Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

The rating of metal entrance doors was created on the basis of reviews and user ratings posted on various forums and resources on the Internet. This selection will help you decide on the modern variety of manufacturers of door products and choose a really high-quality and reliable solution to protect your home or apartment.

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

Neman - reliable and safe doors

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

The rating of entrance metal doors is opened by Neman, which engaged in the manufacture and sale of high-tech doors on a professional level. A distinctive feature of the brand is a wide model range that allows you to choose the right door for any room.

The company offers products from high-alloy steel, which is durable and reliable. Customers have the opportunity to pick up locks, accessories and accessories from other manufacturers. The company has a large number of patents for the use of unique door manufacturing methods.

Each production stage is controlled by experienced technologists, and modern equipment is used for the manufacture of each part. The newest approaches and methods provide high-quality and market-competitive products.

As a rule, the manufacturer equips the doors with two locks, but if necessary, the customer can order the manufacture of additional locks. The company is constantly striving for development and improvement, so customers always have the opportunity to evaluate new products and modern developments.

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

The advantages of the Neumann entrance doors:

  • the newest equipment of foreign production;
  • innovative production technologies;
  • affordable prices;
  • certified products.

Steel - high-quality and durable domestic entrance doors

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

The best entrance doors to an apartment according to the rating of manufacturers of domestic production are headed by the company "Stal", which For many years, we are pleased with the exceptional quality and durability of products. Each stage of the design of doors is controlled by highly qualified production staff. Thanks to this, customers can appreciate the high safety and reliability of the door.

In the production process, a complex construction profile is applied, which positively affects the strength characteristics of the door leaf. Door leaf is made from a single sheet metal, the thickness of which is two millimeters. Having issued an individual order, the client gets the opportunity to purchase a designer door. At the request of the buyer, masters of the company equip structures with armored inserts, which increase reliability and safety to the maximum.

A whole complex of protective mechanisms is used: a protective overlay for the line of the door against the frame, two locks of different types (2-3 bolts for each), anti-pins. Doors can be equipped with lower and upper bolts and night bolts. The company's production line is constantly expanding and modifying, so customers always have plenty to choose from.

A wide range is available in the choice of exterior finishes: laminate, polymer film, powdered polymer, veneer or solid wood.

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

Advantages of doors Steel:

  • full project support;
  • certified products;
  • the work of highly qualified specialists.

Legrand - home protection and exclusive design

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

The Legrand company, which pays great attention not only, is in the rating of manufacturers of entrance metal doors. the quality of the designs, but also the originality of the finishing of the doors inside and outside.

MDF panels are used to finish the doors, which are processed on high-tech equipment and covered with polymeric materials. High-quality coating allows you to add maximum diversity in the decorative and design solutions. In addition, natural woods can be used for decoration, which are able to give any room exceptional luxury and aristocracy.

The company offers customers both basic and modified equipment, which allows each customer to choose the most suitable set of options. The door leaf is made of cold-rolled steel sheet 1.5 mm thick. To suppress noise, the doors are filled with basalt or mineral wool insulation. For hanging doors used hinges on bearings. In the area of ​​the castle, an armor plate is used to protect the door from being tamped. Customers are available to order locks of Russian, Italian and Turkish production.

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

The advantages of the Legrand doors:

  • modern production process;
  • choice of equipment;
  • original door design.

Torex - refinement of style and European quality standards

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

One of the best entrance metal doors is made by Torex, which uses the latest technical ideas of modernity in the production and development of structures. Due to the high automation of labor, the manufacturer managed to reach a fundamentally new level of development and produce more than 10 thousand models per year. Customers note that the company constantly pleases with a variety of design solutions and structural modifications.

The brand's pricing policy is focused both on the average buyer and on the VIP level customer. Despani lineup is designed specifically for those people who are used to fill their homes with sophistication and luxury. The range of the company also includes budget models. A separate activity of the company is the production of fire doors, which are vital for ensuring a high level of security in state and educational institutions.

The basic model series of the company are: "Omega"; "Patriot"; "Delta"; "Guarantor". Most models are made using two sheets of steel, which significantly increases the reliability and safety. For the exterior finish, milled MDF coated with a polymer layer is used, which serves as a tough barrier to all negative environmental factors. For the manufacture of the frame used concave profile, the thickness of which is two millimeters.

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

The advantages of Torex doors:

  • wide range;
  • variety of equipment and modifications;
  • participation of Italian specialists in the development of models.

Guardian - the best choice for protecting your own home

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

The domestic manufacturer Guardian gives customers the opportunity to choose steel doors from a wide variety. The product range includes hundreds of models, each of which has its own original design and style. Developers pay special attention to the following parameters: sound insulation; resistance to fire; design solutions.

It is noteworthy that the client can fully regulate the complete set of the structure. This feature allows you to get rid of unnecessary expenses and focus only on the necessary elements. The buyer chooses the type: lock, handle, exterior. For fifteen years, the manufacturer has been working to create reliable and attractive doors. Doors are made from two sheets of steel using a reliable system of ribs. Non-flammable insulation is used for internal filling. In order to increase the burglar resistance, doors are equipped with an armored plate.

Fire doors manufactured by the manufacturer go through several stages of testing before entering mass sales. In the process of testing, defects are detected and inaccuracies of the assembly are recorded. Designs in this category are able to cope with any extreme temperatures and mechanical damage. The company provides customers with the opportunity to competently protect any type of property with minimal expenditure of funds.

Rating of metal entrance doors 2019

The advantages of the Guardian doors:

  • fifteen years of industry experience;
  • a variety of configurations;
  • wide product range.

The selection of goods is made on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is informative.


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