How to choose a fecal pump with a grinder

In a private sector, there are often situations where a homeowner does not have the ability to connect his sewer network to a common waste disposal system, which is why he has to build an autonomous system. An integral part of such autonomous systems is a sewage fecal pump. In this article we will tell you about how to choose a fecal pump with a grinder, and also examine in more detail its two main varieties.


How to choose a fecal pump with a grinder Pump in the cesspool

The equipment of the type we are considering can to be used both in private farms and in collective establishments (cafes, snack bars and other catering facilities) that are not able to be connected to the city sewage system. Since in this case the risk of various debris entering the sewage system increases dramatically - the autonomous system must necessarily be equipped with a special grinder for solid particles of sufficiently large size.

How to choose a fecal pump with a grinder Using a fecal pump

In addition, a sewage fecal pump can also be used to draw water from reservoirs, i.e., these devices are capable of solving a whole range of tasks associated with the daily maintenance of small private farms. Before buying equipment, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with known types of pumping systems of this class, as well as with their main characteristics.

Outdoor (surface) units

How to choose a fecal pump with a grinder Outdoor pump with waste grinder

Pumps of this type are usually installed directly behind the toilet (or under the sink) in the bathroom. When choosing a place for such equipment it is necessary to ensure that it does not take up too much space and does not obstruct the passage.

When meeting with the characteristics of the model offered to you, be sure to pay attention to the design of its cutting and crushing mechanism. With particular attention will also need to explore a list of those materials that he is able to "process." It is desirable that it does not include other types of "junk" material, except:

  • toilet paper of any type;
  • plastic waste;
  • soft food waste;
  • small stones and pieces of glass.

In addition, you should pay attention to the resistance of the model you choose to the effects of aggressive media (with chemical, oil and sandy mud components).

Submersible equipment

How to choose a fecal pump with a grinder Submersible fecal pump

Submersible fecal pump is designed to work in the conditions of immersion in one or another liquid medium and can be used for pumping both clean and polluted water. Basically, these pumps are used for technical needs related to cleaning small ponds, sewage tanks or for emergency pumping of mud drains (from basements, for example).

When choosing a submersible pump, first of all it is necessary to make sure that it has a float-type switch that ensures the operation of the unit in automatic mode (with its simultaneous protection from the so-called dry run).

It is desirable that the model you are purchasing has on / off modes tied to a specific position of the float (the level of the pumped liquid). In this case, your pump will turn on only in a liquid medium filled to a certain level, and after a full pumping of waste, it will automatically shut off.

How to choose a fecal pump with a grinder On the pump there is a fitting for a flexible hose

Installing a fecal A pump with a flexible hose connected is usually not difficult and consists of lowering it in a pit of liquid. If the installation of the pump will be made to plastic pipes, then this work is more difficult.

It is important to remember that any fluid that is being pumped is aggressive. And in any case, it will always contain one of such caustic substances as:

  • salt components;
  • acid;
  • alkali;
  • organic waste, etc.

Only this explains the requirement for maximum protection of the inlet and outlet nozzles of the unit (as well as all its working wiring) from any contact with the pumped liquid.


This video describes the submersible fecal pump with a chopper:

This video will demonstrate how the chopper in the Grundfos SEG fecal pump works:


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