Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo

Over time, a log house needs painting. This is facilitated by various natural factors. Ignoring this rule will lead to the unsightly appearance of still so recently beautiful walls with a natural pattern and the need to carry out major repairs. In order for painting of the rounded log to be carried out according to all the rules, it is important to familiarize yourself with the main stages of the work and the basic materials.

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo The new building is being painted

If a new house is painted, This work is important to begin only after the completion of shrinkage at home. To do this, wait at least a year.

Materials for dyeing

Today, there is a wide range of materials for dyeing houses made of logs. Therefore, questions about how to paint the surface, does not arise.

About antiseptics

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Antiseptics

By antiseptics mean materials that give wood resistance to chemical or bacterial attack.

Among the advantages of materials it is worth highlighting their excellent moisture-tightness. A log covered with an antiseptic is not afraid of fungi or insects that can ruin the wood, as the composition creates a protective film. The disadvantages include the fact that the logs are coated with an antiseptic, dry for a long time and wear out quickly.

On request, the log is additionally coated with oil paint or enamel.

Budget option

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Oil paint

With cash constraints, an excellent option become oil paints.

Oil dyes perfectly protect the coating from exposure to aggressive media.

Among the deficiencies emit chemical composition. The pungent unpleasant smell of paint does not allow it to be used for interior work. Otherwise, people living in the house will feel discomfort for about four days, which will negatively affect their well-being.

Durability and color

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Acrylic paints

Provide the logs with an attractive long-lasting look period capable acrylates.

Brightness, durability, non-aggressive composition should be highlighted among the advantages of the material. If you use acrylates, the house will be protected from the negative effects of sunlight and temperature extremes. Moisture logs will also not be scary. The only drawback of the material is the tendency to abrasion.

You can give a finished look to a house by covering it with varnish.

To understand how to paint a house correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions. Work usually begins with the lower section of the wall, gradually moving on. It is better to fix the film on the windows, in order to avoid paint falling on it.

Preparatory stage

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Preparing a wooden house for painting

Before proceeding to the main stage of work is to remove the old layer of coatings, dust and pollution of various nature. The most suitable tool for this purpose will be a metal brush.

If the walls are damaged by fungi, you can deal with the problem by treating the logs with special disinfectants. At the same time it is important to apply the composition to a dry surface.

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Cracks in logs of a log

It is important to seal the seams and through gaps with tow or mounting foam .

Next, the log is ground with a special machine or ordinary emery cloth. Work is performed with special care. The better the grinding will be done, the smoother the paintwork material will fall.

To work, you need to stock up on scaffolding, which is necessary for comfortable movement in the process of dyeing timber.

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Treatment with antiseptic

To prevent mold and rot from appearing on the surface of the rounded log, it is important antiseptic treatment. In addition, it improves the adhesion of paint to the wood surface.


Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Painted House

Despite the apparent simplicity of the process staining in order to perform the work correctly, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Paint should be mixed thoroughly. Sometimes it is advisable to use a drill with a nozzle. If desired, the composition is tinted to the desired color.
  • For high-quality performance of work it is necessary to use an airbrush.
  • Painting the interior walls is identical to exterior works. The difference is the quality paint, which does not contain chemical components.
  • Experts do not recommend performing work at high temperatures. You also can not paint the house at temperatures below + 5ºC.
  • After the paint is completely dry, you can apply a finishing coat. In the process of work, it is applied in a thin layer in order to avoid spills and smudges.
  • At the final stage, when the paint layer dries, you can proceed to opening the surface of the logs with varnish.

Important nuances

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo

We recommend to pay attention to some tips:

  • In the process of choosing paint for painting log houses It is important to give preference to breathable materials. Otherwise, the wood fiber will not be able to breathe, which will lead to its uselessness in a short time. Synthetic paints should be avoided, as they form a film on the surface that prevents air from entering.
  • When planning painting, you should not save money, because the appearance of the house depends on it.
  • Transparent paint looks very nice. If the texture of the house allows, you can use it.
  • When you buy paint, you should not delay the work, as it may thicken during long-term storage.
  • Materials for finishing logs inside rooms should be searched with the appropriate mark.

We sincerely hope that you will make your home beautiful and cozy by reading this article.


See how the house is being polished and painted from the log:

This video shows how to finish the rounded log with oil for outdoor work :


Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Logs are painted with dark paint

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Clearly types of wood fibers

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo The house is painted with acrylic paint

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Painted house from a bar

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Painted two-story house from a bar

Paint logs - how to paint logs + photo Painting logs inside the house


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