How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom

When carrying out repair work or finishing a new bathroom, you often have to solve a variety of tasks. As in most other cases, these actions can be carried out either independently, or seek help from hired specialists. Of course, the second option will entail additional costs, but it will save energy, and the first, on the contrary, will avoid material costs, but will require time and effort.

When the question of how to install a heated towel rail in a bathroom is raised, you can do it in accordance with the possibilities, but in any case, you need to know, at least in theory, what this work is and what are the features of its implementation, for example, to monitor its implementation and to expand the horizons. This will be discussed further.


Before proceeding to the direct description of the work, it is worth saying a few words about what a heated towel rail is and what its purpose is, since understanding this will facilitate the perception of the essence of the upcoming work. A heated towel rail is usually called a piece of bathroom equipment, which is a curved pipe, the installation of which implies its heating. In addition to the following of the name of the destination item, the heated towel rail helps maintain an optimal microclimate in the bathroom and resists the appearance of fungal infections. The additional open heating element allows to balance the excessive humidity to a certain extent, which usually forms inside the bath.

How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom Water

According to their design, towel dryers are:

  • Electric . It is easy to guess that this option is heated due to electric heating elements.
  • Aquatic. Here, heating occurs due to hot water circulating inside.
  • Combined. This type of device can be met quite rarely, but it is a kind of hybrid of the first two.

How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom Electric

It should be noted that the most common version of this device is a water heated towel rail, Therefore, it is expedient to consider installation works in more detail precisely on this example.


First of all, it’s worthwhile to say that installing a heated towel rail in the bathroom with your own hands is a rather difficult task, and solving it without sufficient experience is hardly possible, although if you have the desire and direct hands, everything is quite feasible.

Installation of this heating element can be done in two main ways:

  • Installation in the heating system.
  • Installation in a hot water system.

How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom Connection schemes

It should be noted that the second option will be most preferable in most cases .

Insertion into the heating system should be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations stipulating this type of work, while not consonant with the housing office, and finally, it should be noted that the operation of this element will only be possible heating season time.

So, the installation of a heated towel rail in a hot water system is carried out in several stages, each of which requires separate attention.


How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom Preparation for dismantling

In most cases, the heated towel rail in the bathroom The room is installed initially. So we are talking about replacing it more often, which means that at the preparation stage, it is necessary first of all to dismantle the old serpentine. If the installation is done for the first time, then you need to first determine the installation location of the element and dismantle all other elements. In addition, for the work necessary to block the access of water to the system.


Next, you need to dismantle the old heated towel rail. It should be noted that it can be connected using a threaded connection, as well as welded to the pipes.

If the element is bolted, then the nuts are simply unscrewed, and the element is removed, and if the heated towel rail is welded, then it must be cut with a grinder. It is necessary to carry out the work so that there is a place on the pipes for subsequent threading.

Setting the jumpers

Next comes the installation of special jumpers equipped with ball valves. This is necessary so that in case of an emergency, there is a possibility of blocking the access of water to the heated towel rail, but that the entire standpipe is not blocked. The lintels are screwed onto the pipes at the connection points of the heated towel rail. If the question arises how to properly connect, then it should be said that the main condition is the tightness of the connection. Fortunately, modern sealants greatly simplify the task.

Installing a heated towel rail

How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom Connecting a heated towel rail

And the final step is to install the heated towel rails. The element is simply screwed to the jumpers. As always in such cases, first of all, you need to ensure that all connections are sealed. In addition to connecting the coil to the system itself, it is necessary to install special brackets for fastening to the wall in several places. For this, a series of holes are drilled, dowels are hammered into them, and then fasteners are screwed.

How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom Attaching to the brackets

Installing a heated towel rail, despite some complexity, is a quite doable task. In order to better understand the essence of the installation process, you can additionally read the relevant videos. So it will be much clearer, and therefore clearer.

Detailed installation instructions:

Installation of an electric towel dryer

How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom Installation scheme of an electric towel dryer

An electric heated towel rail is one option. Such a device has no less functionality and greater breadth of use. And also, among other things, the installation of this model is much simpler than that of samples connected to water supply systems. In order to install and connect this device, it is necessary to carry out a series of simple steps.

  • First you need to decide on the installation site. It is worth noting that, unlike the usual "water" option, an electric heated towel rail is not tied to the location of water supply pipes and can be installed in any convenient place. At the same time, you need to decide how the device will be connected. The accessory can be powered either directly from the distribution box or simply from the outlet. In the first case it will not be possible to do without bathroom equipment with an additional branch of the wiring, it is somewhat more difficult, but also safer. In the second case, the heated towel rail simply plugs into the outlet, which is simpler but more dangerous.
  • Next, you need to prepare the wall surface. The point is that in the place of the proposed installation all protruding elements should be dismantled, such as shelves or supports.
  • The next step in the installation is to prepare the necessary holes for fasteners. Since the device, in general, is not very heavy, you can simply attach it to the wall and estimate how it will be fixed. Then, in the necessary places, holes are drilled into which the dowels are driven in.
  • After the holes are ready, the heated towel rail must be fully assembled and prepared for installation.
  • Then the wiring is connected. Wires are connected to the distribution box.
  • Next, you can install the heated towel rail itself. The device is mounted in accordance with the attached instructions and fixed to the wall.
  • And the final stage of installation is to connect the heated towel rail to the mains. Depending on the option chosen, it either connects to the wires or simply plugs into a wall outlet.

How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom Device Installation

An electric heated towel rail is quite a convenient option for this type of device. In terms of their performance, such models are not inferior to their familiar counterparts, but their installation is much simpler, which saves time, energy and nerves.

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Features of mounting an electric heated towel rail on a drywall wall are presented in the following video:


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