Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

To protect the roofing and living space from the adverse effects of atmospheric phenomena, the roofing pie is an important part of the roof. Each layer performs a specific task and is inextricably linked with the previous and next component of the cake. Proper roofing pie is a guarantee of durability and reliability of the roof. About how to make it right and will be discussed in the article.


Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

Components of the roofing pie:

  • Internal lining.
  • Parobaryer.
  • Heat insulation layer.
  • Moisture insulation.
  • Ventilation clearances.
  • Anti-icing system.
  • Roofing material.

All these elements will be discussed separately in the article.

Vapor barrier

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

The installation of a vapor barrier protects the thermal insulation layer from evaporation from the room. This layer is set first. By the way, the layers are counted from the inside of the roof. The vapor barrier is laid out of the film, overlapped. It is interconnected with a connecting tape. Thus, vapor tightness is ensured.

Innovative vapor barrier materials include a foil layer. Thus, it is possible to increase the heat-insulating characteristics of the cake, as well as to improve the indicators of refractoriness.

It should be noted that an air gap should remain between the vapor barrier and the insulation material. If you make a gap of 2 cm, then the installation work will be more difficult, in addition, in this case you will have to increase the financial costs of the roof.

Thermal insulation

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

The next is the thermal insulation layer. Most often for these purposes are used plates made of mineral wool. It is important that this material is resistant to deformation. Warming of the roof depends on the type of its construction. For example, you may need to insulate the roof itself or the overlap of the upper floor.

Insulation does not heat. Its function is to trap air in its fibers. This is called thermal insulation.

Moisture destroys insulation, for example, mineral wool. This is due to the fact that the coefficient of thermal conductivity of water is 20 times higher than the thermal conductivity of air. And, therefore, the heat insulator should always be dry.

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of? Warming

To protect glass wool and mineral wool, these materials are treated with special impregnations. However, such an event does not provide 100% protection against moisture penetration. More reliable insulation in this regard is extruded polystyrene foam. It perfectly resists capillary and diffuse absorption of water. The only drawback of the material is the high cost compared to other more cost-effective heat insulators.

The installation of thermal insulation can only be done if the moisture content of the wood roofing elements is reduced to at least 18%. Otherwise, the moisture from the wood will penetrate into the insulating layer, which, as mentioned above, will adversely affect the quality of the roofing pie as a whole.

Installation of ventilation

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

The ventilated roof separates the layer of insulation and roofing material. The ventilation device involves the observance of the sequence of performing several stages of work:

  • If the roofing material is embossed, then it will not be difficult to make a vent hole and install a ridge fan. A sheet having a waviness may be covered with a flat ridge. Today, forced ventilation is also encountered, providing artificial air circulation in the under-roof space. These processes are provided with special equipment.
  • Near the ridge install the eaves box and the ventilation holes. Each kit for a soft roof in its configuration has a ventilated ridge.
  • There are special holes in the lower eaves. Special protection prevents insects and small birds from entering them. After that, ventilated skates are installed.
  • If it is impossible to carry out the above actions, then special roofing fans are installed in the ventilated gaps at the top and bottom, which ensures forced air circulation.

Installing an anti-icing system

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

Roof icing can be a serious problem. In order to avoid this danger, many owners of private households, install in the roofing cake systems that prevent the formation of ice. They are a heating cable and other equipment that provides heating of the roof in winter, which minimizes the likelihood of ice formation on the roof.

Work steps:

  1. Laying cables in places where snow accumulates and possible icing. This is the area at the gutters and skylights, if any.
  2. Connecting cables to the power supply, as well as to the temperature sensor and control unit.This is a kind of weather station, which is turned on / off automatically in case of need.


Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

The choice of hydro barrier depends on the type of roofing material to be installed. High-quality waterproofing ensures the preservation of all elements made of wood for a long time.

When installing a waterproofing film, it is important to know the exact location of the sides of the material, since one of them should be directed toward the roof, and the other to the insulation. Otherwise the roofing pie will be made incorrectly.

Types of waterproofing materials

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

There are several types of materials for waterproofing the roof:

  1. Superdiffusion membranes - let water evaporation, but retain moisture. This material has a high vapor-permeable ability, which means that with this kind of waterproofing there is no need to install the lower ventilation gap. Such a membrane should fit snugly to the insulation layer. Super diffusion membranes cannot be installed when using metal roofing and euroslate as a roofing material. The membranes are attached to the rafters with the help of a counterbar on which the crate can be installed.
  2. Diffuse membranes are films with microholes that resemble the appearance of a funnel. Openings should be directed wide surfaces into the room. At the same time, for maximum efficiency of such material, ventilation gaps are made from below and from above. These membranes can be used in the arrangement of roofs of tiles and bitumen. These membranes pass steam and retain moisture entering from the side of the roofing material. At the same time, it is impossible for the membrane to come in contact with the insulation, since this will lead to closure of the microperforations, as a result of which the membrane will lose vapor permeability. Membranes are used when installing roofing material that does not deteriorate when in contact with moisture.
  3. Condensate films are designed to work with shingles and euroslate. In this case, install two ventilation gap. One side of the film is fleecy, which improves its ability to retain condensate deposits. After that, the moisture will move to the lower ventilation gap. The other side of the roof will be ventilated due to the upper air duct. Thus, protection of a roof from moisture is provided.

The device of the roofing pie when mounting the soft roof

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

The layered structure of the roofing pie when mounting the soft roof has almost the same composition that is used when installing solid roofing material.

Soft roofing is made of materials that have high waterproofing characteristics. This includes both bituminous rolled materials, and their unit brothers, as well as mastics and innovative membrane coatings. Nowadays, soft roof has not only hydro-barrier, but also high aesthetic properties. Today it is possible to mount super-thin soft roofing materials to any type of foundation.

The advantage of a soft roof is that it combines insulating and aesthetic functions, as a result of which the roofing pie was reduced to only three layers.

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of? Installation of a soft roof

During the installation of shingles, waterproofing is performed on the entire roof plane only if when the slope of the slopes is no more than 18º. If this figure is more, then waterproofing is placed only along the overhangs, along the valley and ridge, on the adjacencies and around the pipes. The following factors affect the formation of a roofing cake:

  • The type and purpose of the building object (residential or household construction).
  • Thermal insulation is applied only if the building is intended for permanent rather than temporary use.
  • The shape of the roof and the slope of the slopes.
  • Type of foundation for roofing pie.
  • Attic space - residential (attic arrangement) or uninhabited.
  • Determination of the thickness of insulation depending on the climatic characteristics of the region.
  • Compatibility of cake layers. Otherwise, the installation of migration / separation layers will be required, which will entail additional financial costs.

In order for the roofing pie to be of high quality and durable when mounting a soft roof, it is important to take into account all the above factors.

Flat roof

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

When mounting a flat roof, just like in the other cases mentioned above, you need to make a roofing pie. In this case, it looks like this:

  1. Base.
  2. Parobaryer.
  3. Insulation.
  4. Hydrobarrier.

The first step is to prepare the foundation. It is leveled, cleaned, the cracks are filled with polyurethane sealant, with a joint width of 5 cm and a depth of 0.3 cm.Priming is carried out with epoxy primer, which is pre-mixed with a mixer at minimum speed until homogeneous, and then ½ of diluted with water. The primer is applied with a roller or brush for painting work. Then the surface is reinforced with mastic.

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of? Water stagnation

Polypropylene or polyethylene film is used as a vapor barrier, attached with a folder, nails or glued . Ventilation clearance should be 10 cm. Heat insulation should fit snugly to the roof, ventilation units and pipes.


Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of?

Not only reinforced concrete, but also the construction of a metal profile can serve as the base of a flat roof. The method of installation of the cake and its type is selected depending on the base of the roof. As a vapor barrier applied bitumen or roll material.

Roofing Pie Device - What Does a Roofing Pie Consist of? Waterproofing of a flat roof

One of these materials can serve as a heat insulator:

  1. Expanded clay gravel.
  2. Minvat.
  3. Cement-sand screed with expanded clay.
  4. Polystyrene plates.

So, in this article, types of roofing pie were considered depending on the roof construction. It can be said that the choice of the composition of the roofing pie is quite troublesome, since it is important to take into account the compatibility of materials, financial capabilities and type of roofing. However, in skillful hands, every thing goes wrong, so it all depends on the abilities of the wizard who performs the calculation and installation of the roofing pie.


In this video, you can learn other details of making a roofing pie:


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