Wooden arbor designs: inexpensive garden designs

Today, not a single landscape improvement project near a house territory is complete without the construction of a wooden arbor. Light structures are in perfect harmony with the natural environment, creating the impression of unity of the whole.

Wooden arbor designs: inexpensive garden designs

For a gazebo from a log or a bar, you need to prepare a solid base, the foundation made of concrete pillars is perfect.

Rest in a wooden building is pleasant and useful. Such arbors from a tree look very presentable, but at the same time - cozy. The tree is not devoid of healing properties, which was well known in ancient times. Favorable microclimate helps fight asthma, hypertension and migraines.

Moreover, the construction of different structures can differ dramatically. Below we will consider the features of the structure of various versions of arbors from natural wood.

Design features of arbors at the base with frame

Frame light structures characterize the distinction between the functions of different parts of the structure. Made of metal or wood made frame is responsible for taking on the loads from all parts of the gazebo. The walls have the function of the facade, which is solely responsible for its own weight. Therefore, the construction of fences is possible from various unfettered materials.

The frame technology makes it possible to build gazebos that weigh very little. That is why it is possible to build a lightweight foundation for them - columnar or pile. This allows both work and installation process to be significantly reduced in time.

Wooden arbor designs: inexpensive garden designs

Armature device frame design.

The scheme or drawing of the arbor frame is a rigidly bonded composition of the uprights, the top and bottom straps, as well as braces that reinforce the rigidity of the structure. When structures of this kind are left unclosed, no plating is provided for them outside. Structures on the basis of frames in installation are quite simple, but accuracy and accuracy in the assembly is still needed.

The disadvantages of frame technology are a relatively short period of existence. But if you follow the requirements of installation and provide for measures to protect them, the arbor on the basis of the frame will stand for more than one decade.

In most cases, such buildings are made of wood. A material for the frame is glued or profiled beam. When the frame involves a metal version, then a channel or shaped pipes will fit for it. Corners used for the manufacture of braces. Installation of metal structures involves the use of electric welding.

Pergola constructions made of logs

The material for this type of structure is most often rounded logs. The technology of their production involves the removal of several layers of the outer part of the wood. This is how a finished log is formed: from the strongest and densest middle.

The joints fit together thoroughly so that the connection between the elements is very tight. The construction of a gazebo of logs does not pose any particular problems.

Foundation with a frame for a log arbor

Wooden arbor designs: inexpensive garden designs

Device layout for a concrete foundation.

The log structure has a very impressive weight. Consequently, the foundation of a lightweight type for it does not get off, a slightly different approach is needed here. A reliable foundation can also be a ribbon one, however, we will consider an option made of concrete pillars, which is also suitable.

In the gaps between the columns throughout the entire perimeter lay a brick bore to connect the base of the structure into a single structure. In the walls of the grooves, it is imperative to provide for recesses for ventilation (airflow). So it will be possible to achieve unhindered circulation of air masses under the floor of the construction of logs.

In all corners of the future gazebo and throughout its entire perimeter, they are installed supports-stands of logs. They are set vertically. Below each rack is fixed with concrete. The upper part of the supports should correspond to the height of the building. To the upper ends of the racks attach the top trim method "half-wood". This binding is necessary to ensure the rigidity of the structure.

A material for waterproofing is placed on the foundation. The range of waterproofing materials in hardware stores is quite wide. But the most popular is still considered roll material - roofing material. It is covered with hot bitumen from 2 sides and attached to the base.

You should check the horizontal position of the lower crown of the log house.

Log Connection

Logs can be connected in 1 of 2 ways.

Wooden arbor designs: inexpensive garden designs

Connection options for logs.

  1. The “paw” cutter is a more economical option, but it also implies greater skills from the master in performing. The design, made of logs cut into the paw, less durable and durable. With this method of joining logs, the fibers are damaged more.Therefore, the tree becomes more susceptible to rotting.
  2. The cutting into the bowl is a more costly method, since as a result of protruding ends, the consumption of logs increases by approximately 15%. However, the appearance of the building retains the colorful Russian traditions.

The characteristics of both methods are approximately the same. Logs for gazebos fit 15-20 cm thick. The floor is also preferable from wooden boards, so that the whole structure looks harmonious. For the roof it is desirable to make a coating of natural materials (for example, from shingles).

Logs allow you not to do interior trim. The natural texture of the material and so will give elegance. Rounded logs are already impregnated in the form of protective compounds against decay and mold. Other parts of the tree arbor must be treated with fire retardants for fire safety and antiseptics to prevent bio-corrosion.

Constructions of arbors from planed logs

Wooden arbor designs: inexpensive garden designs

You can make a planed log yourself from untreated wood.

A log arbor can also be built in another form: not from cylindered, but from planed logs. Such a log is processed manually. Therefore, it is much more expensive than rounded, which is produced in production.

If the landlord owns a planer, then untreated wood can be purchased (unrooted or peeled). Then you can create a building with a very peculiar appearance.

The diameter of the planed logs is different. The thickness they are not customized, as when cylindering. The diameter between the individual elements can reach a difference of 3 cm. Therefore, they are also placed alternately in the log house: peak-butt. That is, perform the alternation of small and large sections of logs. Mount them with wooden dowels is a prerequisite.

This type of wood is more durable than rounded. This is explained by the fact that the upper layer is not removed from it. This layer is assigned the role of protection. Planed logs are more resistant to precipitation and humidity drops.

Cheap garden arbors

All buildings of this type are conventionally divided into 2 main categories: temporary and long-term use.

Wooden arbor designs: inexpensive garden designs

Diagram of a folding arbor with dimensions.

  1. This option involves the construction of a structure that is planned to use 2-3 seasons. It is assembled from parts that are easy to install and dismantle. The frame is disassembled if necessary and removed for the winter.
  2. This category of buildings is built on a solid foundation (foundation or material of garden paths). Surfaces are usually treated with special protective compounds corresponding to the characteristics of the materials.

It is not always advisable to build an arbor in a stationary version when you want to see the site regularly updated. Sometimes it makes sense to put a new bench with a small canopy at the top. And if you still give a form to a canopy (it is important to apply a creative approach here), the structure will look quite impressive.

Wooden arbor designs: inexpensive garden designs

Scheme of dry tree arbor.

Decorative architectural structures of lightweight appearance are pergolas. They are made of metal, plastic or wooden bars. Have lattices and an oval roof (maybe ordinary). They are all the time decorated with live vines.

Non-standard, but rather willow vine arbor looks very elegant. It will need several poles with a diameter of 3 cm and about 100 pieces of fresh willow twigs, as well as willow twigs for dressing. There is no need to pre-prepare the base, it is enough to find a flat area. After a while, on moist soil, the structure is covered with green leaves.

Often the owners of the land plot do not start building the gazebo, fearing that it will take a lot of time and money to build, and the finished product will take up a lot of space. This is completely far from the truth. You can build a very non-standard and beautiful buildings of the building material at hand.

For example, an arbor-fungus is quite realistic to make from a trunk of a dried-up tree, which will be used as the only support for the roof. From wooden bars covered with polycarbonate, make a canopy. A bench with a table is equipped with a large wood cut.

Wooden arbor designs: inexpensive garden designs

Scheme of a canopy arbor with dimensions.

A canopy - another way to economically and successfully complete the construction. If you plan to receive often a large number of guests, then it is possible to make it roomy.

Such a construction of 3 racks can be made either from wood bars or from a shaped steel pipe. The roof is provided in such a situation removable - from the canvas awning. The foundation for such a construction is surely pave. Why use stone-flagstone or tiles made of concrete.

If a plot of land has a pool or a pond, then a rotunda will look good on their background. For it you need the arrangement of the foundation. For example, a columnar would be appropriate.

The diameter of the pillars-supports is made the same as for the posts, but not less than 25 cm. The walls are laid out in a stepwise manner along the entire perimeter of the structure in 6 rows. The advantage in the material is to give a brick. The skeleton of the building is made of reinforced concrete pipes, the finish for them is the plastering of the decorative plaster. Metal tile roofing or other roofing material is laid up.

Here standard variants of various arbors were considered.

Taking them as a basis, designs of other shapes can be thought up independently. The main thing is to make a drawing of the structure correctly.

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