Wooden double-glazed windows do it yourself: making and assembling a structure

PVC windows today can be found in almost every apartment, private house. Installing them, the owners are trying to protect themselves from noise, to give housing an aesthetic look. However, many of them do not think that along with the advantages of these windows have a disadvantage. They do not breathe, which leads to a greenhouse effect in the room. This drawback has no wooden windows.

Wooden double-glazed windows do it yourself: making and assembling a structure

Wooden windows allow the room to breathe and do not lead to a greenhouse effect.

A tree does not just breathe, it can create a special microclimate in a room and, thanks to its structure, maintain it. Modern manufactures produce wooden windows of various wood species, of different shapes and colors. However, wooden windows with their own hands make quite possible. This requires skill and patience.

Materials and tools

Wooden double-glazed windows do it yourself: making and assembling a structure

To make windows faster and better you need power tools for wood.

To make wooden double-glazed windows, oak, pine, ash, birch wood is used. The oak frame will be the most durable, but it is difficult to work with this wood because of its hardness. In this case, it can later give any shade. Any selected wood for the manufacture of windows should be thoroughly dried to avoid distortions of the already finished installed window. When drying, the frame may crack, arch. These deformations can lead to the need to replace the window, it is unlikely that it can be repaired. And this is an additional cost.

In addition to solid wood for windows, glued laminated timber can be used as a starting material. It is made by gluing individual thin lamellae with special glue. Such a timber is not subject to deformation and does not require additional time for drying.

To significantly speed up the work and facilitate its power tools:

  • plane;
  • circular saw;
  • jigsaw.

Of course, in their absence, you can do with hand tools: a chisel, a hacksaw. It is preferable to use good electric tools for making wooden windows with your own hands, which allow you to perform a quality fit of the grooves.

Wooden double-glazed windows do it yourself: making and assembling a structure

View and general window layout.

Therefore, for the manufacture of windows it is necessary to take quality material and an excellent tool.

Also don’t forget about:

  • roulette;
  • chisel;
  • level.

Making the frame: features

Before starting the work, it is necessary to make window openings. This can be done with the help of roulette. It should be noted that if wooden windows are made for a private building, the size of the windows can be completely different. But even the windows in a standard apartment may differ slightly in size. Therefore, regardless of the structure, measurements must be made at each window opening.

Wooden double-glazed windows do it yourself: making and assembling a structure

Triple-glazed windows retain more heat in the house.

The bars of the window frame are interconnected by the thorn-groove method. This is the most dense compound that will last for a long time. To perform it, a groove is drilled on the vertical side of the frame, and a spike is cut on the horizontal side. The depth of the groove corresponds to the width of the bar.

As a mark of the required size, you can make a shallow cut with a hacksaw. From the end, an electric jigsaw is cut and wood is removed. With the help of a caliper is determined by the axial line of the groove - the center of the bar. A hole is drilled on this line with a drill and a drill for working with wood. After marking the shape of the groove, it is cut with an electric jigsaw. By the same principle, 4 slots are made.

Next, on the bars, which will be the horizontal part of the frame, it is necessary to perform a tenon. The thickness of the spike should be slightly larger than the width of the groove, for a more tight connection and precise fit of parts during assembly. All markings must be performed with a caliper. For a spike from the center line of the bar, measure the width of the spike and cut out the spike with an electric jigsaw or use a saw and chisel. The surface of the spike, which will border the bottom of the groove, must be rounded with a chisel.

In addition, you need to cut through the grooves for glass.

The most acceptable dimensions are slots 10 mm high and 14 mm wide.

After the preparatory work has been completed, you can proceed to assembling the frame of the future window. Additional strength of the connection will give the application of glue at the joints. Excess glue must be removed before it is completely set.

Glass cutting: practical recommendations

Wooden double-glazed windows do it yourself: making and assembling a structure

Profile profile with one and two glasses.

Glass, before cutting, should be carefully marked out. The size must exactly match the size of the frame. The error is not permissible even in 1 mm.

For cutting glass, several rules must be observed:

  • wear gloves and safety glasses;
  • clean, wipe dry the glass;
  • apply a thin layer of oil on the surface of the glass before cutting;
  • the cut itself should be done with one sure movement.

The notch will be of sufficient depth if, when pressing the glass with a glass cutting tool, a characteristic creaking sound is heard. After making the incision, the glass is shifted to the edge of the surface on which the cutting is performed, and after pressing, the cut part of the glass will break away.

The edges of the finished glass must be treated with sandpaper.

Wooden double-glazed windows: assembling the construction

Wooden double-glazed windows do it yourself: making and assembling a structure

Glass cutting should be done using dry, clean glass, the cut is done in one motion.

First you need to try on and fit. To do this, insert the glass into the frame, view and make minor adjustments if necessary. The glass is removed from the frame and layed sealant. Then the glass is again placed in the frame and fixed with a bead. After that, by the same principle, insert the second and, if present, the third glass.

In industrial production, a material with a large number of fine pores is used as a dehumidifier. The task of the molecular sieve is to absorb moisture from air or gas that is inside the window between the panes. To do this, use silica gel in granules. However, granular silica gel can be purchased in stores. This material is placed between the panes.

The window inside itself is filled with air, since in the manufacture of a wooden glass unit, it is impossible to fill the window itself with gas, as in industrial production. However, with a compressor, the space between the panes can be filled with dry air.

After that, the window can be painted or given the desired tone with the help of stain. After drying, it can be varnished, which will protect the wooden glass from moisture penetration. Most often, varnish is opened several times.

Twist handles that fit the style of the room. Special recesses for fastening the closing mechanism in the sash are cut out in advance.

If this has not been done or its size does not correspond to the fastening, then a recess is carefully made with a chisel. In this case, the frame itself in no case should not be damaged. Wooden double-glazed window, made by hand, can be placed in the window box.

Useful tips

When using a jigsaw it is better to take a small file for it, then the edge will be even, without chipping.

If necessary, a rubber seal can be attached to the outside of the window, which will allow the window to close more tightly.

Surplus sealant, putty, which is used in the process of how to install a glass unit, should be removed carefully immediately after their detection. Otherwise, after their freezing, this will be very problematic.

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