How to make a gate at the cottage

In most cases, the construction of infrastructure at the summer cottage does not require skilled intervention of builders. Since the construction of the fence and the organization of arrival are the primary tasks in the arrangement of any home, it is best to sort out what types of entrance structures exist and which of the materials is most rational to use when installing them, as well as how to make the gate at the cottage.

Types of doors and their distinctive features

How to make a gate at the cottage

For the successful production of any type of door construction with your own hands, three main components are needed - facing material, tools and time margin. Each garden plot and internal territory is characterized by the use of a certain type of gate, since each of them has its own technology of opening and installation, drawings, recommended finishing, as well as consumables. To determine the best of them, it is necessary to identify the properties, advantages and disadvantages of the most used types of gates.


How to make a gate at the cottage

The working principle of the swing gates is determined by their structure, which includes two doors, swinging in opposite directions from each other. The construction of such a gate will significantly save time when organizing entry and exit.

The main advantages are:

  • easy installation;
  • reliability;
  • the ability to use automation;
  • durability.

How to make a gate at the cottage Metal swing gates


  • the presence of a cleared space for opening the door leaves, which must be maintained in good condition and in the winter period;
  • in the use case of the door in automatic mode, you will need to purchase two sets of engines for each of the doors, which will significantly affect the total cost.


How to make a gate at the cottage

Having an indisputable advantage compared to the previous view, the sliding gate is a structure consisting of a single sash, which is displaced in parallel with the equipped supporting pillars, along the fence line, in a certain direction.

This category of gates, in turn, is divided into three subgroups, which can be suspended, cantilever and rail, so when purchasing one or another set of such gates, it is necessary to understand the specifics of the construction and features of further operation. Thus, the suspended type provides for the manufacture of a special hinged safety beam, which is the basis for fixing and subsequent movement of the valves.

How to make a gate at the cottage Rails

The console view implies the installation of console mechanisms and a channel beam, as well as the presence of several additional meters for optimal rollback of the gate, and the rail variant is inherent in placing the bottom of the guide rail design.

How to make a gate at the cottage Sliding gates made of profiled sheet

The advantages of such gates are:

  • compactness and the absence of the need to prepare a cleaned space for opening sashes;
  • the possibility of using automation;
  • practicality;
  • reasonable pricing policy;
  • wide passage organization, as well as the convenience of remote control of the gate).


  • constant monitoring of the cleanliness and lubrication of roller mechanisms;
  • carrying out a number of preparatory procedures (calculating the distance for rolling back the valves and having a perfectly smooth fences);
  • basic building skills and knowledge of installation features.

To cope with the construction of such a structure will be able to any owner of suburban housing, following the step by step instructions of the masters, but because of the high cost of component materials and accessories, as well as a big chance to make a mistake in the calculations or assembly of the structure, it is better to go for help to specialists. In this case, you can count on a free departure of the master and warranty service for a specified period.


How to make a gate at the cottage

As a type of sliding construction, the sliding gate consists of two doors that slide into two opposite directions. According to the technology of movement, sliding gates are also subdivided into component groups, as well as the type of gate described above. The decisive advantage of this opening mechanism is the reduction in the total weight of the gate due to the distribution of the load on the two frames, but this plus is achieved using two sets of engines, which greatly increases the final cost.

Characteristic features of facing materials

How to make a gate at the cottage

Among the huge variety of materials presented in the assortment of building stores, which were most prevalent in the arrangement of entrance gates, metal and wood should be distinguished.In this matter, the choice of a raw material mainly depends on the financial capabilities of the owner.


How to make a gate at the cottage

Of course, preferential preference is given to professional sheet in this category of materials, since it has a number of important distinctive advantages, however, like every raw material, it has some limitations.

The advantages of such a material are:

  • strength due to the rigidity of the fundamentals;
  • moderate cost;
  • easy installation;
  • resistance to the harmful effects of the environment;
  • a wide range of colors;
  • duration of operation.


  • in case of slight damage to the sheet protective sheath, corrosion may occur;
  • noisiness when precipitation falls.

How to make a gate at the cottage Gates from a chain-link

In the presented category of materials you can select such representative as a grid - the chain-link. Gates of this kind have a high light transmission capacity, they have a low windage and are light in weight. In addition, the fastening of the grid is carried out in a short time and without exhausting efforts.


How to make a gate at the cottage

At present, gates based on wood are rare. This circumstance is due to the endless desire for safety and durability, which are easily achieved using metal products. The implementation of the frame for the sashes and cladding of wood, over time, leads to sagging of the gate and the deformation of the whole structure due to its bulkiness and high specific weight. Of course, the use of wood as the basis for the gate, the construction of summer houses and the scenery of the site highlights the natural component of the appearance and allows you to feel the unity with nature, but requires special treatment of each element and subsequent regular seasonal repairs.

Among the advantages of such raw materials are:

  • low cost;
  • material availability;
  • the minimum number of tools and consumables, which significantly allows save the budget;
  • pleasant aesthetics;
  • quick installation;
  • ease of processing.

How to make a gate at the cottage Picket Doors

However, the pleasant positive characteristics largely overlap with the negative properties of such material. The main ones are:

  • short period of operation;
  • low strength;
  • susceptibility to the effects of negative environmental factors;
  • fear of sudden changes in temperature and increased moisture content;
  • tendency to ignite.

If, nevertheless, you are set to use wood for facing the “business card” of your backyard plot, then it is best to perform this process on a metal frame made of a profile pipe or any other supporting floors from metal.


How to make a gate at the cottage

The main purpose of the support base is to securely fix all the constituent elements of the gate. As a rule, the foundation is represented by a reinforced rectangular concrete block placed along the perimeter of the intended installation of the structure being erected. In our case, the concrete is poured away from the line, on the inside of the local area. In the case of production of swing gates, the foundation should be located in the direction of opening the valves to reduce the loads on the hinges in the open state.

Particularly acute is the question of high-quality pouring of the concrete base in the manufacture of metal doors, because it ensures uniform pressure distribution of metal products on the soil, protecting the entire structure from shrinkage and distortions.

How to make a gate at the cottage Foundation for sliding gates

Starting to work on the arrangement of this element, it should be clearly understood What quality will be the foundation, so will the operation of the gate. When building massive objects, it is more rational to prepare deep-seated bases, for small structures - lightweight supports.

A useful measure that precedes the procedure for pouring a reliable foundation is sampling and soil analysis around the perimeter of future installation sites. Knowledge of all the features of the soil will subsequently ensure the stability of the gate and determine the optimal type of foundation.

Based on the above recommendations, each owner of the suburban area can easily choose the most suitable for him to make the gate and in the shortest time possible to implement it. Any work performed by one's own hands can not only significantly reduce the cost of building a particular object, but also clearly represent the structure of each binder component, which will subsequently greatly simplify possible maintenance and repair processes.


About the production of different types of gates, you can find out by viewing the video materials offered by us:

Schemes and drawings

The mechanism of the swing gate is quite simple, but the automated sliding gate is more difficult to manufacture. We hope the drawings and diagrams proposed by us will help you to understand this question:

How to make a gate at the cottage Scheme of swing gates from corrugated

How to make a gate at the cottage Types of sliding gates

How to make a gate at the cottage The design of the swing gates

How to make a gate at the cottage Cable layout for sliding gates

How to make a gate at the cottage Sliding gates on piles

How to make a gate at the cottage Foundation scheme for sliding gates

How to make a gate at the cottage Concreting the sliding gates from the profiling sheet

How to make a gate at the cottage Drawing wood gate

How to make a gate at the cottage Drawing of the sliding gate

How to make a gate at the cottage Drawing of swing gates

How to make a gate at the cottage Drawing of sliding gates on sliders

How to make a gate at the cottage Gate construction

How to make a gate at the cottage Sliding gates


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