Drywall Properties - Characteristics of Drywall Sheets

Probably everyone knows what drywall is. Flat sheets of this white material have been seen even by people who have absolutely nothing to do with construction.

Working with drywall is a pleasure, and the result after such work is simply amazing, if you know how to produce various designs with it. It is known that drywall allows you to create very complex elements. It is widely used for construction and repair purposes. Find items from this material can be in every home. GCR is more popular than fiberboard or particleboard.

The composition of drywall

Drywall Properties - Characteristics of Drywall Sheets Construction gypsum

The pros and cons of drywall are due to its composition . This material is made of plaster, enclosed on both sides in a cardboard, whence its name came. It is absolutely safe for health and environmentally friendly, and its smooth outer surface allows the use of this material in various decorative and finishing works.

Drywall Properties - Characteristics of Drywall Sheets Roller for plasterboard

Drywall Properties - Characteristics of Drywall Sheets Wall insulation using gypsum board Basic properties of drywall:

  1. Drywall contains natural material - gypsum. Because of this, he is able to control the microclimate in the apartment. If you trim the walls with it, you can not worry about the excess humidity in the room or the excessive dryness of the air.
  2. Drywall eliminates excess moisture. For this reason, it is often used for waterproofing and thermal insulation.
  3. This material can also serve as a sound absorber. True, in this quality it is better to use it together with mineral wool or polystyrene foam.
  4. Another good quality drywall is fire resistance. It can be used for fire protection. Of course, it is not as fire resistant as, for example, asbestos. However, there is such a type of GCR as GKLO.
  5. This is one of the lightest building materials. If we compare the weight of drywall constructions with similar constructions from other materials, the first ones will be about four times lighter. This is one of the most amazing properties of building materials.
  6. To work with drywall, you can not even stock up on complex tools. Because it is easily cut with the simplest knife. GKL - material for creative people.

Thermal insulation

Plasterboard sheets can be used to make the insulation in the house.

  1. First you need to install the batten on the walls.
  2. Then a layer of foam or mineral wool should be laid between the batten bars.
  3. On the outside, drywall sheets must be installed.

When installing insulation in rooms with a high risk of fire, the crate is made only from steel profiles.

How to bend drywall

Drywall Properties - Characteristics of Drywall Sheets Methods of deformation of sheets

If drywall is known to all then not everyone knows about one of its properties - about flexibility. At first glance, this material seems very tough and coarse. If you try to bend it, it can easily break. However, there is a special technology that allows you to create with this material rounded designs.

  1. In order to bend the drywall, you need a special roller with small needles. This roller must be held on the inner, non-face surface of the sheet. He punctured the cardboard and successfully reached the plaster.
  2. In the second stage, the punctured part of the drywall sheet should be wetted. The front part should remain dry. It is necessary to moisten the surface so that the plaster softens slightly.
  3. Now the leaf can be bent and give it various forms.

Of course, drywall is attached to rigid steel profiles, which also need to be bent. Metal, unfortunately, does not have the same properties as gypsum. He has to incise on both sides and bend.

Types of drywall

Drywall Properties - Characteristics of Drywall Sheets

Drywall has many varieties today.

With insulation

Such a material has a layer of expanded polystyrene on one side. This type of drywall is particularly well suited for indoor insulation. After all, it is known that polystyrene foam has heat-saving properties.


Drywall Properties - Characteristics of Drywall Sheets GVL sheets GVL stands for gypsum-fiber sheet. This type of drywall is widely used in construction today for the construction of partitions. It is also used in the redevelopment of apartments.

The distinctive feature of GVL is that such material has increased strength. By the way, it is more resistant to fire and water, because sheets GVL do not have a cardboard coating.


This is drywall, which is particularly resistant to fire. It is used both in construction and for the protection of important objects. For example, it is known as one of the best materials for use at sites with high fire risk.

GKL with vinyl coating

Drywall Properties - Characteristics of Drywall Sheets Drywall with vinyl coating

Drywall itself It is an excellent material for leveling walls and other surfaces. However, today an innovative material has appeared that allows it to be done even more effectively - vinyl-coated plasterboard. Panels of this type are easy to mount, and they have great strength.

Drywall with vinyl can be used for a variety of purposes, but its main purpose is decorative decoration.


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