technology of work, drawings (video)

A folding table can be useful in the space of a small kitchen or on a picnic. To work, stock up on 3-mm, 5-mm and 8-mm drills for wood. The folding table will have in the basis of slats with a cross section equal to 30x50 mm. It is necessary to stock 4 billets, the length of each of which should be equal to 1200 mm, these elements must be adjusted to the required dimensions. Still need slats with a cross section of 20x40 mm, their total length should be equal to 5 m. The basis of the table top should be glued solid pine, whose thickness is 30-40 mm. It is to be cut in such a way that a blank with the following dimensions is obtained: 1300x650 mm.

technology of work, drawings (video)

Folding table layout.

All blanks should be subjected to sanding, and then coated with varnish until the installation of the structure. The slats from which the legs are supposed to be made should be rounded and polished from above.

Tools and materials:

technology of work, drawings (video)

Tools required for work: tape measure, screwdriver, electric jigsaw, level, pencil.

  • electric jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • wood drills;
  • grinders;
  • pencil;
  • tape measure;
  • right angle;
  • level;
  • slats;
  • glued solid.

Technology of work

Until the leg blanks are cut off in length, it is necessary to form through holes designed for frame slats, as well as the location of the central axial bolts. The holes for the bolts should have a diameter of 8 mm, for the bars - 5 mm, 2 holes for each bar. In the central part of the plank, the holes for axial bolts should be placed at a distance of 430 mm, putting the mark on top. For framed strips, it is permissible to make markup at will, observing symmetry, however, the lower plank from the top point of the leg should be located at a distance of 800 mm, but not more.

To make such a table is easy, as it has a simple structure.

This is due to the fact that the so-called goats do not need to be fixed to the table top. For them to prepare the grooves in which the legs will be "wedged", which will allow them to be firmly reinforced. Fixed to the surface of the tabletop need to screws 4x50.

The assembly of the "goats" involves the installation of a clamshell-type system that will save space in the apartment. Axial bolts should not be tightened until it stops, which will allow the legs to unfold. It is recommended to use locknuts to secure the tolerance. Bolts can be used any, observing only the length and diameter. In this particular case, bolts with dimensions of 8x70 mm should be used for the legs. Restrictive bolts in the grooves of the tabletop should have dimensions equal to 8x120 mm.

In the next step, insert the upper ends of the legs into the slots of the tabletop when they are in the unfolded state. Now you can install the incomplete construction on the surface of a flat floor, so that you can determine the degree of error in the length of the legs, and the level will help. 750 mm should be used as the optimum table height. This indicates that in the process of adjusting the length you should avoid excessive persistence, otherwise the table will be too low.

Making a table with your own hands is not so difficult, if you choose the right wood and components. It is necessary to properly mark up the material, and after the case for small - you just have to assemble the table, which takes about 1-2 hours. The longest stage - varnishing and drying before the start of operation.

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  • technology of work, drawings (video)

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