Technology laying floorboard in a short time with their own hands (video)

When the flooring is chosen, the laying of the floorboard is most often meant. After all, this option provides a unique comfort. In this case, it is absolutely unnecessary to lay the floor with block parquet, a parquet board can be used, which is no worse. Having laid such floor covering, it is possible to fully enjoy the naturalness and beauty of such a coating. It should be noted that the parquet board has long become more popular than parquet: in addition to all its main advantages, it has an important quality - practicality. The tools used are:

  • building level;
  • tape measure;
  • spatula.

Technology laying floorboard in a short time with their own hands (video)

The floor covering made of natural wood flooring will provide beauty and unique coziness in the room.

So why exactly this kind of styling is very popular:

  1. In the manufacture of such a material is covered with a special composition, then polished. Then varnished in several layers.
  2. The material is quite flexible and tolerates changing conditions.
  3. A scrap is not required here.
  4. Material can be disassembled and reassembled several times, with no deterioration.
  5. The laying of such material implies a much smaller amount of finances.
  6. Laying the material with your own hands does not imply any difficulties, which is largely due to significant geometric dimensions. And all this is done pretty quickly.

How is the base of the floor prepared?

Technology laying floorboard in a short time with their own hands (video)

Laying the parquet on the floor.

The parquet floor should be as flat as possible, the quality of its further operation depends on this. To determine whether there are potholes on the floor, irregularities, and also to find out if a screed should be made, it is necessary to use the construction level. If the slope of the base for every 2 m exceeds 2 mm, then you need to take care of the screed. It is made from sand-cement mixture. It is very important that the thickness of such a mixture does not exceed 5 cm.

The slight slopes of the base can easily be corrected with a special substrate, which can perfectly compensate for minor irregularities. Laying can be carried out on plywood sheets, which should be of considerable thickness. Such plywood sheets are attached with dowels or screws to the base of the floor (rough).

In this case, it is necessary to take into account the hygroscopicity of plywood, a vapor barrier under it is a prerequisite. You can use cardboard sheets in this quality, but before that they must be soaked with a special mixture, after which a cork lid is put on top.

It is also necessary to take into account that the parquet should be laid on a polyurethane foam substrate.

Laying floorboard in a floating way

Technology laying floorboard in a short time with their own hands (video)

Layout of parquet on logs.

This method is one of the most popular, with which the material is glued to each other, but the base of fastening is not provided. It is possible to draw an analogy with a glueless joint, which has found wide application in laying laminated parquet, the same technology developed for boards. They need to make special grooves and locks, so that all the connection is quick, easy and reliable.

It is very important to take into account the fact that the strength of the connection of boards remains reliable even after a certain time, they are not afraid of the temperature and humidity conditions in the house and heavy loads.

After everything is varnished, not a single board stands out, everything looks the same. That is why laying in a floating way is so popular. If such a connection is made, then you can easily dismantle the parquet boards, re-stack them, and replace the damaged boards. If laying is needed again, it can be done from any side, the initial direction is not taken into account.

How is the laying of the floorboard glued?

Undoubtedly, the floating method of laying the floorboard is the most technologically advanced. But when the strength of the base or the room is large, it is better to use a different method - the adhesive one. This method of laying involves gluing the board all the way to the base. It should be borne in mind that not everyone can use glue here, it is impossible to use water-based glue, since the coating will be deformed very soon. Laying floorboard with glue is not carried out in a short time.

Laying technology: diagonal, longitudinal

Laying of the floorboard can be done both diagonally and along.

If a longitudinal installation is planned, then it is better to start it from the wall, which is located opposite the entrance, and the diagonal one starts from one corner.It should be noted that the diagonal version is more aesthetic, but it implies a significant amount of waste. And such a process is somewhat complex because trimming is constantly used.

Useful recommendations

In order for such a process to be carried out with maximum success, it is necessary to take into account some recommendations of experts:

  1. Very important observe the correct temperature: the work must necessarily be carried out at temperatures above 18 ° C. You should also pay attention to the humidity in the room (30-60%).
  2. A temperature gap must be left between the wall and the floor covering. The wood can expand and contract, it all depends on the temperature in the room. As for the gap, 1.5 mm is left per 1 m of the cover.
  3. If you plan to make the coating for a long period, it is recommended to cover it with several layers of varnish. In this case, the connecting seams of the boards should be filled and protected from water when wet cleaning will be carried out. It should be borne in mind that this helps not only to extend the performance of the floor, but also makes it look attractive.

In this process, there is nothing difficult, you just need to be careful and use quality materials.

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