features of the arrangement of the floor, ceiling and walls (photos and video)

Immediately after completing the construction of a wooden house, it is worth while to forget about the implementation of interior decoration, since the building will sit down for a while, this may adversely affect the finishing materials if used as intended. a certain period. Finishing in the inner space of a log house should be carried out, based on the features of this type of construction. Interior decoration of a wooden house can be made using the same materials that are used in an ordinary brick house. However, wood has some features that should be considered when performing the finishing.

features of the arrangement of the floor, ceiling and walls (photos and video)

The required stage after the construction of a house from a bar is its interior decoration.

There is a perception that the construction shrinkage ends 2 years after construction, but this is not entirely true - shrinkage can continue for 6 years. This process entails a reduction in the height of the walls, which can reach 3 cm. If plaster was used during finishing, it can become covered with cracks, moreover, individual elements of the layer can move away. If you want to finish the interior of the house as soon as possible after the completion of construction, you should prefer glued laminated timber as a material, it guarantees the completion of shrinkage processes one year after the start of operation of a new house.

Features of wall decoration of a wooden house inside

features of the arrangement of the floor, ceiling and walls (photos and video)

In order to enhance the protective properties of wood, it must be treated with an antiseptic.

Wood is a good finishing material, for this reason the surface of the walls in the rooms can be left without finishing, if they have no obvious flaws. However, the tree will have to be treated with an appropriate composition, which will help to give the wall surface the necessary shade. Some owners do not adhere to such design of the premises of the house of the log. No matter what method of wall decoration you prefer, you will need to cover the surface with an antipyretic and antiseptic. If you ignore these requirements, wood will soon become unusable.

If the finishing process is to be carried out in a house that was built more than 6 years ago, any materials can be used for work, and for new buildings it is not recommended to use finishing materials that do not tolerate deformation processes, among them For example, tile.

Finishing of wooden houses from the inside is also produced by means of a paint that is able to decorate surfaces and additionally protect them from external influences.

features of the arrangement of the floor, ceiling and walls (photos and video)

Frame for clapboard trim.

Surfaces in the house can be simply plastered. In this case, special attention should be paid to waterproofing. It is not recommended to plaster walls in a built-up house only, such processes can be carried out not earlier than one year after the completion of construction.

If the walls in the wooden house have an unpresentable appearance, their surface can be revetted with a block house or clapboard. Such materials are able to decorate the premises with the natural beauty of wood. This method of finishing is also recommended to use only after shrinkage of the building. Initially, it is necessary to equip the frame system, on which the trim panels will be installed later. Such an approach will slightly reduce the usable floor space.

A frame from the inside can be finished very traditionally - with the help of wallpaper. Such a coating requires a flat surface, which can be achieved by installing drywall sheets. This option can be considered one of the most common and universal among the rest. After installing the sheets of drywall, their surface should be leveled with putty. Base GKL can be covered with paint instead of wallpaper. Drywall shows its versatility in that it is permissible to even lay tile.

features of the arrangement of the floor, ceiling and walls (photos and video)

Wall sheathing scheme with gypsum plasterboard.

If the conditions in the rooms are characterized by high humidity levels, you can also use drywall to finish such rooms, but you should choose the moisture-resistant look of this material, its sheets can be distinguished by a greenish tint.

A log house has many important advantages over traditional buildings. Among them is the ease of mounting communications. Wires and pipes can be laid in the space between the main wall and sheets of drywall.

If the finishing of the house from a bar will be carried out by gypsum plasterboard, then this material can be used in tandem with insulation.

Features of the finishing of the ceiling of a wooden house

The decoration of the house in the area of ​​the ceiling can also be carried out with the help of drywall. It is permissible to use seamless tiles, suspended ceilings or plastic panels.

features of the arrangement of the floor, ceiling and walls (photos and video)

Wooden beams on the ceiling make it possible to emphasize its naturalness.

Drywall will provide the house with a ceiling that has a multi-level structure. This type of coating can be combined with wooden beams, which emphasizes the naturalness of the building. For covering the ceiling, you can use products based on particleboard, fiberboard or plastic, in the latter case, the finishing material can be represented by polystyrene tiles.

If you want to save, you can provide a log cabin in the ceiling area with plastic panels. Such products are quite simple to install, and choosing a certain shade from the huge palette represented by stores is quite simple. The advantage of this finish is also in easy care. Panels perfectly fit into the kitchen or bathroom. If you need a more durable finish, then you should prefer the upholstery of drywall sheets to PVC panels.

The ceiling surface can also be sheathed with wood if you are an adherent of all natural. As such finishing lining can act. When mounting it, you should use the same technology that is used when mounting this material on the walls. If the house, which is based on a bar, needs to be given a higher degree of thermal and sound insulation, then before installing the finishing material on the frame, you need to install plate insulation, the size of each sheet of which must be equal to the distance between the elements of the battens or several millimeters more.

The following tools and materials may be needed for finishing work in a wooden house:

  • antipyretic;
  • antiseptic;
  • putty;
  • drywall;
  • wallpaper;
  • wood for the batten;
  • wall paneling;
  • wallpaper glue;
  • capacity;
  • brush;
  • roller.

Features of the arrangement of the floor

features of the arrangement of the floor, ceiling and walls (photos and video)

The floor device in a wooden house.

A wooden house can be provided with almost any floor topcoat, it can be a laminate, ceramic tile or, for example, parquet. If a water heating system is used, it is not recommended to combine it with parquet or solid wood, which do not tolerate temperature changes and have low thermal conductivity. The most common option for a private house is the base on the logs. The main thing that needs to be done when arranging the floor in this case is to eliminate vibration and insulate well. For wooden houses the massive board made on the basis of natural wood is most recommended as a floor covering. Often used and flooring, laminate and cork flooring, the latter of which is a modern, natural, environmentally friendly material capable of providing additional insulation characteristics of the floor.

A wooden house when finishing has many advantages compared to traditional buildings, due to the fact that walls, floors and ceilings do not need to be so carefully insulated as in the case of brick houses. Since wooden houses are much warmer.

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