Do-it-yourself balcony door installation

Balconies can be found in almost all high-rise buildings, and for a long time their happy owners have to deal with drafts. What they did not do to protect the apartment from the penetration of cold air into it, but the way out of this difficult situation was to replace the existing door with a new metal-plastic one. It so happened that the Slavs are accustomed to perform many of the work independently, so consider how the installation of a balcony door can be done with your own hands.

By reading the article, you will be able to understand whether you will be able to install a new door yourself.

Why metal doors

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation Plastic doors are installed

Metal-plastic doors and windows are very popular, and there is every reason for this. Consider its advantages:

  1. The plastic door to the balcony, provided that the installation is done correctly, a high level of tightness, so that the room is reliably protected from noise and cold.
  2. If you compare the cost, the plastic doors are much cheaper than wooden.
  3. Plastic door is convenient to use. It can be opened wide open or in the window mode.
  4. Long life.
  5. Attractive appearance.
  6. Metal-plastic does not swell and does not rot.
  7. You can choose the design, given the degree of noise insulation and protection from ultraviolet radiation. There are also several color solutions.
  8. The door can be not only rectangular, but also arched.
  9. Possibility to install a sliding structure.
  10. It is possible to install a two-floor or collective door.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks:

  1. The mechanism must be periodically lubricated, otherwise it will not work as well as at the beginning.
  2. The environmental friendliness of the material is not at the highest level. In addition, with intensive heating of polyvinyl chloride (the material from which it is made), it becomes a toxic material. For this reason, metal-plastic products are not recommended for use in those regions where they will be very hot.

How to order a door?

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation Managers

Can I just go to the store and buy a finished door? Some companies sell finished products for standard openings of prefabricated houses, but in most cases the approach is individual, since many nuances are taken into account.

In order for the door to be properly made and it could be installed without problems, it is necessary to correctly measure the door and window openings. If you are not confident in your abilities, then a company representative can do this. Most often this is done for free, but you need to clarify, so as not to be misled.

When choosing a door, you need to take into account that when a balcony is not warmed, the profile must be multi-chamber, and the double-glazed window must be at least two-chamber. It is clear that the cost will be higher, but also the insulating properties are higher.

Where to start

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation Difficult question

If the balcony is not glazed, then to replace the door is better to wait for the warm season. However, it is important to know that the cold glazing of the balcony will not retain heat inside the room.

In order to do all the work as quickly as possible, you need to invite a representative of the company that will collect the balcony door, he will take measurements, and they will start making a balcony block or just a door (depending on what change). Only when the product is ready, or on the eve of its delivery, you can proceed to dismantle.

Basically, the balcony door changes with the window, so we will consider just such an option of dismantling the old and installing the new design.

Dismantling doors and windows

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation Dismantling

Old doors and windows most often they are simply thrown away, since for many they have no value.

If you plan to use the removed window with the door somewhere else, then you will have to dismantle them carefully, which will require more time and effort.

To do the job you will need a certain tool.

For dismantling:

  • scrap or mount;
  • hammer;
  • Bulgarian with a disc on wood (metal with teeth).

For mounting a new door:

  • hammer drill or punch;
  • building level;
  • mounting foam;
  • construction knife;
  • anchor plates;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • dowels.

The action algorithm will be as follows:

  • The door and window are removed from the hinges.
  • The grinder cuts the frames.
  • The cut parts of the frame are removed using scrap.
  • All rubbish is removed and the seat is thoroughly cleaned.

When dismantling the frames, it is important to try not to damage the opening itself.

Installation of the balcony door

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation

And here in the apartment is a window block, or more precisely, frames, double-glazed windows and a connecting strip.Even before the installation, you need to connect between each other 2 (and sometimes 3, when the door is in the middle between the windows) of the frame - window and door.

Now we will consider how to install a plastic balcony door.

  • Some companies deliver plastic balcony doors fully assembled, others bring unassembled. If you brought a product with installed glass packs, then they need to be removed, for which you first need to dismantle beadings.
  • Many people leave a high balcony threshold made by builders. If it is dismantled, then you need to remove the installation profile, which is under the frame of the door frame.
  • Frame windows and door frames are joined using a connecting profile. As the insulating material used mounting foam, which the height of the window is applied to the door frame. A mounting bracket is installed on top and is screwed with screws. Then use the foam again when connecting to the window.
  • The manufacturer recommends mounting the frame with anchor plates (made specifically for the acquired profile), which should be started to be fixed at a distance of 15 cm from the edge of the box, with a subsequent interval of 50 centimeters or more.

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation Installation of the anchor plate

  • The assembled window block is installed on the prepared one the place is leveled by level and fixed with wedges made of wooden bars.
  • The free part of the anchor plate is bent in the direction of the slope and secured with a dowel.

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation Zapenya

  • Now the voids between the wall and the profile must be blown out with foam. Do not rush to do it in one pass. It is better to start small - try to place a little foam in the center. After it dries, foam is reapplied from inside and outside, and then it will be necessary to cut off the excess. The advantage of this technology of applying foam is that its central part remains intact and will not leak moisture, in contrast to the cut.
  • It is necessary to make a threshold (if necessary), and door slopes. Both door and window slopes can be plastered or made from sandwich panels.
  • The installed door and window need adjustment. This work can be done independently. Also, having the desire, you can put a mosquito net on the door or window.

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation Installing the double-glazed window

  • It remains to put the double-glazed windows in place, securing them removed earlier shtapikami.

If it is cold outside, you can install double-glazed windows immediately after the unit is installed.

Sliding balcony door

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation

Most of the sliding doors will not be able to protect the room from the penetration of cold air from the street, so if the balcony is not insulated, choosing a design, you need to pay attention to it.

Sliding balcony doors are manufactured by several manufacturers, and therefore their mechanism, and therefore installation technology, may differ. Let's look at their variations.

  1. Glass frameless sliding doors. This design has no frame and is made of tempered glass. This is more a design decision than a door, in the usual sense of the word. Only suitable for installation on a warmed balcony.
  2. Parallel sliding doors. The flaps are able to release almost the entire opening, since their movement occurs along parallel guides.
  3. Door "accordion". It is designed for installation in large openings, as it simply folds.
  4. Lifting-sliding mechanism. It is enough to turn the knob and the sash will rise, and silently move on the rail to the side.
  5. Inclined sliding doors. Having an impressive weight, the door moves freely along the guides. The mechanism is controlled by turning the knob. The door leans back and moves to the side, and the sash can be installed in a folding position, if it becomes necessary to ventilate the room. This door is suitable for installation in an apartment with a cold balcony.

Do-it-yourself balcony door installation Sliding Door

The manufacturer provides a guarantee on such doors only if the installation performed by a specialist who is entrusted with it. If installation is done by yourself, you should not count on warranty repairs. Moreover, given the complexity of installation and adjustment of the mechanism, it is better to provide an opportunity for installation to an expert who is trained to perform similar work and has considerable experience.


Watch the video about the correct installation of the balcony unit:

How to disassemble the old door will help to understand this video:


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