How much does it cost to build a pool - the cost of building a pool

Own swimming pool on the plot - isn't every owner dreaming of this? A few years ago, a private pool was an unattainable goal for many. Today, the construction of its own artificial reservoir has become quite possible for people of different incomes. So, how much does it cost to build a pool on the plot? The cost depends on the type of pool and building materials selected for construction.

Types of pools

How much does it cost to build a pool - the cost of building a pool Installation of equipment

The most popular pool options built on private sites, steel:

  1. Collapsible pools.
  2. Stationary pools.

Collapsible pools

How much does it cost to build a pool - the cost of building a pool Collapsible pool

The most simple to install and use are collapsible pools. All that is required for them is only a flat surface. Prices for these pools range from 7 to 50 thousand - depending on the type, finish and size of the pool. All that is required is to think over exactly where to place a large-sized swimming pool, how to fill it and where to keep the structure devastated and folded for the winter.

Fixed pools

How much does it cost to build a pool - the cost of building a pool Fixed pools

To the construction of fixed pools you need to take it with the utmost care: after all, such a reservoir cannot be assembled or disassembled or moved from place to place at will.

What is required for the construction of a stationary pool?

  1. Designing a pool construction project.
  2. Preparing a pit of the required size for a pool bowl.
  3. Summing up communications.
  4. Construction of the basin itself.
  5. Finishing the pool.
  6. Connection of additional equipment, start-up and system check.
  7. Support of the fixed pool in proper condition.

How much does it cost to build a pool - the cost of building a pool Filling the bowl

Planning a stationary reservoir is one of the most difficult steps: at this stages select the necessary building materials and additional equipment; determines how much it costs to build a pool. If specialists are involved in the construction of the artificial reservoir, they prepare the project of the future pool in accordance with the wishes of the client. Independent calculation may take more time, it will be required to study various options for building materials for erecting a pool bowl, as well as additional accessories: filters, heaters, drainage system.

How much does it cost to build a pool - the cost of building a pool Pool film

What is the price of a stationary pool and what should I look for?

  1. When calculating the price, not only the length, but also the depth of the pool matters. The deeper the pool, the greater its value - will have to strengthen the walls. However, the more square meters in the pool, the greater the discount on work. The final price will be less than expected.
  2. The shape of the pool is of great importance in the formation of the cost of work. So, the more complex the form - the steps, the notches, the combination of right angles and semicircular outlines - the greater the cost of work. The outlines of a pool of one type — an oval, circle, or rectangle — cost less than a combined form.
  3. 17
  4. Some companies - if they use their services - specializing in the construction of pools, can also offer services in gardening and landscaping directly next to an artificial reservoir.

The cost of a fixed pool is significantly higher than the cost of a precast or frame pool. Starting from 20,000 rubles for the manufacture of 1 m 3 reinforced concrete bowl, it can reach any maximum value, depending on the size, type of finish and accessories.

Prices in the article are approximate and they are constantly changing. If you need an exact cost, then you can get more complete information about the prices for frame pools on the manufacturer or distributor website. What will cost a stationary pool, you can find out only after drawing up an estimate.


This video will help you when choosing a frame pool. Its cost depends on the quality and type of the device:

Watch a video about building an original outdoor pool:


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