What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

A good owner selects the roofing material for the roof carefully and meticulously, considering its strength and appearance. In this article we will look at what is better ondulin or metal tile for the roof of the house, and we will find out just by comparing these coatings on the most important parameters.

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

Let me introduce: Monsieur Ondulin and Frémen The metal tile

# 1. Ondulin (otherwise, eu-slate), invented by Frenchman Gastin Gromier in difficult war times (1944), is still produced in France. This natural organic roofing material appeared in Russia only after 50 years. It is produced from cellulosic compressed fibers, which are subjected to corrugation with strong heating. Then paint and bitumen impregnation are applied to the coating. Resins and mineral pigments contribute to excellent water resistance.

Ondulin is produced in the form of standard sheets of the same size.

Let us give specific numbers:

  • Sheet length - 2 meters;
  • sheet width - 0.96 meters;
  • wave height - 36 millimeters.

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

# 2. A metal tile in the middle of the last century was invented by a Finn named Paolo Ranila. Originally, this roofing was called Rannila. It is made of profiled steel sheet, hot-dip galvanized on both sides. Passivating aluminum coating prevents the metal from oxidizing, and priming promotes better adhesion with the polymer. The inside of the metal tile is varnished, and the outer side is coated with polymer.

This roof has a greater variety of sizes than Euro-slate, which makes it possible to reduce the amount of waste.

Sheet sizes are as follows:

  • Sheet length is from 0.35 to 8 meters;
  • sheet width is from 1.16 to 1.18 meters;
  • profile height - from 22 to 25 millimeters;
  • wave step - from 350 to 400 millimeters.

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

After the acquaintance, you can compare the characteristics.

Installation: the easier it is to cover

# 1. Ondulin sheets are very light and small, so they can be used to roof even alone and without the help of experienced specialists. The consumption of this coating is less than that of a metal tile. Accessories inexpensive. This material has a high elasticity and flexibility, so it is very simple to install. And even the complex configuration of the roof will not be an obstacle for this - Euro-slate sheets bend perfectly. For installation of ondulin no special tools are needed. Enough of roulette, hammer and saw, hacksaw for working with wood. Well, do not forget to prepare the lubricant for the teeth of the saw.

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

With an inclination angle of 15 0 and more, the crate is packed in 65 cm increments, if the inclination angle is less than 15 0 , then The sheathing step should be reduced to 45 cm.

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

Another advantage of Ondulin is that it can be easily laid on slate without removing the old coating (photo: onduline . com)

# 2. As for the metal tile, for its installation a certain experience is required. After all, you will have to work with metal, it is very important not to confuse the sequence of installation of slats and components. Certainly need to make and accurate vertical measurements, checking the result level. Well, and in the case of a complex shape of the roof, it is unprofitable to put metal roofing at all - half of the material can go to waste. And tools for working with this roof need special. This screwdriver, and electric shears, capable of cutting metal, and level. So it is better for laymans not to risk, but to pay a good master.

As for the base for these roofs, it will be different in that Ondulin needs a more frequent crate step, and if the roof slope is less than 15 0 , it is desirable to use a solid base since it loses in hardness. This will require some additional cost for the truss system.

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

The pitch of the sheathing under the metal tile will depend on the type of metal tile profile

Metal tile - / Ondulin +

What is stronger and stronger is Onudlin or metal tile

There is nothing to compare here - of course, metal tile is stronger. To get on the roof covered with this roof, it is possible even in the winter, even in the summer, without any fear of breaking through it. Who knows why it may be necessary - for repair, for example, or installation of the antenna. But ondulinovaya roof requires careful handling - because inside it has a cardboard. Therefore, in the heat or cold it is not worth walking on the euroslate.

Metal tile + / Ondulin -


The French who produce Ondulin promise that it will serve at least 15 years (this is indicated in the warranty card). This means that for so long the roof will not let water through. With respect to ultraviolet warranty is much less. In fact, the service life of this coating is almost 3 times longer - up to 40 years.A 10 or 15 years old such a roof and does not lose its color, except that fading a little in the sun. However, this material was developed as a temporary roofing, so the durability will obviously lose the metal tile.

Metal roofs have a technical guarantee period (determining resistance to corrosion) ranging from 10 to 50 years. It depends on the type of polymer coating, the manufacturer (after all, different companies produce this roof), the thickness of the metal. And at least three years warranty on the resistance of paint to fading. Experience has shown that a good metal tile does not fade over its entire lifetime. And how much the roof covered with this material will serve in reality is largely determined by the quality of installation.

Metal tile + / Ondulin -

And if a fire breaks out? Compare fire resistance

Ondulin burns, unfortunately. Naturally - because inside it, by and large, cardboard, though it is saturated with bitumen with additives. This roof can withstand temperatures up to 110 degrees, and KM5 has a fire safety class. Roofs are prohibited in kindergartens, schools and hospitals with Euroslate. This can be confirmed by the video test presented below.

Burning Ondulin

The metal tile is not afraid of fire - the steel sheet inside will not be able to burn. The temperature that this roof is able to transfer is 130 degrees. If it is exceeded, it is possible to melt and burn the upper polymer layer. So in terms of flammability, it is obvious that it is better - metal or ondulin. Of course, metal based coating.

Metal tile + / Ondulin -

Save us from the noise, which is better for sound insulation

Ondulin is well suited for those who like silence the soft cover does not transmit at all the sound of hail from the rain, no howling of the wind, or steps on the roof of March cats or a flock of migratory birds. Especially fans will like it to arrange a bedroom in the attic - nothing will disturb the morning sleep.

A metal tile, by its very name suggests that it cannot be quiet. The steel sheet inside her makes great sounds. So the rain with hail, singing blizzards and all the other noises you will hear for sure. And if you do not make a good insulation with protection from sound, then it is unlikely to fall asleep in the room under the roof.

Metal tile - / Ondulin +

The probability of snow falling and the need for snow retention

Abundant snowfall for the homeowner this creates mass problems. Snow accumulates on the roof, threatening unexpectedly to fall from there a whole avalanche. This is typical for metal tiles, the surface of which is slippery. The snow load for this material is 1200 kilograms of force per square meter. For this material the use of a snow retention system is mandatory.

Ondulin has a rough surface, so it is better to hold the snow. The snow load is somewhat less than that of a metal tile - 960 kilograms of force per square meter, therefore, as a rule, a snow retention system on such a roof is not installed.

Metal tile - / Ondulin +

Everything should be fine in the roof

Ondulin cannot pamper the developer with the madness of paints. It is produced in a rather meager palette. Primary colors (matte or glossy) - green and red with brown. Sometimes even black sheets are released. The shape of the euro slate is similar to ordinary slate - wavy. Rarely when something else comes across - unless “Onduvill” is produced similar to the Mediterranean shingles.

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

The metal tile is very diverse in its color range. She has 30 primary colors, plus the entire RAL palette (over 200 colors), plus the RR (metallic) palette. Impressive, isn't it?

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

RAL Palette

Note both the beautiful accessories and the abundance of profile design options. Here you have both a classic and original curves of the waves that can turn the roof into a small masterpiece. So in appearance the metal tile clearly wins.

  • For more information on types of metal tile, see material: Types of metal tile depending on the type of profile and polymer coating

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

What is better metal or ondulin for the roof of a private house

Metal tile + / Ondulin -

Open the wallet and compare the cost of

Now let's see what is cheaper - ondulin or metal tile. This question is very important due to the fact that many prefer ondulin only because of its lower cost. Let's see how much lower it is. So, one sheet of Euro-slate costs from 400 to 420 rubles. We get from 200 to 220 rubles per square meter. The average price of metal for the same area - from 190 to 220 rubles. Components for ondulin cost from 250 to 280 rubles, and for metal tiles - from 100 to 300 rubles (price per linear meter). We take into account that some manufacturers are completing ondulin with nails.For metal, this is not provided - will have to fork out at least 3 rubles for one screw.

Next on installation. If you do it by all the rules, applying waterproofing, then for the roof of ondulin the price is a little less, but not so much. But the metal tile has a longer service life, and therefore it is cheaper at annual costs. For the Euro-slate, you can save on moisture protection (but then you have to think through waterproofing insulation, if you have a warm roof). And it is quite possible to put it yourself, and then do not have to pay the masters. As you can see the nuances and options are many.

If you do everything according to technology and to the installation of a roof covering you will attract specialists who will need to pay for the work, then you will pay only 10 - 15% less for Ondulin roofing, but get less quality and durable roof protection.

Metal tile + / Ondulin + -

Total: Metal tile 5 + and 3 - / Ondulin 4 + and 5 -

In which case you can use this or that material

For a large house with a solid roof surface is better to use metal roofing. Ondulin is less reliable material. Yes, and it is dangerous in terms of fire, and the sun fades over time.

If you need to choose a roof for a small country house, a garage, a bathhouse or a shelter in the yard, then feel free to take ondulin. In addition, you yourself can easily mount it. And still it is possible to advise the euroslate to those for whom silence in the house is most important.


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