Calculation of cubic capacity of a rounded log on a house: table (video)

The calculation of a rounded log on a house is extremely simple due to the high quality of the material, the stable geometry of each crown. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors according to the recommendations of specialists. This will save you from unnecessary cutting waste when choosing a complex architecture, will allow you to select the minimum possible stock to reduce the construction budget. The calculation of the cubic capacity of a rounded log will reduce the costs for the purchase, since piece by piece lumber is more expensive.

Calculation of cubic capacity of a rounded log on a house: table (video)

Types of Rounded Logs.

Features of cylindering when calculating the required volume

Calculation of cylindering for a cottage, a bathhouse is based on several material characteristics:

  • length - the standard is 6 m, although some manufacturers produce 4 m of sawn timber, elements of crowns of non-standard length;
  • diameter - at the design stage it is important to take into account the presence of façade cladding, climatic, and operational features of the region.

For example, to calculate a cottage with planned decoration of the facades, it is possible to lay a smaller diameter of elements in the project, to install a layer of insulation under the outer lining. At the same time, the necessary strength of the power frame will remain, heat losses in the walls, terms, and construction budget will decrease.

A special feature of a rounded log is its profiling. Sampling of the longitudinal groove, corner bowls is carried out in the production process, which ensures the ideal geometry of the walls, reducing the consumption of inter-heater insulation (jute or tow).

Calculation of cubic capacity of a rounded log on a house: table (video)

The template dimensions of a rounded log.

In the frame of a single-story cottage, if you choose a different diameter of material, there will be an unequal number of crowns. To calculate their number independently, the standard ratios of working height of cylindering are used depending on its diameter, longitudinal groove width (cm):

  • 22.5 - for Ø26 with groove 13;
  • 20.8 - for Ø24 with a groove 12;
  • 19.1 - for Ø22 with a groove 11;
  • 17.3 - for Ø20 with a groove 10;
  • 15.6 - for Ø18 with a groove 9.

For example, a 3-meter log cabin made of a round log of Ø240 mm will contain the following number of rims:

3 000/208 = 14.42, rounded up to 15 pieces.

Considering the protrusions in the corners, according to the drawing of the dwelling it is possible to calculate the molding of each crown. For the log house shown in the picture, this value will be:

9 + 6 + 9 + 6 + 6 = 42 p.m.

By multiplying the molding by the number of crowns, you can get the total number of meters:

42 x 15 = 630 p. M.

This preliminary calculation is clarified in the following steps for the final result of the estimate.

Even with the specified dimensions of the building, a small effective area is obtained from a rounded log. The standard length of lumber is only enough for the ends, long walls have to be increased. The offset row of the halves of the whole rounded log is required for each crown. Therefore, you will need:

Calculation of cubic capacity of a rounded log on a house: table (video)

Calculation of the cubic capacity of a rounded beam.

5 whole elements + 2 halves (each crown).

A log house made of logs should take into account the standard length of lumber. It is enough to cut the whole part to get the necessary 9 m of each row of the long side.

Taking into account the openings (window blocks of 7 rims each, door doors of 10 rows each), the required number of meters of sawn timber is deducted for houses from this project:

  • windows - (((3 x 1,400) x 7) + ((1 x 1,200) x 7) = 29,400 + 8,400 = 37.8 pm,
  • doors - (900 x 2) x 10 = 18 n . m.

For a log house, you will need 630 - 37.8 - 18 = 574.2 lm. of cylindering. Most manufacturers when recalculating the cubic capacity of a separate log round up the price in a big way.

With large volumes this significantly increases the construction budget, therefore, experts recommend to independent developers to additionally present a piece quantity in cubes.

Calculation of the cubic capacity of the material

The volume of lumber can be calculated using the standard formula:

R 2 x π x L, where L, R - lumber length and radius respectively.

Calculation of the cubic capacity of the material for the house according to the above project:

0.12 2 x 3.14 x 574.2 = 25.96 cubes .

Calculation of a log house should take into account 3-7% of illiquid scrap when cutting the material of the house. Therefore, it is recommended to indicate the volume of logs in the house at 27.3 m 3 when receiving data.

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