How to cut ceramic tiles - cutting ceramic tiles

Very often, when performing repair work, you have to solve a variety of tasks. Some of them are simple, and some can cause considerable difficulties. Not everyone knows how to cut ceramic tiles, and only a few know how to do it. Fortunately, technologies come to the aid of man, and the toolkit is constantly expanding. However, you need to know how to choose the right tool to accomplish the task, and what nuances do exist, and this is what will be discussed below.

Tool selection

How to cut ceramic tiles - cutting ceramic tiles

It should be said right away that there are quite a lot of tools suitable for cutting ceramic tiles. Therefore, it is worthwhile to briefly describe them and list the properties, since some of them are more suitable and some less.

Among other things, it is worth adding that before proceeding to a discussion of the issue, the better to cut ceramic tiles, you need to understand that besides the direct cutting tool one cannot do without the use of auxiliary devices. These include:

  • Measuring instruments: roulette, ruler, square.
  • Marking tools: pencil, marker, and the like.
  • Protective equipment: gloves, goggles, respirator.

Tile cutting

How to cut ceramic tiles - cutting ceramic tiles

As for the cutting tools, first of all it is worth mentioning a tool that is specifically designed for this purpose. These are the so-called tile cutters. They can be both electrical and mechanical. Cutting tiles with this tool can be considered the most convenient solution to the problem, but you need to know that the mechanical version can only cut straight, if there is a need for a shaped cut, you should use the electric version. In addition, for obvious reasons, working with a mechanical device is somewhat more difficult.

Among other things, we can add that, despite the obvious advantages, a tile cutter has a significant drawback - a rather high price. Of course, if one has to cut tiles frequently and in large quantities, for example, due to professional necessity, it’s not worth saving, but when it comes to a one-time need, then the purchase of such a device can hardly be considered expedient.

Cutting pliers

How to cut ceramic tiles - cutting ceramic tiles

Another special tool used for this work is special cutting pliers. Strictly speaking, it is hardly possible to cut them, but they can bite off small pieces, for example, corners. This is often necessary when fitting tiles in difficult places, such as corners or connections to pipes. The cost of the pliers is small, so this tool can be bought. Whether it is useful then or not is unknown, but if so, then working with him is very convenient, so the purchase is appropriate enough.

Glass Cutter

How to cut ceramic tiles - cutting ceramic tiles

Along with other things, a simple glass cutter can be used for cutting ceramic tiles. The essence of the work is as follows:

  • The tile must be laid on a flat and flat surface.
  • Then it is necessary to make all the necessary measurements and apply the marking in accordance with them.
  • Using something as a guideline, for example, a piece of a flat slat or other tile, an incision is made along the line using a glass cutter. It is necessary to make an incision with uniform pressure along the entire line.
  • After the glaze is cut, the tile is placed on the edge of the table so that the cut is exactly above the edge and lightly pressed down from the top. Ceramics break off exactly along the line. The movement should be confident and clear.

As for accessibility of the tool, there is a glass cutter in almost any home. And if not, then you can always buy.


How to cut ceramic tiles - cutting ceramic tiles Bulgarian cutting

In addition to these options, for cutting ceramics can be used and Bulgarian. Use the grinder is quite simple and convenient. It will cope with the task without any labor costs on the part of a person, but it should be borne in mind that when working with this tool it is necessary to exercise maximum caution. In no case can not neglect the requirements of safety regulations.

Before cutting a tile in this way, it should be placed in water for a while. The tile will soften a little that will allow to avoid a large amount of dust and chips. And do not forget about the protection of the eyes and respiratory system.

Deciding what to use - with a special tile cutter or grinder - is worth it individually. It all depends on the amount of work and experience of their implementation, but, repeating once again, it is worth saying that compliance with safety regulations is a prerequisite.


Self-made device for cutting tiles with a grinder without dust:


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