Restoration of wooden doors do it yourself (photo and video)

Most often during the repair work new interior doors are installed. New doors are relatively inexpensive, the price will largely depend on the material and complexity of production. But there are cases when the door fits perfectly into the interior, has an original appearance, or simply wants to leave the door the same. Do-it-yourself wooden door restoration is a method that will give a second life to the old doors. Regardless of whether the door is interroom or entrance, the restoration work is carried out on the same principle. The only difference may be in the presence of glass inserts in the interior door. While the glass is in operation, it is worth pulling it out; after restoration, it should be put in place or a new glass sheet should be ordered.

Restoration of wooden doors do it yourself (photo and video)

The restoration can be simply a painting or a complete replacement of the door.

The use of wooden elements in the interior is considered a sign of good taste and prosperity. Natural material provides doors not only with a beautiful appearance, but also with good technical indicators. In order to protect a wooden sheet from the effects of temperature extremes, high humidity, mechanical effects, it is necessary to follow all the rules of production technology. After some time, wooden doors may lose their appearance. The great advantage of doors made of natural wood is that they can be restored, after which they will look like new.

Before you begin work, you should decide on the restoration option: it can be a regular painting or a complete renovation of the door leaf. From this will depend on the choice of materials and tools, as well as the time required to make the repair of the door.

Tools to prepare:

Restoration of wooden doors do it yourself (photo and video)

Tools for the restoration of a wooden door.

  • drill and two sets of drills, regular and feather;
  • joinery;
  • chisels of different sizes;
  • handsaw with small teeth;
  • grinding machine and nozzles with different grinding surfaces;
  • special putty for wood;
  • spray gun for applying paintwork material.

It is very important to prepare personal protective equipment: gloves and masks, as there will be a lot of dust when grinding, inhalation of which can entail negative consequences for human health.

After all the tools are prepared, it’s worth deciding where the door will be restored. It is not recommended to do this in the apartment due to the large amount of dust and the specific smell of paints and varnishes.

Preparatory work: removing the old paintwork

Before proceeding with the removal of a layer of paint or varnish, it is worth assessing the general condition of the door. It is the state of the upper layer that will determine which tool you need to use. There are several options: you can use a grinder, fan heater or special remover.

Restoration of wooden doors do it yourself (photo and video)

Restoration begins with the removal of old varnish and paint.

The washer can be purchased at a special department of the hardware store. It should be used strictly according to the instructions indicated on the label. In general, such a remover is applied to the surface and maintained for a certain time, as a result of which the paint should be exfoliated. To remove such paint, it is necessary to use scrapers. If necessary, you can apply the remover again. This procedure is carried out on each side of the door.

A paint layer can also be removed with a fan heater. When using such a device, there will be much less debris, since the layer of paint under the influence of high temperature just swells up, and in order to remove it, it is enough to use a spatula. It should be careful not to damage the wood itself with sharp corners trowel. If paint stains remain on the surface, you can manually remove them with emery paper.

Using a grinder, the paint is removed on large, major planes; in hard-to-reach places, all work is done manually.

Door leaf repair: features

Before painting, it is very important to carry out blade repair work. Inspect the entire surface. The weakest point on the door is the lower part. In order to eliminate various chips, cracks, scratches or dents, it is worth using a special wood putty.

Restoration of wooden doors do it yourself (photo and video)

It is better to paint a wooden door with varnish or transparent paint in order to preserve the wood pattern

If the lower part has significant damage, it is better to replace her new one. Very often, the figure sample is subject to damage, it can also be replaced with a new one. To do this, use a hand mill.After all the defects are eliminated, you can proceed to finishing sanding the surface.

Grinding is carried out in two stages. The first stage involves a rough sweep, as a result of which gross flaws are eliminated. After the end of the first stage, you can proceed to grinding with smaller sandpaper. Circular scratches are characteristic of a grinding machine. To eliminate them, the surface is polished manually. To make it easy to sand, sandpaper should be wound on a wooden block. Grinding using a bar should be carried out strictly on the fiber of wood.

It is recommended to remove dust after polishing with a damp cloth or sponge. This will raise the shallow pile that remains on the surface, after which it can be removed.

Painting as a stage of door restoration

Painting the door can be done in two ways: using an airbrush and using a manual method.

In order to use the spray gun, it is necessary to choose a room with a very high-quality ventilation system. Also, there is not always special equipment with the help of which such a procedure will be carried out, so the manual painting method is most often used.

To apply paintwork material on a prepared door, use a roller or a brush. Before painting the door recommends priming with a special primer, it will contribute to better adhesion of paint to the surface. It is better to keep the door horizontal when painting, this will prevent the formation of stains.

If it is necessary to leave the natural color of the wood and the texture of the material, wood stain is used.

Today it is presented in a wide range of colors, the door can be made darker or leave a natural color. In order for the stain to stain the surface evenly, it is necessary to use a roller.

The first thing that starts the coloring is all protruding elements and panels, after which large planes are painted. After the door is painted, it is necessary to allow the first coat of paintwork to dry completely. If necessary, repeated layers are applied. This will prevent the formation of damage to the previous layer.

Entrance doors are restored and painted in the same way as interior doors. The only difference will be in the choice of paintwork material. It must be resistant to environmental effects and as much as possible protect the wooden door from the negative effects of the sun, precipitation, wind.

How to choose paintwork material?

In order to choose the right paintwork material, you should pay attention to the operating conditions of the door and the wood species. The coloring material can be completely colorless or have a certain tone. Using transparent materials, you can emphasize the natural beauty of wood, its design and texture.

Paints and varnishes, which will give the desired shade of the product, are produced on an organic basis. The most popular today are polyurethane, acrylic and alkyd compounds. They are very easy to use in work, and, ultimately, they create a reliable coating.

In most cases, wooden doors are varnished. Lacquer coating not only performs a decorative role, but also protects wood from the negative effects of the environment.

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