How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house

For a number of reasons, the owners of country houses prefer to have a drain hole or septic tank, which do not require regular maintenance (emptying of sewage with the assistance of a cesspool machine). The use of a cesspool of this design removes the problem with the constant challenge of special equipment (to remote areas, for example) and saves on its maintenance. In this case, the need for aspenizatorsky technique may arise not more often than once every few years. In the article we will tell how to make a septic tank in a private house, consider the option of concrete rings and tires.

Biological septic tank

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house Drawing of a septic tank of concrete rings

We offer you a treatment option biological structures. To implement the project of such a self-cleaning septic tank, you will need a multi-sectional design consisting of at least two chambers. In this case, you will forget about the removal of sewage for a long time and ensure yourself a few years of quiet life.

The principle of operation of such a structure is based on the effect of reproduction of putrefactive bacteria that live directly in the soil and do not require any additional efforts for their reproduction. These bacteria decompose organic matter into individual components (gas and water), which are removed from the septic tank with the help of special pipes.

The distance from the pit to the dwelling must be at least 6-8 meters

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house Septic tank without pumping B As an example, consider a proven design.

The choice of location for such a septic tank is usually made subject to the following conditions:

  • no wells or wells with drinking water should be located near the structure;
  • the main criterion the choice of location is the requirement that it be below ground level (in a small pit, for example) where impurities will flow by gravity.

Preparation of the excavation and installation of the base

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house Installation of a septic tank made of concrete rings

A pit for a septic tank, prepared manually or with the assistance of a special earth-moving machinery, should have dimensions of approximately 2.5 x 3.5 meters. Taking into account the possible freezing of the soil in winter, the drain hole of the sewage pipe should settle at least at a meter depth, while the bottom of the septic tank should remain about 80-120 cm. It should not be forgotten that for mounting the rings you need a winch or a crane.

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house Septic tank with filter well

With this method of deciding how to properly make a septic tank, Work begins with the preparation of the pit, which should have a small margin in diameter, allowing you to freely enter the rings into the pit.

When assembling two monolithic chambers from rings, you should use the protrusions on them, which will allow you to securely connect the workpieces to each other.

The resulting construction of two such chambers is poured from the edges of the ground, having previously connected them together with a special overflow. In addition, in the walls of one of their annular chambers (larger in size) should provide an opening for the drain pipe.

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house The principle of operation of the device

In the evacuation pipe, you need to punch a few bleed holes of no more than 2 centimeters located at a distance of 10-15 cm from the edge. They are necessary so that the dense layers of soil are not sucked together with the waste during pumping.

The bottom of both chambers should remain open and allow drainage to the ground (it can be filled with a thin layer of gravel). The upper cut of the rings should be approximately 20 cm below the ground level. At this level, the finished structure is covered with a reinforced concrete cover with openings for gas outlet (ventilation) and for the pumping pipe. Note that this overlap can be made common to both chambers of the sump.

From concrete rings

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house

How to carry out the preparatory work, namely to dig the excavation, prepare the foundation and install the finished structure, much has already been said. But if you have to make a septic tank of concrete rings, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some additional recommendations.

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house Ready septic tank from concrete rings

Such a septic tank usually consists of two tanks and fields filtration or three tanks, the latter in this case has no bottom, so that the treated wastewater enters the soil.

You can learn how to build all this from the article "Installation of a septic tank from concrete rings".

From tires

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house

If you have old tires from KamAZ, then you should not spend money to buy concrete goods of the rings, because you can make a septic tank tires.You can also purchase auto tires, for example, in a fleet of vehicles. They will cost you less rings, and mounting from tires is much easier than its analogue from concrete goods.

You can learn about the design characteristics and manufacturing features of tires from the article "How to make a septic tank of tires."

With overflow

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house

Overflow septic tanks are in great demand during the construction of sewage treatment plants. They consist of several compartments that are interconnected by a pipe. In the first compartment, the drains settle, and solid fractions settle in it. In the second compartment, the effluent undergoes the first biological treatment, and in the third final. Then purified water flows through the drainage system into the ground.

Once a quarter, this septic tank needs to be pumped out. To do this, you have to call a special cesspool machine. To reduce the frequency of pumping, add special biopreparations, splitting solid fractions, into the sump.

A septic tank with overflow can be made of different materials. You can learn more about this in the article "How to make a septic tank without pumping out."

Recommendations of specialists

How to make a septic tank with your own hands in a private house Construction of a septic tank on site

  1. For the organization of ventilation it is best to choose pipes made of asbestos or PVC. The upper edge of the pipe can be covered with an umbrella cut from galvanized sheet.
  2. You can modify the ventilation pipe so that it is used at the same time for pumping out the sewage. Refinement is made according to the method of the composite designer, when a thinner ventilation pipe is inserted into the hole with a pipe for pumping out. At the time of cleaning the sump, the ventilation pipe is removed, and in its place a pipe is installed for pumping out waste. Such a design refinement is usually done after all the main work is completed.
  3. Exterior tubes can be painted in tones matching the colors of the details of the environment.
  4. The thickness of the structure overlap must be at least 150 mm.

After some time, you can cover the overlap with earth and plant a flower bed or bed in this place.

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In the following video you will learn how to make a septic tank with your own hands from Eurocubes and concrete rings:


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