How to install the door with your own hands

Hinged doors differ in both their design and the materials from which they are made. Before embarking on the self-installation of doors, it is necessary to acquire a certain theoretical base - to learn the structural features, the technological sequence and the rules for installing the doors. In the article we will explain how to install the interior door with your own hands, show photos and video instructions.


How to install the door with your own hands A hinged door unit consists of:

  • a door frame fixed in the doorway;
  • one or two door leafs, hung on this box.

By their contour, the doors can be arched or rectangular. In addition, left and right swing doors are distinguished. This is reflected on the side of the hinge mounting. In addition, models are available with swinging door leafs that open in both directions.


How to install the door with your own hands Door leaf material

How to install the door with your own hands Installation procedure Door leafs can be constructed from prefabricated elements of the same wood species, as well as from different ones. In the production of such a canvas, all elements are carefully selected in full compliance with the technical characteristics and performance characteristics of each breed. Often the canvases are veneered with veneer made of valuable wood, which is then treated with special enamel and nitro lacquer.

The door leaf can be filled with slats, wooden bars or solid fillers (plywood, spiral chips, polyurethane, solid fiberboard, etc.). Most often for residential interior use framed swing doors. Their cloths are made by the continuous or issued glass inserts.

Glass panels can be reinforced, patterned or transparent, as well as stained glass. The exceptions are swinging swing door models. They are usually supplied only with transparent glass - these are the safety rules for the use of hinged interior doors.

Installation steps

How to install the door with your own hands Door frame

The installation of the interior hinged door is done in compliance with the following sequence:

  • preparing the wall opening;
  • assembling the door frame;
  • inserting the lock and hinges;
  • mounting the door frame in the opening;
  • web attachment;
  • installation of platbands.

How to install the door with your own hands Select the dimensions

Start the installation by preparing the wall opening. The dimensions of the opening are always slightly larger than the standard dimensions of the door, so wooden blocks-wedges are used to fix it. They provide the necessary clearance for pouring foam. It is possible to make a narrowing on each side a maximum of 40 mm, otherwise the line of junction of the wall with the attached element will not overlap the casing. If the difference in the dimensions of the opening and the door unit is more than 40 mm, then a door frame with a greater width should be chosen.

How to install the door with your own hands Assembling the door frame

Assembling the door frame is necessary on a flat surface (preferably on the floor). Many boxes are sold prepared for assembly, they already have an end cut. Parts of the universal kit must be trimmed independently. The angle of the end slice should be 45 °. After trimming, the vertical elements of the structure are tightened with self-tapping screws with horizontal components of the door frame; here it is important not to allow the components to move.

A hinge insert is required for further installation.

When performing a hinge inset operation, it is important to remember that the distance between the edge of the hinges and the edge of the door leaf should be 20 cm.

By attaching the loop and outlining it with a pencil, you can select chisel or electrofilling tools, which is much faster and more convenient, especially if there are no skills to work with chisel. This selects a layer of wood corresponding to the thickness of the loop.

How to install the door with your own hands Installation of hinges

Now you can begin to install the hinges - having attached a loop, you need to mark the hole locations. Then drill the holes for the screws, while the diameter of the drill should not exceed 3/4 of the diameter of the screw. Only after that the loops are attached.

How to install the door with your own hands Diagram of recommended construction dimensions

How to install the door with your own hands Where to place The next operation is a lock inset. Approximately 1 m is measured from the floor - it is at this height that the lock must be located according to the technological rules. Installing a lock requires special care and attention, since composite materials of varying degrees of hardness and density are often used in the box and door leaf designs.

After performing all the operations, you can proceed to the installation of the door frame. In the wall opening it is fastened with screws. To do this, drill holes in the vertical elements of the door unit.For reliable fastening, it is necessary to drill three holes at an equal distance from each other. Then the holes should be bored under the head of the screw-screw. After that, the holes for the plugs are marked and drilled. Then corks get clogged and screws tighten. Next, you should remove the box with wooden wedges, leaving it with some mobility for subsequent adjustment and adjustment to the dimensions of the door leaf.

The installation of the entire door unit is checked as follows: secure the door with wedges and leave in the half-open position. If it is not spontaneous closing or opening, then the door is installed correctly, and you can proceed to the next phase of work - filling the opening with mounting foam.

Before pouring, the box must be firmly fixed in the wall opening. To do this, wedges are driven in evenly, and the bearing bar of the structure is tightened with self-tapping screws, which is adjusted to the plumb line. At this stage of the work it is important to ensure that there is no distortion of the elements of the door unit. Then the door leaf is hung on the hinges and the carrier bar is rigidly fastened along the porch.

The presence of spacers is a necessary and very important point, without them, the mounting foam can deform the box when dry.

How to install the door with your own hands Filling with polyurethane foam As a result, a holistic design is formed with a uniform gap along the perimeter between the wall and the door frame. Next, the canvas is removed again, and spacers are installed in the opening.

Next is foam filling of the space between the wall and the door frame. When the foam dries (the drying time is indicated on the package), its residues are carefully cut off. It remains the final touch - the installation of platbands.

By attaching the platband to the installation site, it should be noted the cut line, which is used for cutting off the excess part at an angle of 45 °. The technology requires first to install the left platband, and then - right. Platbands are fixed with screws. When all the door installation operations have been completed, if necessary, all structural elements can be protected from moisture. For this purpose, silicone sealing compound is used. At this installation of swing doors is completed.


The process of installing interior doors in a video format:

You can find additional video about installing interior doors in our video section: Video about installing interior doors .


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