How to choose a swing to give

For many people, a summer house is a place where they are busy working in the garden, caring for the garden and ennobling the plot. And this is partly the case. Nevertheless, a dacha is not only a shock work, but also a place where you can relax and get rid of the worries and noise of city life. One of the indispensable attributes in the creation of relaxation in the country are swing. Before you go to the store, you need to figure out which swings are suitable for your site, where to place them and from what material they will be made. There are many types of such garden furniture: stationary, folding, folding, small-sized and large. But, the main thing - to choose such a swing that would be reliable and comfortable. Among the many options, you need to choose the one that suits you. So, let's look at how to choose a swing to give.

Advantages of a country swing

How to choose a swing to give

A swing for a garden is a purchase that is necessary for owners of summer cottages. Thanks to the convenience, their functionality and practicality, they will provide you with comfort and decorate every corner of your country house. A lot of space this furniture does not take. Unlike a regular sofa, the swing can be installed both on the ground and on the sand. Moreover, the swings are equipped with a special cover that will save you from rain or scorching heat.

New summer swings are made using modern technologies, so they are comfortable and ergonomic. The temperature difference is not terrible for them, they can be left overnight, covered with an awning. Garden swings can be installed in early spring and held until the end of autumn, they are suitable for different climates and weather conditions.

If you want to relax, enjoy the fresh air, admire the flowers and greenery - such a swing for you. Moreover, they are necessary for those who have children. They will be happy for such a "swinging couch", and you will be calm, because the height of the swing is quite small. Swings are suitable for the elderly, the sick or those who are recovering from a serious illness, because the rest in the garden, where beauty and fresh air, have a positive effect on people. And how nice in the evening with friends to spend tea in the garden. To do this, simply install a small table.


How to choose a swing to give

If we talk about the types of swings, then they are more than enough. Generally designs are made of metal or wood. Such swings are suspended and portable.

Portable swings are very popular, as due to their design they can be easily moved from one place to another.

Suspended swings are attached only in one place. But if you have children, they are most often set on the playground. They can also be hung in the best place of the garden or on the veranda. Unlike a portable swing, the swing swing amplitude is much larger. But if you want to achieve complete relaxation - portable, with a smaller amplitude, just for you.

Here are some more types that you can find on the market:

  1. Multi-swing (from 2 to 4 seats).
  2. Solid and foldable.
  3. With a two-position and adjustable backrest.
  4. Forged.
  5. Baby.
  6. Finished or standard.
  7. Swing sofas.

All these types are divided into 3 classes:

  • economy;
  • comfort;
  • lux.

Naturally, you need to build on how much money you are willing to spend on buying a swing.

Manufacturers of swings for giving

How to choose a swing to give

Among all manufacturers of swings, the main can be called the swing of the Belarusian company Olsa. They are practical, withstand loads from 210 to 280 kg. Not surprising, because the diameter of the pipes is 32 mm and 51 mm. All of them are made according to European standards, but at the same time they are quite inexpensive. Price category is average, and the quality of the product remains at a height. Metal frame with polymer coating will protect the product from corrosion. And the pillows are made of acrylic or cotton, inside which there is a thick layer of foam rubber (10 cm). The back of the swing is adjustable, so that they can be laid out in any desired position. You can sit on them in an upright position and lie down, lowering the backrest horizontally.

The set includes a special polyester tent that serves to protect a piece of furniture in rainy or hot weather. Often these swings are made for 4 people.

Russian-made swings are quite popular on the market. Their strength is not the same as that of the Belarusian ones, but they still withstand a load of 170 to 230 kg, which makes them quite durable. The diameter of the pipes is 32, 43, 51 or 60 mm, respectively. Often these products are designed for three people. There is a durable awning that does not let water through and closes them well from rain.

Their main difference is the low price. Swing "Pilot" or "Cosmos" is equipped with a galvanized rectangular mesh of the seat and back, so that they do not corrode.Some swings, such as "Bend", have an arched frame design, increasing the strength of the product. Not to mention the model "Britain" and "Hyde Park". The material from which they are made is oak, which is able to withstand loads of up to 300 kg.

It should be noted and other country of the manufacturer of a swing for giving - Italy. The most famous is the company Dond landia. The difference of the swing from Italy is the improved design, style, as well as high quality materials and workmanship. In our market, they are available in the middle price range and luxury category. The load they can take is up to 240 kg. They have a galvanized frame, with a pipe diameter of 40 or 50 mm. Swings such as Big Rimini, Big Milan, Big Genoa and others will perfectly fit into your country landscape and bring some charm from Italy to your garden.

How to choose a garden swing

How to choose a swing to give

After examining the advantages, types and manufacturers of the swing, we came to the main question: how to choose the best? First, you need to understand which products are suitable for your problem - suspended or portable. Then you need to decide on the material. Swings made of wood fit perfectly into the landscape of the cottage, bringing nostalgia for Russian noble estates. Naturalness has always been and will be in fashion.

When buying wood products, see how the swing parts are held together. It is important that such fastenings be made of wooden dowels. They tend to swell in the open air, absorbing moisture. Therefore, over time, such swings are becoming stronger.

Metal constructions are notable for their ease and practicality. They are comfortable and can easily be transferred from one place of the garden to another. The color of such a swing allows them to fit perfectly into the design of the garden, because it is made in natural colors - green or brown. They are in harmony with any accessories to give. If you have benches, a table, a fountain or something, the swing will not stand out.

One more thing: when buying a swing, pay attention to the number of members of your family who will live in the country. And how often do you have guests? All this needs to be taken into account, since the swing is of different sizes. For a family of two people fit double swings. And if you have children and you often receive guests, triple and quadruple swings will be just for you. Doubles are easier and more convenient to carry, but more people can fit in the other two of them.

The next factor is price. There are absolutely inexpensive swings, which are very practical. If you have friends who have already made a choice and bought a swing, you can consult them. Sometimes the price / quality ratio does not always correspond to reality. Products of average quality are optimal, combining both practicality and beauty. And more expensive types have improved design and quality. Choosing which one is right for you, remember: they must be practical, reliable, comfortable and beautiful. Most of the swings are equipped with an awning that serves as protection from rain and sun. But if you want to protect them not only from above, but from all sides, you need to purchase a case. In this case, you can leave the swing in any weather, without worrying that they will deteriorate.

Do not forget about security. To avoid injury, check the swing for tipping and the strength of the structure itself. Pay attention to the shape of the bearing support, since if the legs are straight, then they need a flat, stable place. And if they are arcuate, they can be installed on any surface. If the swing has a pillow and mattress, foam rubber is the best material for them.

The fashion for garden swings is growing more and more, so the choice of those in the store and in the markets is very large. Find the right swing for you will be easy, and perhaps even interesting.

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If you decide to save on a swing, then we offer you the option of building a swing with your own hands, with the manufacturing technology of which you can see in the video:


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