Balusters wooden flat do it yourself from the board

Balusters are round and flat, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Anybody can make wooden flat balusters with their own hands if there is a sufficient amount of wood, and bulky machines are no longer required.

Balusters wooden flat do it yourself from the board

Kinds of wooden balusters.

Complete workflow

The main charm of this work is the ability to form any patterns, and the outline of the pattern can be formed not only with the help of wood, but also voids.

Balusters wooden flat do it yourself from the board

Balusin fastening to the string.

To complete the task, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • paper;
  • marker;
  • tape measure;
  • jigsaw;
  • edged board 20 * 150;
  • antiseptic;
  • varnish;
  • brush;
  • sandpaper.

At the very beginning, on a large sheet of paper, the outline of the future product is drawn with a marker, and at the moment you can draw a drawing for several boards at once, which will go in a certain cycle. When performing a drawing, it is necessary to monitor compliance with the physical dimensions of the board used for the balusters. The contour is cut, after which it is advisable to make a duplicate, if the work is long enough.

Balusters wooden flat do it yourself from the board

Baluster manufacturing scheme.

The paper template is superimposed on the edging board and immediately surrounded by a marker along the entire perimeter. Do not be afraid to make tolerances or make a little mistake, and then fix it, because the marker will eventually be overwritten. When translating a picture, you do not need to hurry in order not to make mistakes.

Now the simplest, but the noisiest step - cutting with an electric jigsaw. The whole process is quite fast and interesting, but one should not forget about accuracy. Sometimes during cutting you may stumble on knots, because of which the work slows down a bit, but in any case you need to go through them.

When the baluster is finally cut, you need to sand it with a sander (one-handed) or use a sandpaper zero. Sandpaper in this case is much preferable, since there will be abrupt changes of contours, and with this, it is almost impossible to penetrate into some places at all. In those places where marks are marked with a marker, you will most likely have to remove 2-3 mm to remove all traces, but this is quite normal and will not affect the final quality.

Balusters wooden flat do it yourself from the board

Fastening the balusters with self-tapping screws.

The resulting structure must be covered with an antiseptic solution against insects and moisture, since the product will most likely be in fresh air, where there is enough of this good.

After the antiseptic has dried completely, you can begin working with varnish. The usual varnish for wood cannot be used, therefore a special case that perfectly tolerates temperature drops comes into play.

After you have managed to cover the wood, you need to leave it for 36 hours for complete drying. After 6-7 hours, it will no longer stick to your fingers, but the harmful fumes will still remain, which is why you should not even try to rush the process.

Summing up

Anyone can make a wooden baluster with his own hands, but you need to remember about safety. Untreated wood can easily skew when working hands, while electric jigsaws burst. These and many other reasons compel us to use gloves and even some light protection for the chest, neck and eyes.

A special value in this type of work is the ability to make parts of a specific size with a specific pattern.

You can depict animals, and with a well-stuffed hand, you can even make a portrait, but a much larger set of materials is used here.

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