How to choose a safe door for an apartment, house

You may have seen on YouTube how attackers break open cheap doors. The paradox is that they got it pretty simple and using a simple tool. Perhaps you will say: "So it is cheap! But expensive, armored, for which everything is like in a safe, let them try!" The logic is quite understandable. For some reason, we all think that the more expensive the better, safer and stronger. People are often ready to lay out their last hard-earned money, but only to certainly protect their property from plundering. Well, when it is possible to get a really high-quality and reliable door for this money. But there are also situations when the saying is true: "not all is gold that glitters." Let's try to understand this difficult question. In the article we will tell how to choose a safe door for an apartment.

There are two basic rules that you shouldn’t exactly do:

  1. Not to deal with dealers.
  2. Do not acquire a door in a firm that for some reason causes you to be wary or doubted.

Most likely, in the door market, you will begin to offer many options for powerful door panels with the prefix "safe". Eyes scatter, and you are confused, what to choose? Let's approach this issue in a complex.

Selection Criteria

How to choose a safe door for an apartment, house Many people imagine safe-doors

  • The thickness of the metal from which the door is made. If it is tselnognaya steel, the thickness of the metal must be at least 2 mm. In case the door leaf is made of alloy steel, then at least 1.5 mm.
  • The class of the lock (as far as the burglar resistance mechanism is reliable).
  • The presence of heat insulation (how tightly the heat insulating material fills the inside of the doorway). It is clear that you will not be able to verify this. But ask the seller a question about it.
  • Weight. If the door weighs up to 100 kg, but it has only two hinges, it is better to abandon the purchase. In due course loops simply will not sustain such weight and that day when you simply cannot close a door will surely come.
  1. Door weight up to 70 kg - 2 hinges.
  2. Door weight up to 100 kg - 3 hinges.
  3. Door weight over 100 kg - special upgraded hinges on the bearing.

If you choose doors for an apartment, the main thing is to do it without fanaticism. The door up to 70 kg on two hinges is quite suitable here. However, everyone in this case is free to decide for himself, based on his circumstances and financial capabilities.

What should be the locks

How to choose a safe door for an apartment, house The lock must be reliable

Now more about locks for safe-doors. We are well aware that the safety and security of your property depends on the quality and reliability of the locking mechanism and the thickness of the metal of the door leaf does not play a special role here. What kind of locks in the safe door should stand? By itself, the castle has a certain class - from first to fourth. What does this class mean? It indicates how much time an attacker can conditionally spend on hacking the mechanism.

  • Second grade. Security properties are normal. Resistance to opening not less than 5 min.
  • Third grade. Security properties increased. Resistance to opening not less than 10 min.
  • Fourth grade. Security properties are high. Resistance to opening for at least 30 minutes.

For example, for an apartment door there is even a GOST, which strictly regulates the level of the class of locking mechanisms in the doors of apartments. The lock on the apartment door must have a class either second or third, not higher. The fourth class of the castle is recommended to be installed only in cases when there are some special values ​​in the apartment or in the house. And what to consider as special values, this is someone like that. Of course, the best option is a third-class castle. If you want to see exactly that on your door, please. As they say, every whim for your money. I must say that in this case you should not skimp, because good locks, like good doors, are not cheap. A complex locking mechanism will not immediately succumb (if at all) when you try to break it.

Remember that the best and most reliable safe-doors are doors that have different locking mechanisms.

No master key is able to break the cylinder lock, which uses a key card. More hardy on the suvaldny break. It will therefore be very good if both of these types are used. Please note that the distance between the locking mechanisms should not be less than 300 mm. An indicator of good quality, reliability of the whole door structure as a whole can serve such a nuance as the separate location of the handle.

What the professionals advise

How to choose a safe door for an apartment, house Specialist tips

What else do you need know about the door? Make sure that the door design is present:

  • Pretend. This is a constructive projection that will not allow your door to be removed from its hinges.
  • Deviator. Additional constipation, which are activated by the central lock with their subsequent fixation, either from below, or from above, and, possibly, on both sides simultaneously. Protects from force opening.
  • Rigel. This is a metal rod that is a locking device. It is operated together with the deviator. In the door of such rods should be up to 5 pieces maximum.

The presence of all these protective mechanisms besides the locks will make your safe door a "hard nut to crack" for intruders. However, you should not dwell only on the thickness of the metal and the locking part of the door leaf. There are more questions that you definitely need to find out.

  • Are there stiffeners? How they are distributed throughout the door leaf.
  • Whether a curved profile is used in the door construction.
  • Is there protection for the near-castle zone? Usually these are lining of armor and manganese lock plates.
  • What the door frame is made of. A rolling profile must be applied.

How to choose a safe door for an apartment, house Door tests

As noted above, not all of the nuances we can personally check because the inside of the finished door, we can not see, only the outside. And yet there is one simple way to help us ensure the integrity of the manufacturer. Lightly push the door already installed in the box. In that case, if the door gives in easily, it is safe to say that it is made of thin off-grade metal. It is better to immediately abandon the services of the company that installed you this fake. Believe me, whatever the size at the door, you have to make tangible efforts to make it surrender. Like this.

What's inside

How to choose a safe door for an apartment, house Section of a metal door

What else can be said about criteria for selecting a suitable safe door?

You can not discount the heat and sound insulation. After all, no one wants to see other sounds from the doors of the barrel and into the apartment. Therefore, you need to make sure how tight and hermetic the porch is adjacent to the box, whether the corresponding sealing gaskets (usually D-shaped) are located along its contour, as well as along the contour of the door leaf. In terms of heat preservation, the best thing is if the door filler is not foam or foam, namely, basalt wool and at least 5 cm thick.

How to choose a safe door for an apartment, house You can feel safe behind a reliable door

I want to believe that this article on the safe door will help you a lot. Therefore, protect yourself and your property with safe, high-quality and inaccessible safe doors and sleep peacefully.


This video will help you in choosing a sturdy steel door:


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