Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Profiled sheeting fences are not only a fashionable hobby, but also a practical and cost-effective way to protect your site or industrial zone not only by outlining the perimeter, but also by creating a reliable protective zone from wind loads and curious looks. Structurally, the fence of corrugated is a solid fence of metal sheet, reinforced by longitudinal profiling.

The design features provide for an increased level of sail, so the durability of the fence, its decorative and protective properties and, of course, the price, depend on the characteristics of the profiled sheeting. Which professional sheet is better for the fence is determined by the specific operating conditions. This material differs in a variety of options which are characterized by various mechanical and atmospheric stability.

In this article you will learn how to choose the best material for the fence, which parameters are important and which are minor, and why the fence made of corrugated board is more profitable than most of the other options.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

What brand of profiled sheet is better to use for the fence

On the designs of fences and fences, professional flooring sheets are arranged vertically, which determines the distribution of external forces - on a plane practically Neither material weight, nor snow or rain loads are affected. Fences in open areas can be exposed to wind exposure, which can be quite significant, given the fact that the fence of corrugated board creates a solid barrier to air flow. But in the zone of dense development of large wind loads is not expected, therefore, excessive bending strength from the sheet is not required.

For the installation of fences, wall sheeting is usually used, in marking of such sheeting there is a letter “C” - wall. Its difference from the carrier (roofing) consists in the height of the wave, which serves as a stiffener. The height of the wave is indicated by the number that follows the letter. The larger the figure, the higher the stiffness of the profiled sheet and the greater the wind load it can withstand.

Profiled C-8

This type of profiled sheet was conceived as a material for wall cladding. It has a low symmetrical wave with a height of 8 millimeters. This professional sheet has a low specific weight and a fairly low price, which determines a significant cost savings for the installation of the fence. But the strength of such a coating is not very high and with a large height and a considerable length of spans it can be deformed by wind or accidental impacts.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

C-10 profiled sheeting

C-10 professional flooring is more attractive in terms of price / strength ratio. It is distinguished by a strict waveform and sufficient strength. With a relatively small weight design, it provides excellent protective properties of the fence. In terms of economic indicators, it is somewhat more expensive than the C-8, but it retains its appearance longer and does not lend itself to random deforming efforts.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

C-14 profiled sheeting

C-14 profiled is the next in strength. It is one of the most convenient for mounting on fences on frames, which are located in places where both wind and mechanical loads are possible. Profile shape - trapezoid. Looks very nice on a flat plane and areas of complex configuration. Often used for door trim.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

C-15 profiled sheeting

The C15 universal profiled sheeting is very easy to recognize by its characteristic wide edge. The line of the sheet begins with this brand, which can be used with equal success, both on roofs, and on facades and fences. On the fence looks quite original and somewhat unusual.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Profiled C-18, C-20 and C-21

The strongest in the line. They are suitable for roofs and fences that are in the most severe conditions of operation. In appearance, they practically do not differ, but if it is necessary to build a fence higher than 2.5 m, then it is better not to find C-21.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

To make the right choice of brand for a professional sheet, you must take into account the terrain, landscape and climatic features of the area. If the fence is low and is in conditions of low wind loads, then you can use professional flooring grades C-8 - C-10. But on the fences of high altitude in open space, where high wind loads may be present, it is better to use a sheet of grades C-14, C-15, C-18. If you need extra high strength, then you must use professional flooring grades C-20 - C-21.

To understand which decking is better for a fence, knowing only its brand is not enough - you need to remember about other features. For example, the fact that the entire profiled flooring is made from a metal sheet of the same width - 1.25 m. It is cold rolled on special machines and the overall width of the sheet is reduced due to the appearance of bends in the ribs. The higher the profile - the narrower the sheet.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

On one element this is not very noticeable, but on a fence 50–100 m long it is very noticeable.It will require more material with a high edge than with a low one. Considering also the price difference, expenses can increase quite seriously. It is also important to calculate the width of the spans so that the overlap is obtained as small as possible - in a single wave. Butt fencing from corrugated flooring is not recommended, unless it is temporary and portable fencing.

What kind of protective coating for a professional sheet is better for taking

Profiled sheeting is a complex multi-layer structure, each of whose components performs its own separate function. But the greatest effect is achieved with a complex effect - if you apply the most expensive coating on low-quality steel, or vice versa - to use high-grade metal for cheap paint, then professional flooring will turn out equally bad. To determine which is the best profiled on the fence, you need to know what the steel base is covered at all.

Zinc coating

The cheapest and least reliable sheet of simple galvanized steel. It is rarely used for fencing household plots, commercial establishments or park areas. But very often it can be seen on the fences of industrial enterprises, construction sites, warehouses, temporary fences. It stands out not too presentable appearance, but quite strong and durable. If you need a perimeter fence of great length - this is one of the best options.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence


Al-Zn coated flooring - a chemical coating of aluminum and zinc (45% Zn and 55 Al), more presentable, but also used in industrial fences. It can be painted with alkyd, oil or acrylic paints for metal, but such a fence will turn out to be more expensive than that made from a polymeric coated sheet. Quality paints are very expensive.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Polyester coating

If a fence is being built around a house or a dacha, then it is best to choose a polyester coated flooring. It is a very weather-resistant material, chemically inert, resistant to solvents and dirt-repellent. If splashes or spots appear on it, they are easily washed off by rain or a stream from a pump. The glossy surface always looks clean and tidy.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Polyester coated professional sheet.

Plastisol or Pural coating

A professional sheet coated with Plastizol or Pural is more resistant to all kinds of external influences, but also the most expensive. As a rule, it is used in elite construction. The surface looks like new for almost the entire lifetime, which is designed for decades. If you break the cost of such a fence by year of operation, it can be cheaper than the construction of an inexpensive material.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Professional sheet covered with plastizol.

A quality profiled sheet for a fence should consist of the following layers:

1 . low alloy steel;

2 . zinc layer (hot or cold method);

3 . anticorrosive protection;

4 . ground;

5 . a layer of colored polymer.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Another important parameter affecting the corrosion resistance of the sheet is the thickness of the zinc coating. The durability of the material and its anti-corrosion properties depend on the thickness of the zinc layer and the method of its deposition. Zinc affects the weight of the sheet slightly - one square meter accounts for 100 to 300 grams of coating. With a sheet weight of 7–10 kg / m 2 , this is practically not noticeable. But on the technical characteristics and consumer properties of the sheet, the amount of zinc has a very strong influence. Here the dependence is direct - the more zinc, the better for leaf health. The minimum possible amount of zinc in the sheet for the fence should exceed 150 g / m 2 .

Quality and thickness of steel sheet from which the professional flooring is made

The strength of the whole structure depends on the thickness of the sheet. The vertical position of the profile in the structure determines the direction of the loads at the points of attachment to the bracket. If the thickness of the metal is below 0.45 mm, it can simply be deformed by the action of the wind and pierce the holes for screws or rivets. It should be noted that here there is a view of the thickness of the galvanized sheet without the polymer coating, since it will always be larger with the applied coating. If it is assumed that the fence will be operated for a long time, then the sheet thickness less than 0.45 mm is unacceptable.

Profiled sheeting with a thickness of 0.3 - 0.35 mm. has a very low elasticity and will be deformed with a small wind load or mechanical shock. It is quite difficult to check the thickness of the material with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, even armed with a micrometer. We have to rely on the good faith of manufacturers.

In order not to be at a loss with the choice of which professional sheet is better for taking out of all the proposed options, try to find or order metal from Europe. As a rule, the leading manufacturers of well-known brands do not cheat both in thickness and in the form of an external coating. Most plants mark their products and determine the quality is not difficult.

It is necessary to expect surprises if you buy cheap profiled flooring from China (although they also make very good metal there) or material of unknown origin.

In this case, request accompanying documents and quality certificates. If they are not available, it is better not to buy metal, but to save money for a more expensive, but quality guaranteed.

The color and design of the professional flooring for the fence

For the fences, a professional flooring with a color polymer coating of almost the entire RAL spectrum is used. These are the most appropriate for the purpose colors that harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Recently, the industry has mastered the painting with a rather plausible imitation of wood, brickwork or natural stone. It is possible to choose the finish of the fence for any design of a house or even a whole street if it is a cottage settlement. In any case, you can order the most appropriate material for architectural requirements. Its main feature is that the durability and reliability of the fence practically does not depend on the appearance.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Professional sheet for wood.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Professional sheet under stone.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

Professional sheet under brick.

Which professional sheet is better for the fence

It is only important to correctly carry out the installation of the supports, not forgetting that the fence made of corrugated board differs from other types by a very large sail area. If for a picket fence or forged spans, the posts can be simply buried and reinforced with stone backfill, then under profiled sheeting they must be buried to a depth of more soil freezing and concreting.

It should not be overlooked that the fence made of corrugated flooring is a single monolithic structure and damage to one of its parts can lead to the deformation of adjacent ones. Assembling the fence of corrugated board, expect that it will stand for many years, so do not plant trees close to it, which are characterized by high height and thickness of the trunk - with growth they can damage the profiled sheet. It is better to plant a bush along the fence or leave a strip of lawn about a meter wide.


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