Concrete staircase lining with wood: choose the right material

It is difficult to imagine a structure that does not have at least one staircase of any type and configuration. Wood paneling is suitable for stairs that are built in offices, cottages, apartment buildings. The appearance of these important elements is not always attractive, therefore, to make the stairs aesthetic, it is often sheathed with wood. What results does this technique provide?

Concrete staircase lining with wood: choose the right material

The covering of a concrete staircase with a tree will not only hide defects, but also give it a more aesthetic look.

When carrying out such an operation some defects are concealed that could have been made during the construction, some construction lines are leveled.

The lining of a concrete staircase with a tree can be made not only by professionals, you can manage it yourself if you organize everything correctly.

Materials and tools

Concrete staircase lining with wood: choose the right material

The first layer on the step is plywood, which is attached to the concrete with liquid nails, start and the risers from the facing boards fastened to each other with screws.

When starting this type of finishing work, prepare in advance all the required tools and materials, otherwise at the most inappropriate moment you will have to stop working and go to the hardware store or go to borrow the tool to the neighbors. The main list contains the following items:

  • electric drill;
  • hammer, nails, screws;
  • wood;
  • multilayered plywood;
  • wood glue;
  • work clothes.

When choosing plywood to trim the stairs, you can order standard sheets. In addition, construction stores offer specially designed kits for this purpose. It is very convenient to apply them when the ladder differs in non-standard sizes. For wood trim concrete stairs should take hard wood. In addition, it is important that the cement structure should dry out properly before plating, and this requires approximately 3 months.

If you hurry up and trim the tree earlier, the moisture in the concrete will be absorbed into the finishing wood. Thus, an expensive tree will begin to deteriorate, rot, fungus, mold will appear.

Features of wood paneling

Concrete staircase lining with wood: choose the right material

Scheme of paneling of a concrete staircase with a tree.

As a rule, the steps themselves, their sides, and the bottom are sheathed with wood. As for the railings, they can not sheathe, leave the metal, optional wood trim their upper part. Start from the top steps. Plywood sheet 12 mm thick should be cut to size and initially secure it with glue. In the corners produce fixing dowel-nails, while the cap should be recessed in the wood. To the vertical part of the fastening of plywood parts is carried out in a similar way.

Note the selection of wood for the rest of your stairs. Be prepared for the fact that in some places you have to cut the exact size of the pieces separately. As a result, the time spent will be justified, the steps will be ideal, and such a ladder always looks attractive. The railing is finished last. If there are grooves left by the caps of the self-tapping screws, they need to be puttied.

Concrete staircase lining with wood: choose the right material

Ladder step calculation scheme.

If you trowel a concrete ladder with wood, it will last much longer, and at the same time its aesthetic and operational properties will last for the whole period of use. If the tree is chosen correctly, the ladder will not creak, crack, the noise of concrete will be minimal. Since wood is a relatively light material, it is convenient to work with it. It is important that wood paneling has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, insulates the steps. You can walk the stairs barefoot without fear of catching a cold.

Choosing the right material

Having covered a concrete staircase with a tree, you will see how harmonious and at the same time home-like interior looks. When choosing a material, consider a number of points. Most often, preference is given to oak, as its wood is incredibly durable and beautiful. Therefore, we can confidently call this type of wood a favorite among other facing materials. No less attractive in this regard is the beech, which also emphasizes the refinement of the interior. If strength is the first thing that interests you, then pay attention to ash. In addition to the special durability and reliability of the material is beautiful.

If you choose among inexpensive materials, you can stop the selection on larch. Although it is cheaper than oak, larch will not yield to it in strength, withstanding substantial loads. For finishing the handrails it is better to take the same wood, which sheathed steps. Or apply PVC, imitating the structure of the tree.

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