Fence of gabions do it yourself

Considering the main options for planning the fence of your territory, you can dwell on modern methods. One of those is the fence from gabions - this is not only a great way to protect your property from prying eyes, but also to give completeness to landscape design. High-strength and reliable design can be made in any form, besides the installation technology is not particularly complicated. It is quite possible for everyone to carry out such a construction, because for this you can do without the use of special tools and expensive materials.

Features and benefits

Fence of gabions do it yourself

Many materials, regardless of the construction technology, lose their attractiveness every year. In the case of gabions, time affects them in a completely different way; they become more interesting. With the observance of technology, such barriers can last for about 100 years. A lot of advantages also speak in favor of this type of fence. Among the most basic are:

  • reliable protection from winds and noise from the street;
  • hiding property from prying eyes;
  • attractive appearance;
  • the ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • monolithic construction is perfectly combined with the landscaped landscape and gives it a natural look;
  • ease and simplicity of installation;
  • economy in arrangement;
  • long service life;
  • resistance to temperature extremes and atmospheric influence;
  • regardless of the complexity of the relief, the erected sections are durable and hopeful common;
  • combinability with other natural materials;
  • a variety of materials are suitable for filling cells.

Gabions can be used not only for the construction of fences and fences. With the help of them, you can zone a territory, make out flowerbeds and create recreation areas.

The design functional

Fence of gabions do it yourself

Thanks to its wide use, gabions are often used in construction. With their help, you can:

  • strengthen the banks of artificial and natural water bodies;
  • mount wall-supports that will protect in case of landslides;
  • adjust the river channel;
  • organize the embankment;
  • protect the ground from erosion;
  • decoratively equip the private territory.

The metal grid can become the only weak point. It is necessary to paint or choose stainless material.

Even with a large amount of precipitation, gabions will not be subject to destruction. Erosive arrays can only be slightly deformed. The strength is not affected.

Grid selection

Fence of gabions do it yourself

For the construction to serve for a long time it is necessary to choose the right materials for the construction. You need to start with the grid. So, today on the market you can find a fairly large range of nets. They differ in the shape and size of the cells. Basically, the chain-link mesh is preferred, it can be:

  • tension;
  • sectional.

At the same time, the shape of the cells can be:

  • round;
  • square;
  • of a different section.

When choosing a mesh, you must know in advance the size of the material to be filled. Large cells are suitable only for large stones.

Selection of material for filling

Fence of gabions do it yourself

The second component of gabions are stones. They also need to be chosen correctly, as the strength and duration of the intake life will depend on this. Today, the following materials are used as filler:

  • sandstone;
  • quartz;
  • granite;
  • pebbles or crushed stone of different fractions;
  • broken brick;
  • cobblestone;
  • artificial stone;
  • flagstone;
  • wood;
  • bottles.

When selecting a material for filling it is necessary to take into account some requirements:

  1. Size. The diameter of the stone must be larger than the size of the cells. Otherwise, they will constantly fall out of the prepared structure.
  2. Form. Stones can be rectangular, round and sloping.
  3. Strength. The technical characteristics should not be below 1000.
  4. Frost resistance. In order for the stones to tolerate winters, it is important to take into account the climatic conditions of the area.
  5. Aesthetic appearance. An important criterion is the attractiveness of the design. Thanks to this, landscape design will be complemented by an attractive element.

A gently sloping shape of the stone for filling the nets will not work. For more decor you can use several shades and colors of stones. This will put in the fence picture or pattern. When choosing granite, it is necessary to consider its radioactivity.

Foundation for the fence

Fence of gabions do it yourself

If it was decided to make such a fence, then you must first carefully examine all the steps. First of all, you should take care of the strength of the base - the foundation. Everyone who was engaged in construction knows how to make it.For beginners in this matter, you must follow the simple instructions.

At the preparatory stage, the necessary tools and materials are selected:

  • shovels;
  • tape measure;
  • concrete mixer;
  • hammer;
  • nails;
  • boards;
  • reinforcing metal;
  • sand;
  • cement;
  • film.

In this case, use is made of strip footing technology. Its depth should be no more than 25 cm, and width - 30 cm.

At the second stage, formwork from planks is installed. For waterproofing use film. For reinforcement used reinforcement. It is placed on the bottom of the formwork and poured cement mortar. The foundation should harden, for this you will need to wait at least a week. In order not to damage the flatness of the surface, the formwork is covered with a film. If necessary, pour water.

In forming the foundation, it is important to release excess air. After pouring each layer of the solution must be mixed. Thus, air bubbles will come out.

Installation work

Fence of gabions do it yourself

After the foundation has stiffened, installation of gabions can begin. First of all, it is necessary to form a frame from the selected grid. Also for this you will need a wire.

The grid must be unrolled from the rolls and laid on the ground so that it is leveled. After that, with the help of a drill and fasteners, it is carefully mounted into the foundation. Spans should be no more than 5 m. The pillar should rise above the level of the spans. The shape of the structure will depend entirely on the wishes and basic ideas that are included in the landscape design.

Stones are poured into the prepared nets. If you plan to use several shades of stones, you need to level each level. Due to this, the clarity of the lines will remain even after several years.

In order for the grid to be reliably fixed on the base of the foundation it is necessary to drown in it the wire clips when it is poured.

Fence of gabions do it yourself Gabions

Creating an original fence on a site is quite simple. Fence from gabions is an excellent economical option, which requires about 2 weeks to install from planning to tamping stones. In order to give a greater unusualness of the finished design, when laying the stones, the soil is also poured, into which the climbers are then planted.


For more information on how to install gabions, you can find out by watching the video:


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