installation of the structure (photo and video)

The modern generation puts windows not only from PVC, but also wooden. These designs are able to decorate the interior of any room, creating coziness, beauty and absolute security. The windows of wood are well combined with any pieces of furniture, doors, flooring, creating a single ensemble. They fill the home with comfort and warmth. Making wooden windows with your own hands, you can create a unique creation. This requires accuracy, composure and endurance.

installation of the structure (photo and video)

Construction of a wooden window.

Advantages of installing wooden windows

The main advantage of such structures will be absolute heat retention. It is known that wood conducts it poorly, and a natural porous base gives reason to change its parameters without damaging the frame geometry.

Openings from natural breeds are distinguished by excellent qualities related to operation. The wood profile provides reliable protection against the penetration of extraneous noise into the room. When scratches appear on the surface, they are fairly easy to remove. The material is ideally suited to the climate of the middle band. Proper care will provide the foundation with a long warranty. Making wooden windows with their own hands also pursues material benefits. The manufacturing process is not associated with significant monetary costs.

Wood appears to be an ecologically clean base, unable to release toxic substances and produce static electricity. The tree is distinguished by a fairly solid base, optimum protection from dust and maintaining heat in the room. Among the negative aspects of the use of wooden windows can be identified periodic surface renewal. Approximately once in 5 years it is necessary to cover them with a layer of varnish or enamel.

installation of the structure (photo and video)

Roller shutters on wooden windows.

The main advantages of the structures under consideration are:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • ecological cleanliness;
  • the ability to occasionally upgrade the hull, prime and tint the base;
  • good compatibility with any type of interior;
  • strong base with low weight;
  • ability to periodically repair the structure;
  • supply is stable and correct air exchange;
  • organization of high-quality sound and thermal insulation;
  • do not expand under the influence of pace Atur, are not subject to freezing.

Qualitative protection against extraneous noise is made up of the following factors:

  • probability of changing the size of the air layers;
  • installing any number of double-glazed windows of a selected thickness;
  • shutter tightness.

Types of windows from natural rocks

installation of the structure (photo and video)

Types of wooden windows.

All designs of the named sample have differences regarding the component parts, the locking mechanism and the configuration:

  1. Windows, the flaps of which swing open in all directions.
  2. Designs equipped with a swivel and tilt-and-turn mechanism.
  3. Openings consisting of deaf and opening doors.

Independent production of window designs

In order for the window made of wood to be right, you need to exert maximum effort, effort and patience. And, of course, prepare the necessary tools. The work has to be quite painstaking, but without any special difficulties.

installation of the structure (photo and video)

Profiles for a wooden window with one and two profiles.

List of tools;

  • planer, it is possible in the electric version;
  • circular saw;
  • wood milling cutter for manual type;
  • tape;
  • pencil.

If these necessary tools are missing, you will have to use a hacksaw, a chisel and a mallet. The process of making frames is identified with careful selection of grooves, for this reason the use of reliable tools is so essential. For work, good wood is needed for drying so that no further deformations of the base occur. The presence of raw material will cause cracking and warping of the surface.

It is good if the timber obtained by gluing thin slats is taken as the base. Such material is not subject to deformation and shrinkage process.

Stages of manufacturing windows of wood

installation of the structure (photo and video)

The scheme of a wooden corner in an aluminum frame.

Acting on a given plan for installing wooden windows, it is important to choose the right material. The irrational solution of this issue will further affect the appearance of all kinds of defects and flaws. The base may warp or twist.

Experienced craftsmen recommend using laminated board for this, but not solid. In this case, the frame will remain unchanged. When buying, you should pay special attention to ensure that this material is of good quality and corresponds to the normal rate of drying.

Installation of the box

The classic box for the window is made of wood with a section of 5 * 15 cm.

installation of the structure (photo and video)

Scheme of installation of windows in the log house.

If the opening is more impressive dimensions, you should increase these figures. The fortress design will be provided.

Work execution order:

  1. The erection of the window box is associated with the use of a well-dried and planed board. For further work useful electric plane. A notch is made with a depth of 1.5 cm and a width of 13 m. The base obtained should be in the shape of a letter G. Such a configuration will provide a special tightness to the base.
  2. Then the board is sawn into 4 equal shares. They are securely fixed between a wooden spike.

The manufacture of a window structure on its own provides the basis for the use of the elemental compound itself. That is the usual board. It fits into a horizontal position, then a spike is cut out on it, and a groove is made on the adjacent base. To comply with the special accuracy, you need to take a chisel, hammer or router. As soon as the main work with the board is completed, it is necessary to lubricate the connection points with glue. After it is completely dry, the box is considered finished.


  • to give it particular strength, you must put metal corners on the corner points;
  • to ensure the rigidity of the end connection in the hole wooden block and pin are installed;
  • all structural elements are fastened at an angle of 90 °.

The manufacturing process of the window frame

installation of the structure (photo and video)

Characteristics of wooden windows.

This important part of the window is made of a bar, held together with glue. Section - 5 * 5 cm. Installation of vents is carried out with the use of smaller boards. The main parts of the frame are fixed in the same way as the box. Mount the parts with metal corners and a wooden pin is mandatory. After all, the window frame plays a significant role, and therefore increases the demands.

After mounting the profile, using a router or an electric planer, cut the board into blanks. After that a spike lock is made. Then the frame is assembled and a linseed oil is applied on its base. Do not forget about the use of metal corners.

As soon as the frame is ready, you should insert the glass and strengthen the base with thin slats, beadings. Do not forget about their processing of linseed oil. The frame with glass can be coated with enamel or varnish. The use of drying oil will emphasize the natural beauty of the tree. For such purposes, most commonly used conventional oil-based paint.

Installation of wood construction

installation of the structure (photo and video)

Installation scheme of wooden windows.

To ensure correct installation of wooden windows, it is important to rely on these positions:

  • first you need to find the depth indicators of the device entering the opening, these actions will help prevent further condensation in the gap between the frames;
  • using the mounting block, it will be much easier to mount the structure;
  • the opening size should be 1-2 cm more in the box, 5-6 cm in the lower part;
  • any of the angles is 90 °, and the differences in the diagonals do not exceed 1 cm;
  • the space for the window must be even th surface.

Preparatory work:

  • draw in the space for the window the location of the finished sample;
  • treat the bottom part with a sealant;
  • stick it on seal;
  • fix the frame of the block;
  • with a level check for incline;
  • hold the frame to be wedged with pegs.

In order to install the window correctly, it is necessary to use in the installation such fasteners as screws and dowels. The allowable distance between them will be 80 cm. Fixing the window with foam, glue, sealant and construction nails is not enough. When installing the window, it is important to prevent the formation of condensate, which, in turn, will gradually destroy the base of the structure.


  • the profile is first drilled for the opening, then the frame itself;
  • the dowels are installed in the space, the window is fixed to the frame ;
  • doors are put on hinges or hinges;
  • the device is completely sealed;
  • the slots are processed with mounting foam;
  • after drying, residues are cut off, insulation of the cuts is made.

After all the work is completed, you need to adjust the transom. This scheme will help make the windows of the tree independently, without the help of experts.

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