Do-it-yourself board table - preparatory work, drawings (photo and video)

The board table can be made with your own hands. To do this, prepare a drawing and determine the size of the furniture. If a simple table is made, then its length (cm) should be equal to 120, height - 75, and width - 70.

Do-it-yourself board table - preparatory work, drawings (photo and video)

Table plan of planks.

Preparatory work

For the manufacture of furniture from planks with your own hands you will need the following materials (mm) and tools:

  • wood 4x140;
  • bars with a section of 40x60;
  • 4 screws of 10 cm;
  • grinding machine;
  • drills;
  • screwdriver.

Do-it-yourself board table - preparatory work, drawings (photo and video)

The drawing and dimensions of the wooden table details.

Pre-make the tabletop. To do this, use 5 boards of the desired size. They are attached to the bars with screws. The length of fasteners is chosen so that the tree is securely fixed to the supports. To make a table from a planed plain board, you will need to equip a gap of 3-4 mm (when assembling the table top). This technology helps with the care of furniture, preventing the accumulation of dirt in those places where the planks are adjacent to each other, forming the upper surface.

If the table is made by hand from a sheet piling, then the table top will be presented as a solid structure. From the last wood sheet pile (from the edge) is removed with a jigsaw. Future furniture is being processed. To make a wood table, you need to make legs. At one support 2 parts need to be connected in 1/2 wood. The material is marked by a certain technology. On DVP or plywood draw a rectangle. Its dimensions are calculated by the formula:

Ах600, where

А = 750 - b (tabletop thickness, in mm).

The next step involves placing a line along which you will need to cut a tree. Then make the details of the legs. Elements are customized and assembled with PVA glue and screws. To make a solid table with your own hands, you need to properly mount its supports. To do this, use furniture screws.

A stiffener is fixed between the legs with long screws. The ends of the table tops parallel bars. For their installation use nails. Fasteners hammer into the table with their own hands with a hammer. Pre-need bite off hats. The resulting structure is painted with stain or varnish.

The classic version

Do-it-yourself board table - preparatory work, drawings (photo and video)

Tools for making the table.

If you wish, you can make a classic table with your own hands. To do this, you will need the following materials (cm):

  • 4 bars 10x10;
  • board 10x2;
  • 4 boards 250x40 mm and 2 m long.

The manufacturing process begins with the manufacture of the table top. Pre-it give a rounded shape. The markings are performed using a gymnastic hoop. It is placed on the boards, tightly folded with respect to each other. The wood is trimmed with regard to the marking. This will require a jigsaw. Cleaning of parts made with sandpaper. The surface is ground and coated with stain. To assemble the structure with your own hands, you will need to buy fasteners (screws 4x60).

Wood is used for making the base (800 and 1600 mm wide). The material from which the table top will be arranged is laid on the floor. Mounted on top of the received box. The last construction needs to be centered. The inner contour is drawn in pencil. The box is dismantled. From the corner of the contour indent in 110 mm. In the resulting points are attached legs.

To ensure the integrity of the worktop, you will need to fix the boards to it (using glue and 4x45 galvanized self-tapping screws).

The box is mounted on the last structural member with a pre-made contour. Details are fixed with screws. The place where the furniture legs will be mounted is left free. The next stage involves laying the supports in the corners of the box. Apply glue and screws to fix them. The latter elements are screwed outside the structure. To make a strong and durable table with your own hands, the leg is placed in a corner with maximum density. The furniture is ready for use after the glue has completely dried.

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