Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo

With the help of drywall, you can make not only the alignment of walls, but also excellent sound and heat insulation. This material is not only quite economical, but also easy to use. Therefore, it is often recommended for various finishing works.

Choice of plasterboard

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo What happens to drywall Drywall sheets have several varieties. Wall leveling with drywall in the kitchen, for example, can be done with materials that are highly resistant to moisture. As for rooms with low humidity, then come the standard variety.

Drywall can be used in rooms with high humidity and in rooms where there is a high risk of fire.

On the places where there is a high risk of ignition, it is worth saying separately. With the help of drywall you can reliably protect the room, because it practically does not burn. However, if the probability of ignition is really high, then you can choose a type of GCR, which is not at all exposed to fire.

Preliminary work

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo What is needed for fastening

Before you begin finish the walls, it is necessary to do a number of preliminary works. First, the owner of the apartment should think about the load he expects to give on the walls.

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo A hole in the wall If you plan to place something really heavy on one of the walls, then you will have to install additional material over the drywall, otherwise the wall just won't stand it. Being a multifunctional product is easy to use, GCR, however, is quite fragile.

Do not hang heavy objects on a wall lined with plasterboard, they will collapse under their weight.

Before installing plasterboard sheets, they must, of course, be purchased together with other materials. You also need to prepare the appropriate tool. The landlord must calculate how many sheets of material will be required for finishing. Also, he will need screws, plumb and level. Cutting sheets requires a knife or other suitable tool.

GCR assembly

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo Installation

Installation of gypsum cardboard begins with measuring and marking works and frame installation. First you need to measure on the ceiling 4 cm from the wall and install the screw in this place. From the screw it is necessary to pull down the thread with the weighting agent to determine the point where the second screw should be installed. When the first straight line is ready, a similar work must be done on the other walls. Thus, a markup is created for the future framework. Between the screws on the ceiling and floor, too, need to stretch the thread. Then on the marks left by the threads, you should install the guides.

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo Profile and direct suspension

To assure the framework, all that remains is to attach to the rack rails. After that, you need to stop and think about a few more things. If the master wants to make insulation in the house, then at this stage it is just the right time to decide whether he will do it or not. Because the insulation materials are laid under sheets of drywall between the racks.

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo Warming

Leveling the walls with drywall allows us to solve two problems: the actual leveling of the walls and heat -, soundproofing.

  1. When the frame is ready, it needs to be installed as it should. Racks are fastened to the wall with screws and special bars.
  2. Installing drywall is usually easy. This is a very soft and malleable material, which, if desired, can even be given any shape.
  3. Separately, it should be said about possible obstacles in work. In most apartments, the walls are not so smooth. There are various sockets, switches, and pipes in them. Such elements can be quickly sheathed using the same drywall. And the finish will look very aesthetic.

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo


The process of installing drywall is covered in detail in the following two videos:

You can also watch the additional video Video about the installation of drywall with your own hands in our video section.

A box made of plasterboard

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo A box made of plasterboard If there are complex elements in the room, such as pipes, then they can be hidden without disturbing the finish walls. It will simply be necessary to make the frame itself somewhat more complicated, because the master will need to sheathe the protruding elements using a box. The box is made simple, and theoretically it can even be installed before the process of leveling the walls begins.

A drywall box is the best way to mask pipes.

Before proceeding with the manipulation of drywall in such places, a number of works must be done. Pipes must be painted. If there are holes in the ceiling and floor, they are buried. This reduces the likelihood that one day the structure will flow and require repair.By the way, a separate box for such elements has its advantages. In the event that a leak does occur, the apartment owner will only need to remove part of the box, without affecting the overall wall cladding.

For plating, profiles and hangers will be required. Of great importance here is the stiffness of the profiles. We must buy those that are not too soft and not too hard. Two profiles must be reinforced on the sides of the pipe. The corner tube can be hidden with three supports.

To work, you will need special mounts, with which you can install the third (and fourth) profile. Such devices can be found in any hardware store. Suspensions are most often made from ordinary scraps. Installation of sheets HL is the same as when installing them on the wall. First, the sheets are measured.

After that, the required amount of drywall is cut with a knife. Further, the sheet is fastened with screws. Remember to align the design of the box.

In the absence of alignment, the box will be curved.

Thermal insulation with GKL

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo Thermal insulation

Gypsum plasterboards are often used for thermal insulation. Drywall breathes and passes air, and this is a very important quality. It has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the room. In addition, FCL can protect the apartment from the devastating effects of a fire. Some varieties of this material are even able to almost completely delay the fire. Moreover, the main properties of GKL in such sheets remain.

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo Drywall is just an outer sheath for insulation. With it, mask, for example, foam and mineral wool. The choice of the insulating material depends largely on the desire. It is only necessary to remember that the insulation, which is mounted in a residential area, must be absolutely environmentally friendly and have a low level of exposure to fire.

While working with plasterboard walls, the insulation is placed between the frame pillars. It can be additionally fixed, and then hidden under a layer of GCR. After finishing, no one will even guess that the apartment is insulated. True, plasterboard finishing has one drawback. Most often, it is required to be installed not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling. At the same time the room loses a part of its volume, and the ceiling becomes slightly lower. In apartments with low ceilings and in small rooms, this method is not suitable.

Figured designs from GCR

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo Figured designs

Align the walls with drywall do-it-yourself + photo Ceiling from plasterboard Drywall can be used not only for the works described above, but also for creating figured decorative structures. Not every master knows that this material can be bent and even give it an interesting shape, just by wetting it. Of course, there is always the risk of damaging the sheet and breaking it. However, if you act carefully, you can create these masterpieces. There are even special exhibitions in the world dedicated to works from the GCR.

In order to decorate the house, it is not necessary to master at once all the intricacies of such work. It is enough to master several techniques, and then expand your arsenal of knowledge gradually. Many complex works of drywall appeared due to the fact that there are flexible profiles. Light drywall does not deform them.

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