The ceiling in a wooden house: options and features

Wooden houses today are the most popular. Ecological purity and the ability to translate their design abilities - this is what causes their great demand. It is difficult to choose the design and material to sheathe the ceiling in a wooden house, since the options are varied.

The ceiling in a wooden house: options and features

The advantages of drywall have the following properties: environmental friendliness, perfectly flat surface, the material can be subjected to painting or wallpapering.

It should be noted that the finishing of such a house will create some difficulties. Since log houses always shrink, which leads to a change in almost all elements and structures. In the process of shrinkage, the loads are shifted; deformation of the finish may occur. In this regard, the ceiling can be trimmed when the construction of the house has completely settled, that is, in a few years.

If the ceiling is still needed right after construction, you can temporarily use drywall. You can finish the seamless tiles, clapboard or use tension fabrics.

The ceiling in a wooden house: options and features

Tools required for work: screwdriver, handsaw, level, tape measure, pencil, hammer.

Before you start work, stock up on the following tools:

  • tape measure;
  • level;
  • pencil;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • stapler;
  • hammer.

Drywall and its use in a wooden house

Drywall is a versatile material, as it is suitable for finishing any surface. Using it, you can create an interior with a multi-level design or harmoniously fit between the wooden beams, which will give originality and non-standard design.

The ceiling in a wooden house: options and features

Installation of plasterboard on the ceiling.

Drywall is both moisture resistant and normal. Moisture resistant is usually used in rooms with high humidity and frequent temperature changes.

It is fastened to a batten consisting of a metal profile, since it is not installed directly to the base. Due to the fact that the frame is dependent on the deformation of wood, the ceiling of plasterboard has a long service life. And for many years it will not require major dismantling, it will be enough to make cosmetic repairs.

Its advantages are the following properties:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • it can be used to achieve a perfectly flat surface;
  • the surface of this material can be painted or pasting with wallpaper.

Plastic panels or lining

The ceiling in a wooden house: options and features

Wall paneling for the ceiling.

The most inexpensive way to finish is plastic MDF, PVC or wooden lining panels. This type is easy to install, and a variety of colors allows you to choose a color for every taste and under a different interior. Plastic panels do not require special care. The only drawback is susceptibility to mechanical damage.

It is also in great demand among consumers. Due to the simplicity of its installation, it is possible to update the interior look of any room in a short time. In addition, it has good sound insulation.

All these types are established by the same principle. Directly to the base of the wall paneling is nailed in if the surface is perfectly smooth, but this is rare. Basically, before installing the panels on the ceiling, a crate is installed in the wooden house to level the surface. The batten is made of rails and installed at a distance of 0.5 m perpendicular to the wall paneling or panels. Before installing the panels, it is necessary to check the evenness of the batten with a level to avoid skewing.

Advantages of lining

If you compare it with another material, the plastic panels greatly benefit. They are resistant to wet environments. Using this material, you can hide even significant flaws on the ceiling, and its surface will be perfectly flat. It does not require much care, it can be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth with the use of cleaning solutions. The gap between the ceiling and the panels serves as noise insulation.

Stretch ceilings: features

The ceiling in a wooden house: options and features

Scheme of a two-level stretch ceiling.

The best option for finishing the ceiling in a wooden house, in which repair is needed immediately after construction, is stretched canvas. The use of stretch ceilings began quite recently, but they began to enjoy success. Their installation, does not represent any complexity, even in non-standard rooms. They have a wide range of colors, which allows you to choose a color for every taste and for any interior. Applying a stretch ceiling, you can hide technical communications, such as: ventilation pipes, wiring and wiring.

Stretch ceilings are mounted on a metal profile that is installed on the surface of walls.

The ceiling in a wooden house: options and features

Variants of floor structures in a wooden house.

They are divided into the following types:

  • seamless;
  • varnish;
  • glossy;
  • matte.

When installing, you should not forget that stretch ceilings must be installed after all construction work, you should not buy cheap material to avoid forgery.

Slatted ceilings:

The ceiling in a wooden house: options and features

characteristics. Rack ceiling installation scheme.

There are several other types of ceiling decoration in a wooden house. One of them is the rack method. Reiki for work can be purchased ready-made or made to order. Reiki are made from wood of various species, it all depends on taste and imagination, on the financial possibilities of the consumer. To give the ceiling a more original look, it is possible to use combined options, this will make the interior look more attractive.

Installing a slatted ceiling in a wooden house is also not difficult. It is mounted on the crate with nails or screws or inserted into the groove of the guide rail.

Forced ceiling

There is one more method that does not require much effort - this is a false ceiling. Its installation is made directly on the draft ceiling. It is characterized by an unusual relief surface. Hem ceiling gives the freedom of imagination, as you can create any pattern or perform an extraordinary ornament. The originality of this kind of ceiling is that it will not be like him.

Plastering Ceiling

With this modern finish this type is used very rarely, since arranging a plaster ceiling will take a lot of time and there will still be a lot of dirt. In this case, the plaster is superimposed on shingles made of thin rails.

Shingles are necessary for the strength of the plastered surface.

In this case, the surface does not crack and no delamination occurs.

To achieve a contrast of shades and to give a unique ceiling, many combine the material for decoration. So, you can combine plaster ceiling or plasterboard with wooden beams.

Of course, the finishing options are much greater. How to make a ceiling in a wooden house is a matter of taste. The main thing when choosing a material to take into account all the nuances of construction.

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