What to do if the door is twisted

A door that unexpectedly stopped easily and without the slightest resistance to let you into a house or room is not a pleasant surprise. And in such a situation, you should not rely on the Russian "maybe", hoping that this construction will "come to its senses" and return to its original state. It is much easier and safer for you personally to figure out what to do if the door is bent and to make the chosen decision a reality, that is, to adjust this very door.

Causes of door skew

What to do if the door is twisted Wood swelling

If the door is wooden, then the cause the bias was most likely the effect of moisture. Water, hitting the thickness of the door, made it swell, and as a result, the door began to "cling" to the door frame.

A heavy wooden door can also be twisted due to improper hinges for it. Remember that solid wooden doors (which you could hardly tear off the floor before hanging them in the doorway) should be hung up on three, not on two hinges.

But metal doors are not deformed by the action of water. But they can also skew, if the loops for their weight were chosen incorrectly. Another reason why a metal door may be skewed is the wrong initial installation.

In addition, both wooden doors and metal doors may be skewed due to a broken doorway geometry. This often occurs in new homes, which are still continuing shrinkage of structures.

The bias due to door hinges

What to do if the door is twisted Incorrectly selected hinges

If the cause skewing, in your opinion, was the wrong number of door hinges (or using hinges made of softer material than necessary) can be taken in two ways:

  • first, just replace the hinges with more powerful ones;
  • second, add the third (and if necessary, the fourth) loop.

What to do if the door is twisted Door hinges without frame

Now you can find door stores in hardware stores hinges that do not require a tie-in either in the door leaf or in the box. Therefore, they can be installed in place without even removing the door leaf from the hinges (just do not forget to first correct the position of the door before screwing new hinges on it).

Perhaps a small washer, planted in the middle of the door hinge, can also solve the problem. It will raise the entire door leaf by 1-2 millimeters (depending on its thickness) and the problem will be solved.

Changing the geometry of the doorway

What to do if the door is twisted Replacing the door frame

In this case, the probability that the door alone will cease to cling to the bottom or top of the door frame still exists. However, while this happens, the door leaf can be badly damaged.

Before you make the final decision to outweigh the door, to undermine it (this is when it comes to wooden doors) or to leave everything without touching - pay attention to the gap between the door leaf and the box. If they have become very noticeable, it is better to move the door. Do not forget to keep track of whether the right angle between the horizontal and vertical elements of the door frame has been preserved. If the bias has become strong, you will have to change the door frame. You can also try simply rearranging the old doorframe if you can remove it carefully.

Swollen door

What to do if the door is twisted Re-hanging the door

If the wooden door has absorbed water and swollen, you should not hope that when it dries, it will return to its previous form. Most often, after the impact of water begins the process of warping, and the door will still not ideally close. In this situation, you can also choose one of three solutions:

  • for now, leave everything as it is in the hope that the door will “come to its senses”;
  • replace the door leaf;
  • replace the door frame.

However, first of all, you need to eliminate the reason why water got so close to your door. When it comes to doors inside an apartment or house, the reason usually lies in poorly functioning ventilation. The bathroom door most often suffers from moisture, so be sure to check if a piece of paper is attracted to the ventilation grill located there with one open window in the apartment. If there is no traction, then the question of ventilation will have to be addressed closely.

Most often, poor ventilation occurs in houses and apartments in which new plastic windows have been installed. The absence of cracks, for which the old wooden windows were "famous", led to the fact that the air from the street comes into the apartment only when the window is open. And since in the winter the windows open rarely, then the ventilation in the kitchen (if there is no electric extractor) and in the bathrooms stops working.To solve this problem, it is recommended to install exhaust valves on all windows (or just keep one vent window ajar).

What to do if the door is twisted Visor over the entrance door

If the entrance wooden door was damaged by water, you will have to do Above it is a visor (and if it is, then expand it so that during the rain the drops do not fall on the door leaf). It is also recommended to cover the wooden door in several layers with protective compounds for wood (from all sides, each time waiting for their full absorption).


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