Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet

Removing the toilet - not the most pleasant thing. However, this procedure is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Anyone will be able to reinstall it, it is enough to know how the whole structure is attached to the floor and pipes. Special attention should be paid to the tank. In this article we will explain how to replace the toilet in the apartment.


Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet Treatment

Important before working secure yourself After all, self-replacement toilet bowl can lead to various infections. For example, if there are unhealed scratches on the hands, then bacteria can get there.

During dismantling, fragments fly off from the old unit, which may injure the master.

In addition to the hands, the eyes should also be protected, where infection can also easily get.

  1. You must wear gloves on your hands.
  2. Eyes protected with glasses.
  3. The dismantled device must be treated with an antiseptic to minimize the number of dangerous bacteria. You can apply bleach or whiteness.

What are the device types

Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet Basic elements Toilets can be almost new and Soviet. The difference between them lies in the nature of attachment.

  1. New products are usually mounted with plastic fasteners. When dismounting such attachments are cut off. The tubes in the new products are also plastic or metal-plastic, and it is easy to disconnect them.
  2. Soviet products of this type are built right into the floor. As a rule, the place of attachment is filled with cement. To dismantle such a unit, it is necessary to break. However, these devices are very old, and you should not feel sorry for them. Using the tool at hand, you can easily remove them. The pipes with which the old Soviet toilet bowls are connected to communications are sometimes steel. These pipes will have to unscrew or cut.

Preliminary works

  1. Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet Turn off the water First you need to sanitize the toilet.
  2. After that, be sure to shut off the water supply. Usually it does not cause difficulties, for this you only need to turn the valve on the pipes. If the water can be blocked only common, from the bottom, then for this you need to contact plumbers. This happens, but rarely.
  3. Next you need to remove the cold water supply. This is done very simply. Today for the supply of water using plastic tubes that can be easily unscrew.
  4. Before you finally dismantle, drain the water from the tank.


Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet Turn off the fastening bolts

Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet Disassembly pattern Having determined the type of fastening, you can start working.

  1. With the old Soviet method of attachment, you must first break the bolts. They can be unscrewed or just broken. Most often, they are no longer amenable to the tool, so it is easier to break off heads. Then you have to break down the toilet itself. It is very firmly mounted in the sewer pipe, because in those days it was done for centuries. Having finished dismantling, you need to clean the place of work to install a new unit.
  2. If the model is relatively new, then you don’t have to break anything. It is necessary to unscrew the bolts, which, most likely, have not yet rusted too much. Next, you need to disconnect the plastic pipe from the sewer system.

Before installation

Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet Layout for a new toilet

After As the dismantling of the toilet bowl is completed, you can proceed to the preparation of the site for a new unit.

  1. The place needs to be cleared of debris, fragments of old materials and dust.
  2. The sewer opening should be covered with a plastic bottle so that nothing gets into it. The release is also covered.
  3. In place of the dismantling it is necessary to make markup for a new toilet. On the floor, marks are first made for bolts. Then you should drill a hole with a diamond drill.
  4. A new product can be mounted on the prepared place; for this, a special fastening set should be purchased. The kit usually includes:
  • 2 plastic dowels;
  • 2 long screws;
  • washers and gaskets;
  • caps for screws .


Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet Installation

Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet Children's toilet The selection of a toilet bowl is a very important undertaking. After all, he will stand on the spot for more than one year. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the kit that best meets all requirements.

Complicated structures in case of breakage, most likely, cannot be repaired by yourself.

Most often, people do not find the choice of this device a difficult task. The list of requirements for it is limited by convenience, ease and, sometimes, color. Further, most buyers do not go. But besides the external characteristics, each model has its own technical indicators. Leading companies in the plumbing market regularly update the product range, releasing more and more interesting new items.Focusing only on the appearance and convenience of the toilet, you can soon encounter problems that will not be easy to solve. Before you replace, you need to think about some of the characteristics.

  1. When choosing a device, consider the size of the bathroom or toilet. For large spacious rooms it is recommended to purchase structures with a bidet and a cistern. If the size of the bathroom is quite small, then you can organically fit into the toilet space without a cistern. Such models have a special built-in flush system. They are very comfortable and will save space in the room.
  2. The material of manufacture of the unit is very important. By purchasing cheap products, the consumer risks getting low-quality ceramics, which very soon will spoil all the pleasure from buying. Of all the proposals for the house is better to choose models of porcelain and earthenware in the middle price segment.
  3. Of particular importance is the internal shape of the bowl. Some of the models have a special splash guard.
  4. The design of the flushing device is also important. It is selected taking into account the features of the communications system in the house. There are three types of such constructions: vertical, oblique and horizontal. To make the right choice, you need to look at the features of the flush device in your system.
  5. Today there are many models of cisterns. It is necessary to consider the level of tank noise, its capacity and other indicators. You should also pay attention to the location of the tank relative to the toilet.

Replacing the toilet with your own hands - how to replace the toilet Without a tank

It is known that it is easiest to install the simplest models. Usually they also do not cause any problems during operation. Having chosen too complicated a structure, the consumer may then regret his choice. In the simplest models, most of the problems associated with the cistern, which is easy to fix.


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