Wooden house do it yourself: recommendations

Today, more and more residents are eager for nature, for this they buy land outside the city or ready-made houses. Alas, it is not always possible to find a house that is to your liking. To translate your fantasies easier to construct and build a house yourself. Wood houses are very popular, they have a lot of advantages. Why not have the courage to build a wooden house with your own hands?

Wooden house do it yourself: recommendations

Scheme of a wooden house.

Characteristics of wood as a building material

A number of questions arise for owners of sites who want to start building their dream home. The main ones are:

  1. What to build?
  2. What plan to choose?

Of course, each type of housing has its own qualities. One cannot definitely say that any particular material is ideal for all regions and buildings. However, wooden houses proved their durability and practicality not for years, but for centuries. Brick is also durable, you say. And you will be right, but is it worth running away from the metropolis to surround yourself with the same walls from which it is so stuffy and crowded in the city?

Besides, building a house of brick or other material is more expensive, more difficult and longer, Here you can build a wooden house yourself. What are the advantages of wooden houses:

Wooden house do it yourself: recommendations

Table of materials for building a house.

  • natural;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • high-strength material;
  • wood is quite elastic;
  • the weight of this material small;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • ease of installation;
  • creating a special indoor microclimate;
  • no the need for additional finishing.

Perhaps from the entire list it is possible to single out a few basic points that interrupt the qualities of other materials. Firstly, the lower the thermal conductivity of the material, the better is the heat stored inside the house, and this means that even in the northern regions the wooden house will not be cold.

Secondly, the tree by nature has its own unique pattern, that is, additional finishing is not required, not only inside or outside, although there is a possibility. Thirdly, only the tree is able to create an amazing indoor climate.

With all the tremendous list of advantages, a tree has several drawbacks:

  • is prone to decay;
  • in conditions of high humidity deformation is possible;
  • fire safety cannot be called sufficient;
  • sometimes has defects in the structure.

Wooden house do it yourself: recommendations

Tools for building a wooden house.

All minuses can be easily turned into advantages, if you prepare the material correctly. From all defects, you can simply treat the tree with special solutions. Their choice today is huge, so there should be no problems. Handle and be calm.

As for the tool, this is:

  • hammer;
  • ax;
  • levels;
  • chainsaw;
  • screwdriver (you can have several);
  • roulettes;
  • punch;
  • electric drill;
  • rollers and brushes (for example, for impregnation);
  • pencil and others.

How to start building?

As soon as you decide on the material for building your future home, the following question arises: where to start building? You need to choose a project that fits your needs. To do this, you can contact the professionals, and you can create your own project home dream. In fact, there is nothing difficult in designing. Everyone remembers drawing lessons at school? Take the sheet and scale the house.

You can ask for help from the Internet: on its expanses you can find ready-made house projects or install a special program with which you can make a drawing. Another option is to look at a few houses with different layouts and choose for yourself something as close as possible to your desires.

Wooden house do it yourself: recommendations

Screw pile foundation for a wooden house.

The next step is to determine the place for future construction. There are certain ones. conditions under which there are restrictions on the distance from the house to the road, the fence, and so on. Refer to the appropriate structure for details.

The project that you create will be the construction plan. It is for this reason that it is important to have a final layout plan so that in the course of construction no changes are made, besides, the calculation of materials should be made on the basis of the project. All changes made to the layout will make changes in the calculations.

An important aspect in the construction business is budget constraints. If, according to calculations, you understand that there is not enough money for all your ideas, you need to decide where you can cut costs, save on what. Here it is important to remember the main rule of construction: in no case can one save money on materials.It is better to reduce the size of the house by several squares than to buy low-quality building materials. Over time, you will be able to attach the missing squares to the house, but you will no longer have the opportunity to improve the material.

If your list of expenses is a huge part of the cost of renting workers, then think about the possibility to build a wooden house with your own hands. There are no particular difficulties here, it is enough to have a clear idea of ​​the nature of the work.

Variants and features of construction

There are 2 main ways you can go to build a wooden house:

  1. Hire a construction company.
  2. To be engaged in construction independently.

Wooden house do it yourself: recommendations

Assembly scheme for the walls of a frame house.

The first option is faster, the second is longer, but much cheaper. The advantages of self-construction are obvious: it is cheaper and you will invest a piece of your soul in the house. You will be able to work when you have time, and if you have a couple of assistants, then you should not doubt it.

Today you can find a lot of information on how to build a wooden house, you can even get advice from professional builders. For example, if you can not decide on the choice of material, the location of the house or do not know how to make the foundation, get advice from a specialist. Of course, you will have to pay for the service, but it’s still cheaper than hiring workers.

What construction methods are available?

  1. A simple way is to purchase a ready-made version from a factory that produces log houses (or order it according to your own project). You assemble a house on the spot as a constructor.
  2. A more complicated way for those who are confident of success and have an idea of ​​how to build a wooden house. This option involves the fitting and creation of sawdust for laying bars one by one.

Installation of a wooden house: recommendations

The construction of wooden houses (like everyone else) begins with the creation of a foundation. If in doubt, consult with knowledgeable people - which type is appropriate for your area. It is important to treat the building material with an antiseptic solution.

Then you can install the strapping ring. As a rule, in the construction of a log house, beams with dimensions of either 10x15 or 15x15 cm are used. When installing a crown, it is joined at the corners and fastened with dowels. Nagel is a type of fastening that is used in joining bars. It is important to remember: it is necessary to make a hole in 3 beams, you need to drive nogs without effort. They put dug-ups in staggered order at a distance of 30-40 cm. Dugs made of oak and birch perfectly proved themselves.

As soon as the crown is laid, you can start laying the timber. It is necessary to connect timber in a similar way in a half-tree, it will be the floor of the future log house. Laying rules: start at a narrow end, step is a maximum of 0.7 m, then you need to lay the seal and then alternate the bars with the seal. If you laid the floor in 0.7 m steps, you will need a floor board of 40 mm. At a step of 0.4 m - the board is 30 mm.

If you do not plan to sheathe the house in the future, then you need to perform chamfers ranging from 10x10 to 20x20 mm. Chamfers are needed in order to improve the outflow of water on the upper edge.

Hemp, tow, felt or moss will work as a seal.

You can apply modern materials. For example, jute canvas in rolls.

The height of the 1st floor is usually within 2.4–3 m. Determine the optimum height of the ceilings. Then you need to mount the attic, the floor of the next floor or attic according to your preference. Installation of the roof does not cause difficulties, you only need to decide on the location: one, dvukhskatnaya and so on.

Do not forget about safety: wear special clothes and shoes on non-slip soles when building at height. Building a house with your own hands is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Examine the materials, watch the video if necessary, and boldly get to work. The main thing is to have a house plan in front of your eyes, make the correct markup and believe in your own strength.


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