How to change the door lock in the apartment yourself

It may be necessary to replace the lock for various reasons. Most often it is, of course, its failure. Also, locks change when they no longer satisfy the owner. For example, the old system is unreliable and easily cracked. If keys are lost, a new design is also installed (although it is easier to order a duplicate). In the article we will talk about how to change the door lock in the apartment independently, how to change the tongue and the larva.

Types of locks

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How to change the door lock in the apartment yourself Cylinder Locks are:

  • hinged;
  • mortise;
  • overhead.

Mortise locks are more often installed in wooden doors. However, today they are put in steel structures.

Mortise locks do not provide an adequate level of security.

Padlocks and overhead locks are the most common. They are simply removed and replaced.

Locks are distinguished not only by the method of installation, but also by the design. Before you change the door lock, you must choose the one that will completely suit the owner.

  1. Cylinder lock. This type of lock can not be completely changed if it satisfies the owner with its quality. In case of breakage, it is usually enough to change the core of the structure, the so-called larva. That it contains the whole mechanism. The larva is a weak point of the cylindrical lock. If it is drilled, then the door will easily give in.
  2. Level locks. Such systems are installed in only one way - sidebar. For a layman to insert such a unit is problematic. To do this, you have to figure out how to hit the lock on the door without damaging the canvas. If the canvas is steel, the lever lock can be removed and replaced with the same one. Some companies produce locks of this type to be converted. The lock itself will not have to change, only the key to it will change.
  3. Disk lock. These systems are divided into automatic and semi-automatic locks. They also contain larva. Most often, in case of breakage, such locks change, although, if the system is quite expensive, then you can do without replacing the core.


How to change the door lock in the apartment yourself

  1. How to change the door lock in the apartment yourself Level lock The first thing to do is do it the necessary measurements. It is better to dismantle the old castle and go with him to the store. However, this is not always possible. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the dimensions of the lock and find out its manufacturer. The old structure will still have to be removed, albeit temporarily.
  2. Any lock has fasteners. Disk remove the easiest, but with the cylinder will have a little work. However, he can only remove the larva. This is done quite simply, it is attached to the side.
  3. If you plan to buy exactly the same lock that is already in the door, then it is enough to establish its characteristics and select the same one.
  4. When the lock is purchased, it is necessary to dismantle the old one and try on a new one in its place. Fitting must be complete. A new system needs to be fixed and checked how it works. Before you install the door lock completely, you need to make sure that the system fits perfectly.

How to punch

Before you punch a door lock, you must select it. The easiest way to produce work with a cylindrical.

  1. In order to insert a lock into the door leaf, you must first install a comfortable well height.
  2. Now you need to attach a new lock to the canvas and make a markup. A groove will be drilled at the marking site. Tools will require a drill, chisel and chisel.
  3. First, the work on drilling a groove is made by a drill with a drill that has a slightly smaller diameter than the width of the groove.
  4. Next, the groove is finished with a chisel and a chisel.
  5. Then you need to mark the hole where the well will be drilled.
  6. Holes for screws are drilled last.
  7. For the "secret" you also need to drill out the groove. It is necessary to establish its size and make markup.
  8. To determine how far the latch goes into the groove, it is necessary to lubricate it with dye and close the lock.

Before installation, you must lubricate the moving elements of the lock. However, it is better not to touch the internal mechanism of the larvae. If necessary, it is better to process it with graphite. All other parts are treated with grease.

After installation, only decorative and cosmetic works remain.

How to choose

How to change the door lock in the apartment yourself Select

When choosing a door lock, you need to consider where he will be put. If it is a question of an entrance door in a multi-storey building, then the cylinder lock will also fit here. He, of course, can drill, but few of the robbers will make noise and attract attention. Modern iron doors are usually equipped with level locks.

Something more durable must be put in the cottage or cottage. It is better if the lock is not one, but at least two.

How to change the door lock in the apartment yourself Electronic

The most robust today are the so-called smartlock - smart locks.Such systems run on batteries. Depending on the cost, they can be equipped with password buttons, fingerprint scanners or retina scanners. When the battery fully runs out, they function on a regular key.

The cost of these systems is quite high. They are used in the most extreme cases. By the principle of operation, they can be compared with intercoms, which today exist in almost every entrance.


In general, the replacement of the door lock is shown in the following video:

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