design features (photo and video)

The ceiling in a wooden house can be made with your own hands. House made of wood refers to a warm and comfortable buildings with high thermal insulation properties. Arrangement of the ceiling structure does not provide for the formation of gaps and gaps.

design features (photo and video)

The scheme of wood floors and ceiling insulation.

Design features

To reliably insulate the ceiling, beams and modern floors are used, which have the appropriate properties. The weight of the considered elements is insignificant. Components are attached to the beams. Between the supports stack insulation. From the bottom of the last material, a draft ceiling covering is installed, and from above - a storey or garret floor.

For the manufacture of the first element used boards, the parameters of which are less than the span between the supports. Cranial bars are nailed to the lower section of the beams (on the sides). They put the boards of the future coverage. Draft ceiling in a wooden house is ready for finishing. Pre-wood treated with a special antiseptic.

The next stage involves the laying of insulation, presented in the form of sheet or roll material from mineral fiber. Pre-accounted for its fire safety ("A" class), environmental friendliness, low weight.

design features (photo and video)

Vapor barrier of a wooden ceiling.

When performing insulation works, the thickness of the insulation material is calculated taking into account the climatic conditions of the region. High and low ceilings in a wooden house need waterproofing. Its task is to prevent the formation of condensate. Experts recommend to insulate interfloor overlap and attic space. The house of wood has low sound insulation. Therefore, when choosing insulation take into account the sound insulation properties of the material.

The wooden house provides for sound insulation of the ceiling structure: this is a system of mats or slabs, the thickness of which should exceed 10 cm. The next step involves the construction of the vapor barrier. Its task is to prevent the heater from getting wet. The vapor barrier is fastened with a 10 cm overlap. The joints are fixed with adhesive tape. When conducting vapor barrier works, one should distinguish between the front and back sides of the material. Insulation on top cover waterproofing membrane. Construction sheathed boards. The gap between the roof and the ceiling forms an air cushion. It prevents heat loss and condensation.

Finishing work

Designers recommend making the ceiling in a wooden house in such a way as to preserve the ability of the tree to breathe. When carrying out finishing works, the aesthetics of wood and the interior of the house are taken into account. In the building in question, traditional ventilation is not settled, since the tree is able to independently regulate temperature fluctuations, including humidity.

You can not upholster the walls and ceiling of a wooden fiberboard house, then painting them with oil paint.

In this case, the tree will start to rot.

design features (photo and video)

Tools for mounting a wooden ceiling: screwdrivers, saw, plane, pliers, hammer, chisel.

It is recommended to carry out the finishing work of the structure under consideration with the help of solid wood slabs, veneered panels, and wooden lining. To decorate the relief ceiling with a carved insert in its center you will need to install a crate. Bars (up to 15 cm) can be hemmed to the previous design or to the draft ceiling. The carved part is settled due to a combination of thread and corresponding linings.

To make the room brighter and higher, equip a white and even ceiling. To do this, use various methods of finishing. The fastest way is to install drywall. This design will hide all communications and bumps. If desired, set up a multi-layered cake. This construction has its advantages:

  • aesthetics;
  • high thermal insulation;
  • fast puttying;
  • the ability to install the backlight;
  • providing a natural microclimate;
  • the ability to make any design;
  • fast coloring.

For finishing work, a level, a tape measure, drywall, a screwdriver, and self-tapping screws will be required. Initially, they fix the profile suspended structure (made of metal). To the crate screwed drywall screws. The joints are sealed with a special putty. Original look dark beams on a white background. Repair of the ceiling is made quickly. The plate is easily replaced, and at the same time it is not required to dismantle the next panels.

If you wish, you can trim the ceiling in a wooden house with the help of PVC tension construction. Its installation will require special equipment and professionalism. Experts do not recommend to perform finishing work with plastic elements.This is due to the violation of air exchange, which can lead to the gradual destruction of wood. In summer, plastic panels form air traps that prevent normal breathing in the house.

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