How to choose a bimetallic radiator

The heating battery is an important element of the heating system of each house. The comfort and coziness of people living in the house depends on it. In order for the battery to perfectly fulfill its function and ideally fit into the interior, you need to familiarize yourself with the selection rules, which will tell you how to choose a bimetallic radiator correctly.

Battery Features

How to choose a bimetallic radiator Sectional Radiator

Bimetallic radiators are made of aluminum and become. Provides fast heat transfer to the room housing, which is based on aluminum.

Steel pipes inside are not susceptible to oxidation, in contrast to the aluminum case.

The advantages of steel in the biometric design are the following:

  • Resistance to pressure drops appearing in the heating system.
  • At the junction, steel can better withstand pressure drops, unlike aluminum.

Aluminum has increased heat inertia. This factor can be attributed to the disadvantages, since the material is sensitive to temperature fluctuations. But allows you to quickly adjust the temperature in the room.

In the process of high heat transfer of aluminum, a smaller amount of heat carrier is used for heating. But the heat that radiator emits is comparable to the heat flux of cast-iron batteries, although they are more overall and their appearance is less attractive.

As for the shortcomings of the aluminum case, this is a significant load on the automatic heating system of a private house, which often has to be switched on and off due to rapid cooling.

What are the constructions

Among bimetallic systems, it is worth distinguishing monolithic and sectional structures.

Sectional models

How to choose a bimetallic radiator Sectional model

The latter have sections that are manufactured on factory and merged into one radiator. At the joints, sealing occurs due to special gaskets, which are fastened with nipples. The advantages of the battery include the possibility of adding or removing the required number of sections. In case of failure of one of the sections, it is easily replaced with a new one.

Monolithic construction

How to choose a bimetallic radiator

The main feature of the monolithic construction is the core, made of durable steel, which is superior to the quality of the sectional construction.

Among the advantages you should pay attention to the resistance of the device to pressure drops. When choosing a bimetallic radiator for an apartment, it is important to find out the state of pressure in the heating system. If water strikes from time to time disturb the system, it is better to give preference to a monolithic structure.

For a private house, since there are no water hammer there, it is better to purchase a sectional option, the cost of which is much lower.

Appearance of models

How to choose a bimetallic radiator Sticker on the radiator

By purchasing batteries with a flat surface, you can decorate them with a special sticker, the background of which you can choose yourself.

In most cases, radiators are released for mounting on the wall. Sometimes you want to put it on a rounded surface. In this case, you can purchase models that meet the requirements.

How to choose a bimetallic radiator It is possible to choose the color of the product

If you wish, you can choose models of various colors. The main thing is that the device is combined with the general mood of the house.


How to choose a bimetallic radiator Product Passport

Despite the attractive appearance of a bimetallic radiator It is important to pay due attention to the technical parameters. Not all heating batteries, regardless of the country of origin, are able to withstand the characteristics of domestic heating networks.

The system, which was developed by specialists of the Soviet Union, is characterized by fluctuations in water pressure and water quality. Most often, a change in water pressure is observed at the beginning of autumn at system startup. As a result, water hammers negatively affect the condition of the heaters. Therefore, choosing a radiator for an apartment, it is important to familiarize yourself with the allowable temperature and pressure. These data can be found in the passport of the heating device.

Heat transfer level

How to choose a bimetallic radiator Bimetallic radiator

The efficiency of indoor air heating is directly dependent from the material of which the battery is made.

This type of design is not all the same. They can be divided into semi-metallic and bimetallic.

Bimetallic devices

Inside the radiator, the steel shell is represented as elements arranged horizontally and vertically, connected by welding. The structure is cast with aluminum under pressure.

Such models imply contact of water only with the steel structure. Some manufacturers in the process of assembling the radiator as the inner shell used anti-corrosion material.

Polybimetallic devices

These models are distinguished by the fact that their reinforcement with steel elements occurs only along vertical channels. They are significantly inferior in quality to the full option, but also have the right to life.

How to calculate the required number of sections

How to choose a bimetallic radiator Assembled battery in a package

Often bimetallic radiators are sold complete. To calculate the number of sections, it is worth remembering that one section is able to heat a couple of square meters.

Batteries can be of different heights, which affects its power - the higher, the greater the area of ​​heat transfer.

How to choose a bimetallic radiator Radiators of different heights

  • To calculate the number of sections in a country house correctly , you need to turn to professionals who take into account the thermal conductivity of the various elements of the building.
  • To calculate the number of sections for a house using the simplified method, you need to divide the area of ​​the room by 2. For example, you need to purchase 13 sections for a room at 26 m 2 .
  • If the apartment is located on the top floor or on the first floor, the figure is increased by 10%.

We choose the manufacturer

How to choose a bimetallic radiator Radiators Rifar

Among a large number of firms on the market, it is important to give preference to the most well-known, having a lot of positive feedback. It is not worth saving, as the purchase will serve for many years.

To understand which brand of battery you need to purchase, you can familiarize yourself with the most well-known brands.

  • Among Italian manufacturers, the most popular is the Sira brand. She became the pioneer of bimetallic radiators. They are compact, high-quality finish and lightness.
  • From domestic producers we can mention Rifar, which is located in the Orenburg region. Products of this company are highly durable.
  • As for producers from other countries, it is possible to single out the South Korean company MARS. The core of the device is made of copper. The products of the Polish company REGULUS-system, which provides a 25-year warranty, have the same feature.

Note to the buyer

How to choose a bimetallic radiator The specialist advises

  • Not all sellers are telling the truth about the quality of the product and about the country in which it was made.
  • Polybimetallic can sell as a full bimetallic.

In addition, for fakes:

  • weak body and thin ribs (less than 1 mm);
  • low weight;
  • a weak nipple with a short mustache;
  • dimensions less than 80 * 80 mm;
  • trimmed internal ribs;
  • low quality pads;
  • short life guarantees.

As you can see, the choice of bimetallic radiators must be approached with all the responsibility, and the material from the article you read will help to do this correctly.


You can find out about the peculiarities of choosing a bimetallic radiator from this video:


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