Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

When arranging the bathroom, you will inevitably encounter a host of small and large worries and troubles. And immediately you will face the choice of plumbing equipment. Bath or shower - which is better to please all households? To decide, you need to explore the advantages and disadvantages of both options, compare these plumbing fixtures.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

The occupied area of ​​the room

The tiny bathrooms, alas, still remain the main problem of our apartments. But we use this room not only for washing, so I want to place here also a washing machine, and a basket for dirty laundry, and all sorts of shelves and cabinets for storing everything necessary. Do have to give up something? Give up the bath in favor of the shower, and then even in a modest-sized bathroom, there is surely room for all of the above.

Especially for a bath in which you can relax, stretching out your legs, often simply not enough meters: the owners of such "doll" apartments, as a rule, have to be content with a cup of medium size, where you will not be able to lie down. If the architects, while creating the project, thought about anything, but not about the comfort of future residents, as a result, the bathroom turned out to be long, but narrow, the shower stall becomes the only acceptable solution.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

A shower stall is usually advertised as a great option to save space, and in principle it is. However, before making a final decision, we strongly recommend that you visit the plumbing shop and take a closer look at the shower stalls. It will be good if, having received the consent of the sellers, you even get up in the cabin you intend to purchase. With a high probability, you will find that a modest cabin is not very comfortable for you, and the spacious one is already so large that the coveted space saving becomes dim.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

In addition, you should not forget that the height of the shower cabin is at least two meters. Being placed in the bathroom of a typical apartment, where the ceilings are usually quite low, it will create a feeling of tightness, even if it itself occupies a small area.

Let us also recall such wealth, as shampoos, shower gels, scrubs, masks, creams ... I want it to be at hand while washing. Above the bathroom you can hang a shelf and not just one, and on the sides of the bath itself there are a lot of jars and tubes. In the shower, of course, you can also hang shelves, but, first, they will “eat” a lot of space in an already cramped cabin, and second, be prepared for the fact that, due to the narrow space, you will regularly wash something to touch and drop.

Good ground for reflection ...

Water consumption

The widespread introduction of individual water metering devices made us, finally, seriously think about saving, and in the dispute, between the bathroom and a shower, a new argument. The average bath size is about 200 liters. That is the amount of water you spend on swimming. Nightly repeating this procedure may be too expensive for many.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

Those who prefer to rinse in the shower spend three to four times less water, which means that installing a shower stall leads to a significant reduction in utility bills, which means beneficial to the family budget.

The word "but" reappears here ... We did not use the above verb "rinse" again, meaning that you would spend a few minutes in the shower just to wash off the dirt and sweat from the body. If you prefer not to hurry anywhere, if you adore being in the shower to sing, if you like to stand under tight jets of water for a long time, then this means that you spend no less water than you need to fill a bath. Of course, there can be no talk about saving in this case.


What is the bath for? Of course, for water and hygiene procedures. The answer is correct, but not complete. Russian people tend to look for alternative ways to use things and objects that have seemingly well-defined functions, and the bath is no exception. So, we consider ...

First , the bathtub is suitable for washing. Of course, in almost every home today there is a washing machine. However, sometimes there is a need to wash some bulk and heavy thing - curtains, bed covers, winter clothes, etc. And then a large bath bowl comes to the rescue. Here you can place a basin with things from a delicate fabric, which many housewives simply do not dare to trust the washing machine.

Secondly , if necessary, you can wash the dishes in the bathroom. Of course, for these purposes there is a kitchen sink.But how to clean it, not pouring water on the floor, baking sheet? Or wash the ten-liter pot, which simply does not fit in the sink?

Thirdly , the bath is an indispensable thing for dog breeders. Shaggy pets need to be bathed periodically, and they have to wash their feet after each walk. And if you can try to bathe a chihuahua, toy terrier or Pekingese in the pelvis, how to be the owners of large dogs?

Fourth, , the bath allows you to store water if necessary. In our country, an announcement on the doors of the entrance of a planned or emergency water shutdown is almost common. It happens that cold water is turned off for a day or even more. And without water, as we know, neither tudy nor syudy. What to do? On the eve of the upcoming "drought" just fill a capacious bowl of the bath.

Fifthly , a bath will help prolong the life of flowers. After all, they give you bouquets sometimes? Well, at least on the occasion of a major event, for example, an anniversary? (Although, for sure, there are still some romantics who showered their women with roses for no reason ...) How long you want to keep this magnificence longer! And for this, flowers that stand in a vase during the day are better left in cool water at night. And here again helps the bath.

And how, besides washing, you can use a shower cabin? In which of the above situations is she able to come to the rescue? Alas, a shower with such multifunctionality cannot boast ...

If it comes to comparing a bathtub and a shower cabin, we can mention one more bath function: it can play the role of ... a shower room. If you do not have the time or desire to bask in the warm water, you can take a shower in the bathroom. All you need for this is a curtain that will prevent water pouring from the watering can to the floor. The ability to replace your direct competitor is one-sided: you can take a shower in the bathroom, but you won't be able to swim in the shower.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

What is best for children

In families with small children, the question "What should I choose - a bath or shower?" doesn't even get up. For young parents, the answer is obvious - definitely a bath.

It is difficult to imagine how a newborn baby can be bathed in the shower, which requires particularly careful care of delicate skin. Simple ablution under jets of water will not allow to do this fully. In addition, giving up the bath in favor of the shower, you deprive the crumb of his first pool, and swimming is very useful for strengthening the muscular system.

And then what? In a year, at three, at five? For a long time, the baby will need the help of mom or dad during washing - to lather his back, rinse hair, remove knees blackened from crawling on the ground and belly painted with felt-tip pens ... yourself and do not pour the floor outside the cabin. We’ll warn those who are just planning to have a child: some preschoolers often manage to get dirty in such a way that only prolonged soaking in the bathroom can save the day.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

And now we will try to look at this question through the eyes of a child. What do you think your child will prefer? Undoubtedly, the child will be much more willing to play in the bathroom than to take a shower. After all, a bath is not just a vessel filled with water, but a small sea is a source of delight and joy. Be sure - the child will not exchange a bath for anything.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

We talked about the children, it’s time to remember about their parents. Most older people will undoubtedly prefer the shower. The fact is that over the years the mobility of the joints decreases, the strength of the muscles decreases, and it becomes more and more difficult for an elderly person to overcome such an obstacle as the side of the bath. The same problem is faced by people with various injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Going to the bath for them can be overwhelming and even dangerous task.

To enter the shower cabin is much easier. If necessary, you can even refuse a low pallet, arranging a drain right at the floor level. If it is difficult for a person close to you to stand while washing in the shower, you can buy a shower cabin with a seat. In addition, such a seat will allow you not to worry that an old man may suddenly feel dizzy during water procedures.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

Recall also that with some ailments, the bath does fall into the taboo list. First of all, we are talking about people with high blood pressure and / or cardiovascular diseases. Immersion in hot water can lead to a serious deterioration of their health, but to be in the shower is not contraindicated for them.


Nothing better than water will allow you to relax and unwind after a hard day. The effectiveness of relaxation depends largely on what kind of water treatments you choose.

A shower cabin will easily provide you with the opportunity to relax your body and soul. Substitute your tired muscles under the directed jets of water, beating under strong pressure from the wall nozzles, and in a few minutes you will feel just as wonderful as after a session of professional massage. By the way, nozzles can be mounted at different levels, which will allow every family member, including the youngest, to regularly enjoy such a hydromassage. The gentle pressure of the water flowing from the overhead shower creates the effect of a summer rain and helps soothe over-excited nerves. Some models are equipped with steam generators, which allows simulating the microclimate of a bath inside the shower cabin.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

As you see, it is quite possible to relax in the shower. But how can this compare with the possibilities that a bath gives you? Only in the bathroom you can lie down quietly, eyes closed and legs stretched out. Only in the bathroom you can soak in the fragrant foam and enjoy the smell of essential oils. Only in the bathroom your skin is deeply steamed, which guarantees the preservation of its elasticity and flowering appearance, and gives you a feeling of lightness and good mood. Only in the bathroom, finally, can you retire with your favorite book - here no one will surely distract you.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

And in the bathroom you can spend pleasant moments alone with your other half. Is it possible in your soul to enjoy the twinkling of candles? To drink champagne? Let the rose petals over the waves? Intimate conversations, after all? It is unlikely that you will choose a shower cabin, if you still have a bit of romance.

Equipping with additional functions

Due to the richness of its functionality, the bathtub is no match for a modern shower. The first is just a snow-white capacity without any frills, the second is a bit like a spaceship. Using the buttons on the shower cabin control panel, you can adjust the temperature of the water, its pressure and the method of delivery.

Smart sensors will instruct you to give a portion of liquid soap as soon as you bring your hand to the dispenser. Manufacturers have taken care of even those who like to sing, standing under elastic water streams: waterproof speakers fill the shower stall with pleasant music. Some showers can be easily turned into a real sauna - they are finished with special heat-insulating materials, equipped with steam generators and equipped with control systems.

Bath or shower - which is better detailed comparison

Of course, the more additional functions a shower cabin is equipped with, the higher its cost. But on what only you will go, to feel yourself the lord of water.

Care and cleaning

Every housewife wants the place where the hygienic procedures are carried out to sparkle clean, but, alas, not everyone has a free minute for glossing. What is easier to clean - the smooth surfaces of the bath or the numerous projections of the technical elements of the shower stall, which also has high walls? The answer, we think, is obvious.

Water drops on the transparent walls of the shower cabin, if not cleaned in time, turn into low-aesthetic stains. However, wiping the walls and doors of the cabin after each session of water procedures you will not limit. Each time the cabin must be carefully dried: inadequate ventilation in an enclosed space leads to the rapid reproduction of various microorganisms and, as a result, to the appearance of fungus, mold and unpleasant odors.

Final comparison and conclusion

So, after weighing all the pros and cons you can decide what to choose - a bath or shower. There is no clear answer to this question. You have to make the final decision yourself. As you can see, there are approximately equal amounts of pros and cons for each option, which means that you will not only have to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of this or that type of sanitary equipment, but also understand what you want yourself.

Are you committed to a calm and measured lifestyle? Do you think that the best way to relieve tension and stress is to soak in warm water? Then the traditional font, as if created so that you can relax, is undoubtedly your choice.

Do you adore the swiftness of modern life? Do you consider yourself to be practical and constantly rushing people, for whom water procedures are only a hygienic norm? We have no doubt that you will give preference to a stylish shower cabin - a modern solution for a dynamic life.

Think, evaluate, weigh ...


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