What time can you make repairs in the apartment

Going to begin the time-consuming process of change in their apartment, the owners will not only have to think everything through to the smallest detail and purchase materials. There is another important point - at what time can you make repairs so as not to interfere with your neighbors? After all, they will experience inconvenience from excessive noise, rumble and sounds of a constantly working perforator. It is important not to violate legal regulations, so as not to have problems with law enforcement agencies and quickly complete all work.

General Repair Procedure

What time can you make repairs in the apartment Procedure for

The Law is in force in the country " On ensuring the peace and quiet of the citizens ", in which all the time frames for carrying out repairs are clearly stated. Consider the basic rules of time determined by this law:

  1. It is prohibited to spend weekends and holidays from 10 pm to 10 am.
  2. On weekdays, the beginning is not earlier than 8 am and ends not later than 9 pm.
  3. It is not allowed to work from 13 to 15 hours daily. This applies to statutory objects, including apartments in apartment buildings and private houses where several families live; house territories, as well as premises where services are provided, including the temporary accommodation of citizens.
  4. The total duration per day should be no more than 6 hours. There is an exception here: cases where a longer duration is required, but with the condition for the break to be on.
  5. The total repair time in any apartment building should be limited to 3 months. If you need a longer period, you should get a formal agreement of the neighbors in order to avoid trouble in the future.
  6. When working with flammable and combustible materials, the legislator limits the time to 4 pm.

In addition, all tools and equipment with a noise threshold exceeding generally available standards (up to 40 dB) are also not recommended to be used frequently. If all materials are transported using a passenger elevator, then they must necessarily be a special package.

What time can you make repairs in the apartment Consider the level of generated noise

It is important to note that the RF law determines the standards for work on a regional basis level Thus, study all the acts that regulate the time, days, and the maximum noise level in your area.

It is forbidden to carry out any type of work that could damage the neighboring apartments or pollute the public area, for example, the staircase.

Some features

What time can you make repairs in the apartment Use safe tools and equipment

When conducting repair work, use special equipment, instruments and tools, which must be subject to such requirements:

  • safety;
  • efficiency;
  • saving labor costs;
  • portability;
  • low weight.

It is forbidden to use public territory without the consent of neighbors, as well as to block the aisles, stairs, and constantly use the elevator. Particular attention should be paid to the evacuation route - they should always be free. All construction waste and garbage should be sealed in the garbage bags so that even dust does not spread around the entrance.

If your neighbor conducts noisy repairs at unresolved time, you can file a complaint with the local police officer. If a violation of the law is established, an administrative penalty in the form of a fine or verbal warning is provided for.

The observance of legality in this sphere is monitored by the sanitary epidemiological station and the Federal Service for Supervision.

What time can you make repairs in the apartment Conflicts with neighbors can be avoided

To prevent conflicts and quarrels by neighbors during the repair work, you should put yourself in the place of your neighbors. Everyone wants to enjoy peace and comfort at home, a small child can sleep behind the wall, or older people can live, they should be respected. Permitted timeframes will allow you to perform any, even major repairs on time. Experts recommend doing everything consistently, this will avoid unnecessary noise.


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