Optimal cultivators in quality and price

Agricultural work begins in the spring. Villagers and gardeners prepare the land to plant it with popular vegetables and provide a rich harvest in the fall. Cultivators significantly facilitate agricultural work, let's talk about the most popular and reliable modifications. The presented equipment distinguishes from each other the ratio of quality to price, as well as functionality.

On aport. ru are popular cultivators with reliable motor, comfortable control and efficient working body. They are designed to loosen the soil on small plots of land, cultivators with the task to cope much better than heavy motoblocks.

Husqvarna TF334

Optimal cultivators in quality and price

The most powerful equipment for agricultural work. Differs in productivity and convenience of operation, loosens and processes the soil after its fertilization. The small weight of 56 kg guarantees convenience and easy transportation in comparison with the motor-block.

The engine capacity can be 208 and 169 cm 3 with a capacity of 7 or 6 liters. with. On the technique installed real engines Briggs. Stratton or Subaru. They are characterized by significant lifespan, ease of maintenance and the ability to withstand long-term loads. These are gasoline engines, for such equipment - this is the best choice. They are easier to maintain and repair, besides inexpensive spare parts in comparison with diesel engines.

A small mass of a cultivator in combination with a powerful engine ensures maximum speed of movement, which prevents accelerated fatigue of a person. Moving back and forth provide 2 transmissions of motion, which is required in the process of loosening especially hard sections. Belt transmission eliminates the risk of stretching or rupture of the transmission assemblies while working on tamped earth. The risk of a belt rupture remains, but replacing it is inexpensive and easy to do.

A single technology pass forms a gauge 300 mm deep and 800 mm wide, which is enough for any agricultural crop. Comfortable steering wheel can be adjusted to the height of the person.


Optimal cultivators in quality and price

This is a budget modification of the model described above. It has similar capabilities, but its cost is 2 times less. Definitely choose the best cultivator of these two models is impossible. Husqvarna TF334 is of interest at the expense of the Swedish brand of the highest level, the original engine from the manufacturer, located on the leading positions, but the cost is a bit "biting". CHAMPION BC 5511 has almost the same functionality, but has the Chinese "stuffing", so it is inexpensive. But this is not a frank Chinese unit from an unknown company, but a product of a solid Russian company, part of whose production is located in China. If you do not take into account the brand, the cultivator is equipped with a licensed Honda engine, which is the best model. Problems will not arise with spare parts and service, in terms of reliability, they are not worse than the original. A four-stroke gasoline engine with a volume of 163 cm 3 develops power from 5.5 to 6 liters. with. that is enough for the most neglected ground.

The weight of the cultivator is 51 kg. The steering wheel is not as comfortable, but a smaller weight ensures ergonomic preservation, there is also a steering wheel adjustment. It is possible to install additional equipment on the cultivator, the forming strip is 330 mm deep and 850 mm wide.

If the equipment will be used in the country, this modification offers the same functionality, but for less money. Overpayment for the brand will justify itself in a situation when it is necessary to process hectares of soil.

Hyundai T850

Optimal cultivators in quality and price

A fairly demanded cultivator, which is an intermediate link of the above described modifications. It is 10,000 cheaper than the first model and the same amount is more expensive than the second model. In terms of functionality they are not inferior. This is the best choice for summer residents who want to have branded inexpensive equipment. Korean quality at a cost equivalent to Chinese quality.

The engine capacity of 196 or 163 cm 3 is the equivalent of a Subaru or Honda in power (6.5 or 5.5 hp). The equipment weighs 45-50 kg - it depends on the additional equipment and the fullness of the gas tank, this power is enough for efficient operation. There is a belt remission and two assists (back and forth). The width of the strip of one pass is 300-870 mm, the depth is 300 mm. The motorcycle handlebar, adjustable in height, is ergonomic and comfortable. On the handle are the controls, you can easily get them with his hand.

As a conclusion

Optimal cultivators in quality and price Cultivator with the world name

The most popular and reliable The technique is considered to be three similar in functionality, but different in level:

  • Husqvarna TF334 - maximum quality ensures the ability to process large areas.
  • Hyundai - suitable for summer residents who want to have equipment with a worldwide reputation at an affordable cost.
  • Champion is the optimal model for those who want to have a powerful unit and do not overpay for the brand.

All models are easy to use, differ only in the estimated resource. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, the worst or best cultivator can not be identified. The “champion” justifies itself in any case, regardless of the fact that in practice it is less reliable than “Husqvarna”. Twenty thousand, which can be saved, are of no small importance. The difference is that if it is necessary to cultivate hectares of land every season - it will need more frequent maintenance, the Korean and the Swede in this situation look in the most favorable light. If the area of ​​the site is 6-9 acres, then for many summer residents it does not matter when the overhaul time is right - in 10 or 15 years.


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