Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes)

Planning and breaking down a summer cottage is a big creative process that will require not only certain knowledge from you, but also your own imagination. At the same time, knowledgeable people recommend adhering to the advice of specialists who will help to do all the work, as a result, every square meter of territory will be beneficial and please every day with beauty and comfort. How is the layout of the suburban area with their own hands, we consider in detail step by step.

Preparatory work

Before you start drawing up a future site plan, you need to decide on the terrain itself, the nature of the terrain, the land plot forms, the presence of any buildings, and other terrain features. For example, in rural areas a large number of streams and reservoirs, if present on your site, you can properly use it.

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) Plot with a stream

Pay attention to several features of the cottage placement:

  • lowland - elevation;
  • the presence or absence of a water source;
  • woodland - steppe.

Quite often you have to pour or remove the ground, make blind areas for the walls, and also make organized drains. Only with proper placement of buildings on the site can you maximize the use of the suburban area and select all the zones.

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) Sometimes alignment of the area

is required so that all the preparatory work is done correctly, it is best to evaluate the space and start from the ground.

  1. Relief: hilly, smooth, presence of ravines or mountains. It is from this indicator will depend on the scheme of laying utilities.
  2. Soil: clay, humus, sandy. If you plan to equip the garden, you should improve the fertility of the soil fertilizer. The set of plants for a garden and beds will depend on an acidity indicator.
  3. The shape and size of the territory: square, rectangular and elongated.
  4. Groundwater: at a sufficiently high level, you should think about drainage and drainage of water.
  5. Climatic conditions.
  6. Illumination.

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) The relief can be effectively beaten

All large buildings and trees are better oriented on the north side. This approach will reduce the influence of the shadow, and the view from the house will be as lit as possible throughout the day.

Zones in the cottage area

The layout of the suburban area depends on the zones that will be included here. Each individual case will have its own list, but you can consider the largest example and list of zones:

  • residential;
  • rest;
  • outbuildings;
  • garden;
  • vegetable garden.

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) Zones in the territory

Each of them should have its own area depending on the total square. So, with proper zoning, the residential part should be up to 20%. If you plan to build outbuildings, this percentage should not exceed 15%. At the same time, the largest plot is allocated to the garden and garden - 75%. This approach will allow to diversify landscape design and fill it with a wide variety of flower varieties and plant species.

  1. The first place house. Most often, the central zone is assigned for it, but the buildings most often are located somewhere deep down. Interestingly and originally they can be masked with the help of decorative plantings that are not afraid of the shadow.
  2. A place to rest should be the most comfortable and best. In this case, the nature of the zone may be arranged or scattered. Here you should not forget about the place for the playground.
  3. The garden should be well lit, so it has a sunny side. The shadow of the buildings should not obscure the territory.

A bath and a pool are best placed near the fence, since they will occupy precious square meters when placed in the central part.

Forms of plots

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) Rectangular section

Variants of country planning plot can be very diverse, but almost everything will depend on the shape of the land. The most common type of site is a rectangular shape, on which to actually implement the most diverse solutions and designs. There is also an L-type plot. It is quite complicated, so here you need to think and think about where and how to place everything. That part, which stands, may be involved under a place to rest or a playground.

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) Triangular section

On a section of a triangular shape, you can think of an asymmetric approach when planning and dividing the territory. Emphasis should be placed on round elements:

  • lawns;
  • gazebos;
  • reservoirs;
  • flower beds.

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) A round flower bed on a triangular area

In the remote corners, it is best to place farm buildings.

Planning is a creative business. Experts advise to consider a variety of options, but do not copy them completely, but make some changes.


Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes)

After the important points have been identified and various layouts studied, it is necessary to draw everything on a sheet of paper. You can ask for help from specialists, designers of landscape design, who use special programs for the development of the project. But to save money, a simple sheet of A4 paper and a pen (pencil) will suffice.

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) Sketch of ideas

For sketching a plan, consider an example - a summer cottage of 10 acres. Best of all, if you take a scale of 1: 100 and a sheet of drawing paper of the appropriate size - a square of 50 * 50 cm. For convenience, it is better to arm yourself with a pencil and a ruler in order to lined the entire sheet into a grid in 1 cm steps. magazine clippings and felt-tip pens to create a real collage.

When working with the scheme, it is necessary to take into account:

  • the location of the house, taking into account all the exits;
  • the places reserved for economic and auxiliary buildings;
  • recreation area;
  • playground;
  • paths;
  • fence;
  • flower beds, rock gardens and front gardens;
  • water reservoirs;
  • engineering communications.

When pre-positioning objects, an optimal place should be selected that will correspond to the purpose.

Tips and recommendations

So, as already mentioned, the site should first of all accommodate the main elements in the following categories:

  • base - house ;
  • additional buildings and outbuildings: summer kitchen, garage, well, barn, cellar and others;
  • recreational buildings: terrace, patio, gazebo, playground, swimming pool and outdoor shower;
  • garden and garden: flower beds, front gardens, vegetable and root garden beds, greenhouses.

It is important to pay attention not only to their placement and shape, but also to determine the materials that will be used in construction. Only in this case there will be a harmonious garden style on the plot. No less important is the playground: when choosing a place, you should opt for the most viewed area so that the kids are always under the visual control of the parents.

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) The playground should be visible to parents

We also take into account the requirements in the legislation regarding distance standards:

  • from the house to the red line of the street - 5 m;
  • from the house to the neighbor's fence - 3 m;
  • between stone houses - 6 m, wood - 15 m , mixed - 10 m;
  • from the fence for the garden house - 3 m, buildings for animals - 4 m, hozpoststroyk - 1 m, trees - 4 m;
  • from the windows of the house to the household parts - 6 m.

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) Standards for the location of buildings in the area

At the end of the article are the most different examples of finished planning projects suburban areas. Familiarize yourself with them and draw conclusions for themselves.

The garage is best placed in the front yard. To him enough to allocate a small race, which will be made of durable and durable material.

Variants of layouts for the suburban area

Depending on the shape and area of ​​the plot, there are different variations and combinations of schemes. Consider the most common options.

Plot of 6 acres

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) Plan for 6 acres

6 acres - A very common option for a small cottage. This territory is represented in the form of 600 m 2 land, therefore it is most convenient to place such buildings on it:

  1. House - up to 20 m 2 .
  2. The household unit (summer shower, toilet and shed) - 15 m 2 .
  3. Car parking space - 8 m 2 (ideal placement is 4 * 2 m).
  4. Recreation area and playground - 75 m 2 .
  5. Vegetable garden (includes greenhouse, beds with vegetables and fruits) - 120 m 2 .
  6. Paths and paths - 42 m 2 .
  7. Shrubs, trees and flower beds - 320 m 2 .

The described section is located by its side length along the road. The place for the house is small, as it is a summer house in which people live only in summer or come for the weekend. When choosing fruit trees, you should pay attention to apple, apricot, cherry, pear, plum. And among the bushes favorites are currants, raspberries and gooseberries. The economic part as much as possible hides behind the house, but also settles down on distance from a recreation area.

Free territory is planted with lawn grass, on which small architectural forms are placed, for example, a fountain.

Plot of 12 acres

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) 12 hectare

Garden area of 12 acres will allow you to place a greater number of objects and to provide additional space for recreation areas in comparison with the previous option. In this case, the layout will be distributed as follows:

  • A house with a spacious veranda - 150 m 2 .
  • The economic part 50 m 2 .
  • Recreation area and playground - 200 m 2 .
  • Garden and greenhouse - 200 m 2 .
  • Garden plot - 550 m 2 .
  • Paths and paths - 50 m 2 .

The principle of the location of the buildings will be similar to the 6 hectare site variant, but in this case there is an additional opportunity for the implementation of various landscaping ideas. So, a large number of not only fruit trees and shrubs, but also ornamental ones are connected. They can be landed around each object, as well as along the tracks.

In addition, additional square meters allocated to the recreation area will allow you to build a gazebo, swimming pool, barbecue. It is very important to think over the decorative lighting, which will make it possible to spend the evening in the evening.

Plot of 15 hectare

Planning of the suburban area - how to zone (+ schemes) 15 hectare

First of all, we note that 15 acres is as much as 1500 m 2 free territory, on which a wide variety of landscape combinations can be realized. Most often the site has a rectangular shape of 30 * 50 m, or 25 * 60 m. There is plenty of space to include in the project everything necessary for comfortable and functional living, not only in summer, but also in winter.

  1. Residential building with attic and veranda - 200 m 2 .
  2. Summer kitchen - 30 m 2 .
  3. Guest house - 50 m 2 .
  4. Bathhouse - 50 m 2 .
  5. Outbuildings - 70 m 2 .
  6. Garage with access for a car - 30 m 2 .
  7. The recreation area includes a gazebo, a playground, a barbecue and picnic area, as well as benches around the territory - 300 m 2 .
  8. Decorative structures (fountain, artificial or natural reservoir, garden bridge, stone sculptures) - 100 m 2 .
  9. Vegetable garden - 200 m 2 .
  10. Beds and mixborders - 70 m 2 .
  11. Garden - 400 m 2 .

There are no special recommendations for such a site, so pay attention to the first and second options. Everyone will be able to realize any idea here and not even one - it is enough to weigh everything rationally and work out that everything is very well combined and harmonized with each other.

The country house should be immersed in greenery, so it is precisely this stage that has a lot of time and effort. A large number of flowerbeds are planned and broken, and a large front garden is settled in front of the house.

When self-developing a plan for your summer cottage, you need to take into account many nuances and points that will help you do all the work correctly and efficiently. Take note of the recommendations and advice given in the article, as well as familiarize yourself with the sketches of site plans. As a result, it will be possible to create a summer cottage of your dream, where it will be comfortable to spend all seasons, regardless of weather conditions.


Many useful tips are given in the following video:


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