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When we watch TV commercials, where the miracle vacuum cleaner cleans the entire apartment in the blink of an eye, I want to buy the same one. We all know about vacuum cleaners equipped with dust bags. But more and more advertising of vacuum cleaners without a bag can be found. All their merits are praised in commercials, but nothing is said about shortcomings. Sellers in home appliances stores do the same - they enthusiastically list the strengths of vacuum cleaner models, and try to keep silent about their disadvantages. Even the hostess, who is not always pleased with the way her vacuum cleaner works, is a little disingenuous in her conversation with her neighbor, insisting that her model is the best. In this material we will try to determine and figure out which vacuum cleaner is better - with or without a bag for collecting dust.

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What are dust collectors and how do they differ?

According to this parameter, vacuum cleaners can be divided into three varieties. Each of them has its own leaders, filtering just fine, so that no dust particles remain. However, in all types there are outsiders who do not cope well with their task. We will talk about this later, but for now let's find out how the three main types of vacuum cleaners differ from each other.

Dust bag in the form of a bag for collecting dust - a classic in modern processing

About 50 years ago, the classical model of a vacuum cleaner was invented. Over time, she improved, becoming more comfortable and ergonomic. The developers have equipped the new units with high-quality filters, quiet engines and various additional functions. They also worked on the design - the models exhibited in the store today shine with originality and variety.

Many modern vacuum cleaners have built-in additional features. They can wash windows, clean surfaces with steam, do wet cleaning with detergent. There are those who knock out and comb out carpets with a long pile. Naturally, the positive changes affected the dust collectors and the filtration system.

with container or aqua filter + Video

Vacuum cleaner with dust bag.

Dust collector with a dust collector in the form of a container - the so-called "cyclone"

"Cyclone" manufacturers dubbed vacuum cleaners with a transparent container for collecting dust. In this reservoir, a real hurricane is actually formed - the air jet, along with dust and debris, is swept up by the strongest whirlwind. During this hurricane dust densely pressed against the walls of the container and its bottom. And as soon as the vacuum cleaner turns off, all the garbage falls into the bottom of the tank.

The engineers of the British firm Dyson have improved this system; they have equipped vacuum cleaners with several degrees of cleaning. The first is a cylindrical tube in which a vortex flow of intake air is created. As a result, all large garbage remains on the walls of this pipe. The second filter is a cone, in which a whirlwind is also created that removes fine dust. And that's not all - the third HEPA filter cleans the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner.

The prudent Chinese decided to save money by simplifying the English cyclone model. Their engineers worked hard, trying to cheapen a vacuum cleaner that does not have a bag. After all, the demand for such units is constantly increasing - more and more consumers did not want to mess around with removable dust bags, preferring to them a neat plastic container. And sometimes it was not possible to find a dust collector to its model of a vacuum cleaner.

But in Europe, manufacturers of a long time to classics, lingering with the release of cyclonic vacuum cleaners. The reason for this was some of the flaws inherent in such devices. Yes, and consumers in these countries believe that it is more practical and hygienic to use classic vacuum cleaners. And there are no problems with the purchase of the necessary dust collector. However, European manufacturers began production of container models. True, they mostly sell them in the market of developing countries.

with container or aqua filter + Video

A cyclone vacuum cleaner and a container for collecting dust.

At the very beginning of the production of such models, a cyclone-type vacuum cleaner dreamed of having every hostess. He seemed a miracle of modern technology, and people did not see any flaws in it. If you then ask anyone which vacuum cleaner is better - with a bag or container, the second option was invariably chosen. To possess such a device meant to be "advanced" and fashionable, to keep up with the century. The prestigious novelty immediately increased the self-esteem of its owner - he was proud that he owned a device made with the latest technology.

A few years have passed, and it turned out that there are also plenty of disadvantages for such models. Perhaps even more than advantages. And they rustle too much, and the air is disgustingly cleaned, and the filters that stand behind the cyclone, they need to be cleaned constantly. And when cleaning all these filters had to constantly swallow dust. Cyclone models gradually went out of fashion, and the euphoria from owning a technical novelty vanished, replaced by disappointment.Owners slowly get rid of such vacuum cleaners, sending them to the eternal link to the cottage or the barn. The drawbacks of the design did not work out, and the model is gradually losing ground.

Dust collector in the form of an aqua filter

There are models of vacuum cleaners in which the container of the dust collector is filled with water. It is called aqua filter. With the passage of dirty air through such a reservoir, large particles of dust drown in water, and small and light float to the surface. When the cleaning is completed, it is enough to pour out the dirty water, and then rinse the tank and dry it.

The first units, which cleaned the air with a water tank, had an industrial scale. They were used in hospitals, laboratories, food processing plants - where cleanliness and sterility were required. These devices were large and heavy, costly and had a rather complicated construction. Several nozzles sprayed water to form a fine slurry, catching dust particles from the air passing through it. The remaining dust was absorbed by the water whirlpool, which proceeds to the next stage of purification.

After refinement and cheapening of such a unit, a household vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter appeared. He, of course, was not able to clean the air to sterility, but he had a very reasonable price and small dimensions. Alas - and this model has many drawbacks. Especially a lot of complaints from consumers cause cheap vacuum cleaners of this type. The longer the owner uses such a unit, the more disappointed he is. Therefore, buyers are now somewhat lost interest in devices using a water filter.

with container or aqua filter + Video

Aqua filter.

We compare the most important characteristics of all three types of dust collectors

Simplicity and practicality of use

# 1. Classic model with bag. It is easiest to care for such a vacuum cleaner. His design is familiar and simple - any home master can easily figure it out. It does not need to be washed or cleaned or dried before work and after it. Turned on the plug in the socket - and enjoy the health.

Here, only consumables (in particular, for dust collectors) sometimes have to run around the shops. Models produced a lot, and each requires its own consumables. And rare models do not find bags for collecting dust.

# 2. Model with container. A cyclonic vacuum cleaner, according to advertising, is an innovative and modern device. Fans of new products, deciding what to choose a vacuum cleaner - with a bag or container, stop at the last. But there is in this type of vacuum cleaners and a number of disadvantages associated with its operation. As a rule, this unit power is not regulated. After all, the air eddies are designed for a certain speed of the air jet. If it is reduced by rotating the power regulator, the cyclones will shift or not form at all. The manufacturers have removed this regulator. However, the speed of the air jet can suddenly decrease for another reason.

This often happens unexpectedly and unpredictably. For example, the hose is bent or the brush sucks a curtain, a rug, slippers. A weak or destroyed cyclone stops cleaning the air. Moreover, the collected dust leaves the container back, clogging up additional and protective filters. As a result, gradually the vacuum cleaner begins to draw air slightly, the motor heats up, makes noise and wears quickly. And if there are large and solid particles in the dust, they will rumble and scratch the container. Its walls become muddy, and it’s hard to see what's going on inside. Neither the filter can be seen, nor the amount of debris controlled.

with container or aqua filter + Video

Container after work.

The container, after cleaning, you need to get out of the vacuum cleaner and pour the accumulated debris.

Manufacturers (though not all) decided to take care of customers: knowing that, the users of cyclone vacuum cleaners sooner or later face all of their shortcomings, they made it possible in their devices to choose a dust collector. They can be used as a container with a swirling treatment, and can be a classic bag. This option was to the taste of many consumers.

# 3. Model with aqua filter. The advertising of these vacuum cleaners is impressive. She is so convincing that I just want to run to the store for such an "advanced" device. However, it would not be superfluous to know that thresholds, carpets and other obstacles do not like aqua-vacuum cleaners. They are very “gentle” in terms of strikes against furniture and jerking of a hose. This is because with all these shocks the water in the tank is splashing, splashing and leaking.

If you want to remove an apartment where there is a lot of garbage after repair, water will also leak. After all, its level will rise too much. Therefore, you need to monitor the amount of water in the tank. And for every 10 square meters you will have to fill up or change the water two to five times - this is necessary so that the filters do not get clogged.And when the cleaning is done at the factory, in a hotel or an office, it is very inconvenient. After all, the tap with water can be located far enough. So in fact, everything is not as beautiful as in advertising.

And if detergents or cleaning products accidentally fall into the water tank, then it’s a disaster. Manufacturers prohibit this, since water begins to foam strongly, splashing and leaking from the device onto the floor. Therefore, you need to take care of a special additive, extinguishing foam. It is added to the container with water. By the way, there is such an additive about the same as interchangeable bags for the classic model.

And when the cleaning is complete, the fun begins. All filter elements and other parts that come into contact with dirty water will have to be rinsed well. Sometimes this process is delayed for a long time, and time is spent on it even more than on cleaning. Especially if the room that we clean, has a modest size. After washing, the parts must be dried, and then left with the vacuum cleaner disassembled (so that it does not start smelling unpleasant). So you have to look for a special place where to put these parts - it will take a lot. And before each cleaning also it is necessary to assemble the unit, spending a lot of time.

with container or aqua filter + Video

Large vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter are not very convenient to use. They are so heavy and bulky that not every hostess can handle them. Cleaning such a device is akin to exercise in the gym. And between furniture, such a whopper does not know how to maneuver, and with a high case height, it often overturns, which is very depressing to the owner of a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, devices with an aqua-filter are mainly used only for general cleaning - this is where they are most effective. And in order to quickly tidy up the apartment during the week, people buy another small and cheap vacuum cleaner of the classic “bag” design.

The manufacturers of models with aqua-filters also felt in time that they needed to reorganize. Realizing that their devices have flaws that can scare away the customer, they have built in a number of models the possibility of using a bag-dust collector. The owner of such a vacuum cleaner is free to choose which way to use it when cleaning: "wet" using an aqua filter or classic "dry" using a bag. If you are interested in the question of which vacuum cleaner is better - with an aqua-filter or cyclone, then by comparing the above information, you can make your choice.

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Aqua-filter tank with waste water.

Which vacuum cleaner cleans the

# 1 cleaner. Classic model with bag. Among the units offered on the market, one can always find one that will satisfy your “purity level”. The quality of cleaning depends on the quality of the filters, as well as on their quantity. Dust bags come in all sorts of different:

Paper bags with one or two layers.

with container or aqua filter + Video

Synthetic with one, two or three layers.

with container or aqua filter + Video

By installing the desired dust collector, you can achieve the desired result. If disposable bags are temporarily out of stock, use a reusable cloth bag that comes with a vacuum cleaner.

When the dust collector becomes clogged, the cleaning quality drops sharply, as the air is drawn less well. But if you use synthetic three-layer bags, the force of air suction practically does not change. Therefore, it is more profitable to use such a dust collector than a paper one - it serves one and a half or two times longer.

# 2. Model with container. The vortex formed in the tank copes well with heavy dust particles, removing them from the air. Moreover, the suction force is not reduced even when the container is filled with debris. However, this happens only ideally - provided that the filters facing the engine and after it are not clogged. In real life, filters quickly become clogged with dust.

The vortex force cannot cope with long and light particles. This, for example, scraps of thread, hair, feathers and fluff. When cleaning such garbage, additional and protective filters quickly become clogged. They can be represented by nylon nets, HEPA filters, flat foam filters, as well as "glasses", "flasks" and "accordions" of synthetic material.

# 3. Model with aqua filter. Such a vacuum cleaner perfectly cleans up debris that can get wet or dissolve in water.

However, there is a category of garbage that does not get wet. For example, goose and duck feathers, shreds of greasy wool, plastic waste, polymers, water-repellent fabrics. Removing all these scraps, chips and pieces, the vacuum cleaner spends a lot of effort, which leads to a rapid clogging of filters and reduce the suction ability. And the quality of filtration also drops sharply.

Environmental friendliness and hygiene of use

# 1. Classic model with bag. A disposable bag that is replaced once every one and a half or two months is very hygienic to use. But to change the cloth dust collector, shaking it out and breathing dust, is not a pleasure. And it is not very useful for health, especially for allergies.

Buying this bag sometimes turns into a lottery. After all, they are made by many manufacturers, and not all of them are bona fide. A bad dust collector quickly breaks, passes a lot of dust, breaks when wet or under pressure. It is easy to cut through something sharp, and sometimes it starts to smell bad due to bacteria that have multiplied inside. Therefore, buying new bags, you should avoid cheap unmarked models.

with container or aqua filter + Video

# 2. Model with container. Every person who has a vacuum cleaner at least once, but felt a slight electric shock from his body. This is a "surprise" of static electricity that can accumulate. It is the container models that lead in this indicator. Plastic parts are quickly charged with electricity from vortices, walking in the tank. And if you touch the body of such a unit, you can get not quite pleasant sensations from an electric shock.

As mentioned above, when using such a vacuum cleaner, there are many moments that make it difficult to generate vortices. This occurs when the device is turned on and off, can destroy the vortex formation of a large pile of debris, bending the hose, sticking the brush to the bedside rug or curtain. A weak cyclone performs its task poorly - cleaning the air from dust. This clogs up the mass of filters, which after each cleaning must be long and tedious to clean. Hardly anyone will appreciate the cleaning procedure "flasks", "cups" and other products. And the health of "thank you" for it will not say.

# 3. Model with aqua filter. The dust getting inside the air bubbles does not stay in such a vacuum cleaner. Each bursting vial releases dust particles that escape from the water without any filtering. Since air flows at high speed, the water evaporates quite quickly, and its level drops. As soon as it reaches the lower limit, polluted air will pass through the filter without being cleaned at all.

And if organic garbage has accumulated in the aqua-filter, then in combination with heat and moisture this leads to a sad result. All kinds of bacteria, mold and fungus begin to multiply violently - such an environment to their taste. Most of all they like foam and HEPA filters. And during the cleaning the most unpleasant happens - the spores of bacteria spread throughout the apartment.

The price of a vacuum cleaner and the costs of its operation

# 1. Classic model. Depending on the requests and size of the wallet, you can purchase such a device for as low as $ 100 to $ 1000. When using it is convenient to throw out the full bag, replacing it with a new one. The cost of such bags is small: the cost of the consumer is $ 1 in one or two months. Such an inexpensive service is a plus of these devices.

# 2. Model with container. Protective and additional filters of such units are notable for their high cost. The price of the question is from $ 20 to $ 200, and it is not always possible to find the right filter for sale. Here stands the vacuum cleaner idle, waiting for him to buy the necessary spare part. True, they require replacement not so often.

# 3. Model with aqua filter. We will not repeat about saving bags - here is the same as in the previous paragraph. It is better to talk about the quickly failing filters that stand behind the aqua filter. These are various cones, flat parts and foam-rubber cubes, as well as filters made of synthetic material. They cost from 10 to $ 100, and they can not be found in the store.

All this is mostly inherent in inexpensive (from $ 200 to $ 300) and small models of not very well-known brands. There are vacuum cleaners in which these shortcomings are almost eliminated. They have more impressive dimensions, and the design is more complex. Accordingly, their price is higher - from $ 400 to $ 1,000.

Whatever we may advise you, of course, you decide which model is best for your home. We hope that the information we have provided will help to find "your" vacuum cleaner. Good luck with your purchase!

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