Wood trim inside the house: features, schemes (photo)

Wood in its appearance and aesthetic parameters is the material that designers more often choose to create truly unique and unusual interior designs, as well as in the design in traditional styles. Finishing inside the house with a tree is becoming an increasingly popular choice among people who have begun repairs or decorating a newly constructed building.

Wood trim inside the house: features, schemes (photo)

Wood used in the decoration requires special care - it is necessary to protect it from mold and insects, as well as to take care of high-quality ventilation of the room.

Often met in the decor of wood

Starting repairs to change your own house with wood veneer, you should first select the type of material. First you need to decide on the type of wood - hardwood or coniferous. Many people who do not encounter wood finishing will not find this choice too difficult, but they are completely unaware that it is not only the appearance of the finishing coating that depends on this choice, but also its durability.

Deciduous wood from such trees as:

  • walnut;
  • ash;
  • maple;
  • oak.

Wood trim inside the house: features, schemes (photo)

Characteristics of wood species.

In addition to the trees presented, the wood of the following coniferous trees can also act as a finishing material:

  • spruce;
  • pine;
  • cedar ;
  • mahogany.

Once the type of finishing material has been selected, proceed with the selection of its breed. At this stage, the following characteristics of the finishing material are of great importance:

  1. The presence in the store or in the outlet the necessary amount of material to solve the tasks.
  2. In advance, a room should be provided and prepared in which the natural material will be in place, retaining all its original properties.
  3. Compliance of the material strength with the required level for operating the coating in certain conditions.
  4. The value of the cost of finishing work with this type of material.

At the third stage, you need to decide what kind of finishing work will be done in the house. The following finishing measures can be used as such works:

Wood trim inside the house: features, schemes (photo)

Siding attachment schemes.

  • wooden siding on the surface;
  • finishing the house with a block house;
  • installing materials that qualitatively simulate natural wood;
  • finishing using the selected material surfaces of the ceiling and floor;
  • arranging slopes for window and wooden openings using clapboard;
  • floor covering created by the floorboard flooring and installation of bearing beams.

In addition to the above steps, finishing the house inside consists of producing a large number of works, the list and cost of which depends only on which natural material was chosen and which surfaces should be lined. The only thing to be mentioned is: whatever works are done, they will certainly be expensive.

But the cost of this kind of decoration should not be frightening, because the tree in the interior looks simply amazing and is a very durable and wear-resistant material with proper care. It is this surface finish that implies filling the interior with amazing original and carefully selected elements that, in a general ensemble, will create a uniquely bright and memorable interior.

Decorative wall decoration: nuances

Wood trim inside the house: features, schemes (photo)

Layout of the lining device.

Modern man is trying to pay more and more attention to his safety, therefore he chooses environmentally friendly things for his environment. In the current construction market there is an overwhelming majority of finishing materials that are not environmentally friendly and contain ingredients that are considered hazardous to human health. That is why many designers recommend looking at wood as an eco-friendly natural material for home decoration.

Decor is endowed with the following advantages and advantages:

  • it is a natural finishing material that can be used on any surface of the dwelling - both on the floor, and on the walls, and on the ceiling;
  • wooden breathable flooring maintains a microclimate in the room that allows everyone present to breathe easily;
  • this finish is breathable, which allows you to easily and quickly remove excess moisture from the room;
  • in a modern interior performance, as a rule, there are still artificial materials that are capable tritsatelno affect humans, but the elements from wood - rails, bars, etc...able to neutralize them;
  • inexhaustible energy, which can give to the inhabitants of the room wooden wallpaper or other materials.

Wood wallpaper fabrics in the interior

Wood trim inside the house: features, schemes (photo)

Winging installation scheme.

The interior of a house with a tree can be a wallpapering of walls made from a thin sheet of this natural raw material. The thickness of the wallpaper in this case is from 0.1 mm to 0.6 mm.

Canvases are made of trees of various species and are distinguished by the fact that they can be used to make inserts for curved surfaces and thus create monolithic walls devoid of seams.

Wood wallpaper is an amazing material for home decoration.

It has a number of features:

  1. If this wallpaper is chosen for the renovation of the room, then the owners receive a room with a completely unique decoration, not similar in structure or appearance none of the existing materials.
  2. Canvases of this kind are unique only because they have a unique pattern.
  3. These wallpapers are quite expensive products.
  4. For work with such wallpaper, it is necessary to use a special adhesive mass, only it will serve as a guarantor of the quality of the created surface.
  5. The procedure of sticking cloths to walls differs little from the process of pasting paper or vinyl wallpaper; any person who is at least a little familiar with repair work will cope with this kind of decoration.

Wood trim inside the house: features, schemes (photo)

Blockhouse wiring diagram.

After the wallpaper has been glued to the wall, it is first necessary to take up their processing. In order for a thin wallpaper tree to retain its aesthetic and quality indicators for a long time, they should be processed by waxing or with substances such as oil or varnish.

Such treatment gives the surface a darker shade, which will look much more advantageous in sunlight.

Block finishing: features

Block house is truly amazing, beautiful, original, environmentally safe, easy to use, practical and at the same time inexpensive material. All these qualities make these blocks popular.

In the process of production of such materials, a variety of tree species can act as a raw material, but pine and larch are the most demanded. The high level of drying of raw materials for the manufacture of such material ensures strength characteristics and resistance to cracking.

How is the interior woodworking done?

If a material type such as block house is selected for the room, the surface must be prepared, smoothed with a putty and put a special frame on it for the lining device.

For the works, the following materials and tools are required:

  • cement;
  • clear water;
  • sand;
  • grout;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • trowel or trowel.

The finishing process will consist of the following steps:

  1. Knead the solution in the proportions of water / cement / sand ingredients 2/1/3.
  2. With a tool, better with a spatula, the solution is poured onto the wall, which should be moistened beforehand.
  3. To create a framework, wooden bars will be required, the cross section of which should be 3 cm. Beforehand, if necessary, a layer of insulating material should be laid on the surface.
  4. Block elements on the frame can be installed vertically, horizontally and even diagonally. Depending on the direction of the location of the bars mounted frame.
  5. The block house is fastened to the frame with screws or nails.

Installation of elements is carried out from the floor to the ceiling, and after the work is completed, the caps of the self-tapping screws can be decorated with special plugs selected in color.

Having taken up repair work, one should not forget that in order to create high-quality and durable finish all materials used in work, especially natural ones, need to be treated with antiseptic compounds. In this way, penetration of harmful fungi, mold and microorganisms into the coating can be prevented.

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