Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country

For the protection of its territory it is not necessary to delve into the construction in particular. An excellent alternative for many has become a hedge, which can not only hide the owners' property from prying eyes, but also complement the landscape design. In addition, with the help of evergreen perennials, all zones can be distributed. It creates a fast-growing perennial hedge in the country is quite simple. If you regularly take care of it, it will not lose its decorative qualities for several decades.

Pros and Cons

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country

Almost any plant can be chosen to form a living fence, but not all of them will grow rapidly. Some require a lot of attention, constant feeding, frequent watering and certain climatic conditions. In addition, their rate of growth over the year is quite small, so the “live” fence will grow for many years. You can go the other way - pick up fast-growing plants that develop quite quickly and from them you can simply form a fence of any shape and height.

Among the advantages of hedges are:

  • climbing plants quickly braid the walls and pillars;
  • if necessary, they will hide the disadvantages of the structure;
  • even with a modest landscape design, it is possible to transform the whole territory for a small amount of money;
  • you can plant even in narrow places;
  • shape and height formation as the plants grow;
  • minimum area.

There are drawbacks in almost everything, so the hedge is no exception. These include regular care. If climbing plants were chosen for the fence, in winter the fence will appear through as the leaves fall in the fall.

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country A small hedge

When growing a green fence it is worth remembering that it can be in the form of:

  • border (up to 1 m);
  • hedge (1-3 m);
  • live wall (3-6 m).

The successful formation of a perennial hedge depends on the proper selection of a plant, planting and caring for it.

Features of use at the dacha

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country

As you know, using flowers you can create flower beds and break alpine slides. But if you need to zoning or grow a high fence, then you must use other types:

  • climbing plants;
  • shrubs;
  • decorative trees.

Especially popular are the shrubs, of which amateurs and professionals create whole compositions:

  • fences;
  • curbs;
  • geometric shapes ;
  • animals.

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country Geometric long-term hedge

Another option for decorating the site is a willow. In this case, you can choose not only the usual varieties. If you have children, then with the help of the hedge you can protect the children's area and calmly go about your business. At the same time, parents will be completely calm for their little ones, since they will not be able to escape anywhere. Even a small child will not be able to get through thick thickets.

The use of simple bushes will allow you to implement absolutely any idea. In addition, there is no need to resort to the help of designers, it is enough to get acquainted with the tips and thematic articles that are available on our website.

Criteria for plant selection

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country

Considering all the options, you need to plan and present your own hedge. To narrow the circle of choice, you must use some criteria:

  1. Height.
  2. Width.
  3. Shorn or molded form.
  4. Freely growing.
  5. Care requirements.
  6. Climatic conditions.

Thanks to this, you will be able to quickly determine which plants are suitable for forming a hedge. Undoubtedly, among the advantages of leafy plants are flowers. Many of them can bloom for a sufficiently long period of time, be honey plants, be used for traditional medicine, and also bear fruit.

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country Perennial living fence from rowan

These include:

  • acacia;
  • black chokeberry;
  • elder;
  • deren;
  • honeysuckle;
  • viburnum;
  • jasmine chubushnik;
  • currants;
  • lilac;
  • maple and others.

If you choose plants in favor of hardwood, you need to take into account one important point. The hedge should be dismissed in early spring, and shed its leaves in late autumn.

Choice of plants depending on the height of the fence

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country

When choosing a single tier height, you can significantly save on the necessary area to form a hedge. It should give preference to those types of trees in which the branches can grow from the base of the trunk: linden, poplar and maple.If the area allows, it is better to make a multi-tiered green fence. He not only can become a fence, but also covers a large tract of land from the winds.

  1. For fences up to 3 m high, you can choose - tie, poplar, linden, willow, mountain ash.
  2. For fences with a height of 1.5 to 2.5 m, it is most often chosen - cotoneaster, barberry, golden currant, alpine honeysuckle.
  3. For hedge from 70 cm to 1.5 m are suitable - Chubushnik, Bessey cherry, steppe almond, Japanese spirea.
  4. For borders it is necessary to choose dwarf plants of the above varieties.

If you choose the right trees and shrubs, you can create an original multi-tiered green fence. They will not close each other, but at the same time a beautiful combination of flowers and the sequence of flowering will always please you.

Making a choice in favor of shrubs

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country

Shrubs have many advantages. They grow quickly enough, have a dense crown, they are easy to care for. It is worth noting that their main advantage is formation compliance. In addition, a large variety of species allows you to solve several problems at once. If you need to further protect your property, choose copies with prickles. They must be planted outside the living fence. You can also consider and fruiting options, the fruits of which can be used in food.

Among the simplest and most accessible shrubs, there are 3 most common:

  1. Cornel. Unpretentious shrub that can be planted even in the shade. To form an external hedge is a great option. In addition to beautiful leaves, dogwood fruits. Its fruits can be eaten or used in traditional medicine. Dogwood can be planted both in spring and autumn, but not less than a month before frost.
  2. Barberry. Grows in absolutely any soil. Thanks to the spines will provide additional protection for the fence. There are both undersized and tall varieties, which allows you to create both curbs and high fences. It blooms beautifully. As in the case of cornel fruit is suitable for home-made blanks.
  3. Tern. Does not require special care and careful pruning. Impassable thick crown will not miss a single person. Fruits can be picked even after frost and used for harvesting. The hedge has an unusually beautiful view in spring, during the flowering period. A pleasant almond flavor will spread throughout the site.

Some instances do not tolerate removal of the tips. It is worth considering if the hedge will trim and form.

A hedge of coniferous plants

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country

A weighty advantage of conifers is the green crown all year round. Undoubtedly, this is an ideal option for the formation of the main fence. Also, tall trees can be used for the main part, and shrubs to give protection and decorative properties in the foreground. To date, planning a landscape design, the following options are used:

  1. Thuja western. The most common and unpretentious plant that fits almost any climate in our country. Minimal care and lack of annual shears can also be attributed to the list of benefits.
  2. Common spruce. Most often chosen to form a free-growing hedge. Professionals prefer to form various shapes and forms from it.
  3. Juniper. The plant has needles of bluish shade, which is pleasant to the touch. That the fence was strong it is important to use saplings not less than 5 summer age.

To grow a fence, especially a tall one, from conifers it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. In most cases, they are chosen in combination with other, fast-growing options.

Plants that are best not planted

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country

Among a fairly large assortment of shrubs and trees, there are those who should not be put on the list of "favorites" . So, some breeds will not be able to form a dense crown, which is very important for a hedge. These include lilac varietal. Its lower part will become bare every year. Despite the fact that viburnum is among the suitable options, due to improper care may very quickly die. Therefore, it is not suitable for gardening.

Often enough for the formation of a fence choose a wild rose. Only experienced gardeners know that its root system will grow in different directions. Because of this, in a few years the whole territory will be filled with root suckers. Another mistake would be a weigel shrub. It does not fit every climate, so you should familiarize yourself with its features.

These options should not be completely excluded. They can be an excellent option for the formation of a multi-tiered hedge.

Features of planting and caring for them

Fast-growing perennial hedge in the country

Carefully thought out and developed hedge planner is a guarantee of beauty for many years. Next, the markup is made. For accuracy, use:

  • tape measure;
  • cord;
  • pegs.

The depth of the grooves must be at least 40 cm. Also consider the number of rows: when forming one row, an area of ​​up to 60 cm is involved, for two rows - 1 m. Equally important is the width between bushes, which should be about 25 cm.

Despite the fact that many plants grow quickly, the optimal time for the formation of a hedge is 4 years. It is necessary to give shape to plants only in summer, thanks to this the fence will not go bald from below. With the right combination of plants, you can refuse to cut at all In this case, there will be a "creative mess."

If you plan to grow a hedge in several rows, you must use the square-nested method with offset.

It is quite simple to plan and create a fast-growing perennial hedge in your summer cottage. For this you need to choose the right plants. In order for the fence to be beautiful, it is necessary to especially care for it in the first 2 years. It is during this period that the root system is fixed.

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