, to create a stretch ceiling with a three-dimensional pattern, you need to go through three stages:

  1. Modeling. It is necessary to begin the development with the planning of the future ceiling. To do this, you can use special software. At this stage it is very important not only to develop, but also to combine all the elements of the structure together, to choose the right colors with shades.
  2. Image transfer. When the drawing will be completely ready, you can proceed to transfer it to the PVC film. It is important to note that this will require a special printer, programs, pigment inks. Only in this case, you can get a high-quality three-dimensional image. No matter what the height of the ceilings and whether there are levels in the design, everything can always be adjusted.
  3. Mounting construction. The most crucial step is the installation, for which it is best to invite experts who use a heat gun. There are three methods of fastening: harpoon, wedge and staple.

Subjects of images are always selected individually. The most common and frequently used is a canvas imitating a starry sky or space.

Design and lighting

How to make a suspended ceiling with a 3D pattern

To give the ceiling surface more effect and unusualness, it is necessary to think of its design. The most successful solution in this case will be lighting and lighting. In this case, you can use a variety of options and their combinations. For example, the built-in and pendant lamps with chandeliers will look original on a large ceiling.

The hidden illumination for which the LED strip is used looks no less impressive. As a result of simple manipulations, the ceiling surface will be not only three-dimensional, but also soaring in weightlessness. It is also worth considering the possibility of installing a special system with which you can change the color scheme with the help of a remote control or automatically according to a pre-programmed scheme.

How to make a suspended ceiling with a 3D pattern The spectacular decor element

The main task of the designer is to design and create an effective decor element and thus creation of a surface, convenient for operation.

If your choice fell on a stretch ceiling, then in this case you can realize the most unusual and creative ideas.Thinking outside the box will make it possible to create a unique design.


How to make a stretch ceiling will be discussed in the video:


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