How to connect the faucet to the pipe

Failure of plumbing equipment by the majority of the owners most often causes serious concern and the conviction that it is impossible to cope with it on its own. But if it is logical to judge, then many faults can be eliminated independently, without possessing special specialized knowledge. In fact, adherence to clear instructions received even from a shop seller is enough to make your own contribution to creating comfort in your home.

How to connect the faucet to the pipe Connecting a tap for a gas column

Because of regular use, taps connected with the pipeline. It can be kitchen faucets, taps on various pipes that bring water to the washing machine, to a gas water heater, taps on risers or on pipes in front of water meters.

Metal-plastic or polypropylene

How to connect the faucet to the pipe Connection of polypropylene pipes

Modern sanitary equipment is First of all, five-layer pipes made of metal-plastic, which have gained particular popularity due to its numerous advantages over other types of pipes:

  • compacted inner layer of polyethylene;
  • elastic aluminum interlayer of pipe that retains the specified when mounting form and configuration;
  • connecting the inner and outer layers of polyethylene pipe with its aluminum interlayer with p using glue;
  • to a durable layer of anti-corrosion polymer;
  • not complying with the exact design dimensions when installing metal-plastic pipes.

When installing sanitary equipment, another type of pipe is also used - polypropylene pipes. Their advantages over metal-plastic ones are economic benefits (polypropylene pipes are at least three times cheaper), as well as ease of installation. They can be easily connected even with metal pipes.

High-quality connection of polypropylene pipes to each other, as well as durable and reliable connection of polypropylene pipes with metal can be achieved, provided that the thickness of their walls is taken into account without fail.


How to connect the faucet to the pipe

When installing any type of pipe during plumbing, you cannot do without fittings, which also include various taps and valves. These can be solder ball valves, straight or angle valves (with an American). Ball brass taps (crimping, with butterfly handle) are used, characterized by good corrosion resistance. When connecting such a crane with a pipe, a split brass ring is used to crimp the pipe, rubber (ethylene-propylene) is used as the sealing material. Such ball valves are three-pass, with external thread, with internal thread, for connecting pipes at a right angle.

How to connect the faucet to the pipe Connection scheme for ball valve

There is no need for special tools to install such valves.

Installation of ball valves

How to connect the faucet to the pipe Ball valve

Installation of metal pipes from plastic Your apartment should start with the installation of ball valves on the riser.

Select high-quality cranes from well-known manufacturers with high operating pressure (for example, 60 atm.) And operating temperature within 150 ° C.

How to connect the faucet to the pipe Installed ball valves

It is these valves that will allow you to successfully shut off the water supply in case of leaks , thus protect the premises from flooding. The next element after the tap and in front of the water meter should be a filter for deep water purification. Then install a fine filter, pressure reducer, manifold for distributing pipes (if necessary). Cleaning filters are needed to protect plumbing fixtures by trapping scale, sand and metal particles, in large quantities, in the risers.

Installation of mixers in the kitchen and bathroom

How to connect the faucet to the pipe Installation of the kitchen mixer

If there is a need to replace the faucet in the kitchen, this task is also not difficult to handle on your own. When choosing a crane, pay attention to the presence of the necessary gaskets, without which it is impossible to prevent water flow.

To install the crane, you will need:

  • an adjustable wrench;
  • fum-tape for winding the pipe;
  • laying included;
  • couplings (if necessary).

Before replacing the mixer, turn off the water supply using the existing taps on the riser pipes, then open the plumbing on the old mixer to make sure the water supply is turned off. Next, dismantle the old mixer with cautious movements using a wrench or adjustable wrench. On the exposed parts of the crane, old gaskets are removed, rust is on the thread using a regular piece of cloth.

How to connect the faucet to the pipe Mounting the faucet over the bath

The bathroom faucet can be connected directly to the pipe. Insert the kitchen faucet into the hole in the sink, after having put a sealing ring on it that separates the tap and the sink. The lower part of the sink should be protected by a large rubber gasket and a retaining ring, which are secured with a key.

Two connecting hoses with nuts on the mixer are connected to the respective cold and hot water supply pipes. Pre-thread the pipes should be wrapped with a special fum-tape to create tightness and prevent leakage, and then tighten the nut.

How to connect the faucet to the pipe The scheme of connecting the faucet to the bathroom

The water tap in the bathroom is fixed with a pipe wrench by means of a pipe couplings on rubber gasket.

After completion of work, the system is checked. To do this, turn on the taps on the riser, and then slowly opens the faucet in the kitchen (or bathroom) without much pressure. Some time worth watching the flow of water from the tap to make sure that there is no water flow in all connecting places.

How to connect the faucet to the pipe Mixer with three outlets

Following the instructions, it is not so difficult to connect the valve with a pipe.


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