How to choose a circular saw for the house - recommendations

Circular saws appeared more than 200 years ago. People needed a car that would do the hard work in a matter of minutes and cut down trees. This was another step in easing human labor. But tools in 1770 were far from modern counterparts. The car came into motion with the help of windmills. In 1922, the first instrument was developed, similar to those now sold in stores. But since then, of course, it has been significantly improved and refined.

How to choose a circular saw for the house - recommendations

Circuit design of the circular saw.

Tool overview and specifications

The electric circular saw is an excellent and indispensable tool for a carpenter. As a rule, it is used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood. It is relatively lightweight and easy to carry, and this allows you to take the tool with you even to a distant work object. The circular saw is a steel disc with teeth for cutting. Saws can be divided into 3 categories: desktop, stationary and manual. You should pay attention to the last option and discuss it in more detail: what is it, what works is it meant for and how to choose the right circular saw?

the saw will become the big and faithful assistant. Without a circular saw, the house will not be built, the roof will not be built, and it can be very useful in simple apartment repairs. For example, when laying laminate or sawing panels for walls. The circular saw cuts perfectly smooth and neat lines in seconds. It will help you to cut not only straight lines, but also under the necessary inclination. The saw consists of an electric motor, a casing for protection, a ruler guide and a gearbox. The main indicators are:

How to choose a circular saw for the house - recommendations

Characteristics of the saw blade.

  1. Power. The depth of the cutting and the force of rotation of the disk depend on the power. But the more power, the heavier the tool. And this is not always easy and convenient.
  2. Speed ​​- one of the most important characteristics. It directly depends on whether the tool can cut dense material or not. The absorption of electricity is also important.
  3. Body Material. This is usually heat-resistant plastic, but there are metal models and, of course, plastic plus metal.
  4. Cutting depth - from 40 mm to 140 mm. For home use enough 50-60 mm.
  5. The presence or absence of an autonomous power supply. This feature allows you to use a circular saw in those places in which there is no possibility to connect to electricity. But the battery saw operation time is only 30 minutes-1 hour, and charging time can take up to 3-4 hours. And this is not always appropriate and possible.
  6. Tilt Cut Adjustment. Almost all modern models have such a function. But they use it extremely rarely.
  7. Availability of soft start. Its presence will increase the service life of the device. Will secure the device from undesirable and dangerous overloads and an overheat. Will protect the engine from abrupt voltage surges.
  8. Blocking a random start. Not always convenient, but it is a guarantee of your safety.
  9. Collecting sawdust - connecting to a dust extraction system or vacuum cleaners.
  10. The laser pointer helps you get the job done without a long guide and with more precision.
  11. Dive function. Allows you to start cutting not only from the edge, but also from the middle of the workpiece. What sometimes is just necessary.

Major modern manufacturers of

How to choose a circular saw for the house - recommendations

Comparison of popular models of circular saws.

The German company "HAMMER" offers the ideal ratio of price and quality. Approximately for beginners and home use saw will help acquire the necessary skills.

The MAKITA saws are an excellent option. All saws are of excellent quality. Have a lightweight design. Very low noise and vibration. Work will be comfortable and convenient.

Legendary saws from the company "SKIL". This name is synonymous with excellent product quality. The products of this manufacturer have repeatedly been awarded the title "quality product".

PREMIUM are highly efficient circular saws. They are designed for heavy loads. Increased power and wear resistance. According to the characteristics are often not inferior to professional tools.

Circular saws from BOSCH have up to 5500 revolutions and are of good quality.

If we talk about the Russian manufacturers of this product, then very good reviews of the circular saws of the company "ZUBR". They can be used both for home use and for industrial use. Reasonable price and high quality.

The cost of this product ranges from acceptable and affordable to very high.

The price low stopped at around 3 thousand rubles.

Price, like any other product, depends not only on the set of functions, but also on the manufacturer’s company. For home use, you can choose an excellent model in all respects within 4-5 thousand rubles.

How to choose a saw yourself?

How to choose a circular saw for the house - recommendations

Circular saw operation pattern.

The choice of circular saws is very large and diverse. This product is offered in the widest range. First of all, you should ask yourself the question: for what purposes is it needed? If you do not plan to perform any specific work and actions, then you will be completely satisfied with the universal saw of the middle class. They are also the most popular among buyers. This is an extremely dangerous tool, so it is important that you feel comfortable working. Hold the instrument in your hands for at least 10 minutes.

Pay attention to the settings, the principle of operation should be absolutely clear to you. The depth of cut for home use is enough - 60-65 mm. Gaining popularity with devices with an electronic module. This is a great solution. Such a clever saw will last you much longer. In case of overload, the motor is automatically shut off. The latest inventions are able to cope with such a durable material as metal. Expensive devices will offer you a soft, smooth ride, reducing noise and vibration, high-quality cuts and maximum ease of operation.

The quality of the disks is of paramount importance. The best saw disks which go in a set. But time passes, and they wear out. Now in stores a huge selection of this product. The discs are monolithic and carbide. Monolithic require sharpening and quickly lose quality. Carbide much more reliable.

It should be remembered that they are not universal. Wheels are selected under the type of work and saws. The most popular - from 125 mm to 350 mm. For home use a larger diameter and is not required. Disks are on wood and on metal. The main thing is that such a tool should be reliable, so it is better to choose models in which the protective cover is made of aluminum alloy.

You should also pay attention to the handle of the tool. After all, the controllability of this device depends on it. Ideally, it should be rubber coated. This will prevent slipping and reduce vibration. Ball-shaped handles are very convenient in management.

Practical tips for working

How to choose a circular saw for the house - recommendations

Circuit saw operability test circuit.

Follow the guidelines for working with the saw:

  1. The workpiece should be fixed in the most reliable way.
  2. There should be no interference in the path of the saw.
  3. You need to drive the saw very gently and smoothly. If possible, give a rest to the instrument. If you force it to work continuously for 2-3 hours, then there is a risk that the motor will burn (even with the best and most professional representative of circular saws).
  4. For work that requires precise performance, use a disc with frequent teeth.
  5. Cutting of plastic and aluminum is done using special discs. Rotational speed should not exceed 4000 revolutions per minute.
  6. The saw should not work for more than half an hour. A break is required every 30 minutes.

What is safety?

Do not neglect the careful study of the instructions:

  1. Remember that the circular saw is one of the most traumatic tools.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to saw wood with metal inclusions (nails, screws, etc.).
  3. The saw should be cleaned with a special brush, not a hand.
  4. If the material intended for sawing exceeds 2 m², special support frames and supports should be used.
  5. Use safety glasses to avoid sawdust in your eyes.
  6. Stay alert. Do not work with such a dangerous tool if you are tired.
  7. Carefully inspect the workpieces for defects.
  8. Use only high-quality and serviceable tools. To do this, periodically it is necessary to check whether the nuts are well tightened, whether the disc is not damaged, etc.
  9. Do not forget the headphones, the saw makes a loud, deafening sound when operating.

It is forbidden to work with a failed saw:

  • the disk is not equipped with a casing;
  • there is no guide line;
  • the table slot for the saw blade is wider than 15 cm;
  • there are no devices that prevent the workpiece from being ejected.

The circular saw is a very complex tool. It requires the most responsible approach, care and accuracy in handling. Before you buy such a saw, think carefully about the purposes for which you need it, what load you will give it.

Based on this, choose a device that meets your individual needs and requirements.

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