Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself

Among the materials used in interior decoration, wood is becoming increasingly popular. More precisely, it regains once lost popularity. In due time, thanks to the development of the chemical industry, plastic polymers practically forced out wood from a number of finishing materials. However, the demand for wooden interior elements arose again. And this is quite understandable, since there is not much that can be compared to a tree by its naturalness and aesthetic appeal. Increasingly, wood is used as a material for the manufacture of a window sill. About how to install a wooden window sill with your own hands and what are necessary to follow the rules, and will be discussed below.

Why choose

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself From tightly fitted boards

In order to finally To make sure that installing a wooden window sill in an apartment or a private house is a good enough idea, it’s enough to familiarize yourself with some of the unique properties of this material.

  • The wooden window sill will have excellent performance characteristics. Here, first of all, it means the complete naturalness of the material, and therefore such a window sill can be installed even in the children's room.
  • The material is durable and resistant to various kinds of impacts. This refers to both temperature and humidity changes, and chemicals used, for example, during cleaning.
  • It should also be mentioned that wood leaves plastic analogs far behind in terms of aesthetics. In the building stores you can find a variety of options for these elements of decor. In this sense, even the most demanding taste can be satisfied. You can choose a windowsill for any interior option.

How to choose

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself

Before proceeding to the description of the process of installation of a wooden window sill, you need to slightly clarify the rules according to which choice.

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself The sill may differ in texture and color

  1. First of all, pay attention to the integrity of this element. It is necessary to look at the end of the product. Cracks and chips should not be on the surface or in the structure of the wood.
  2. Of considerable importance when choosing wood products is the type of wood used for manufacturing. In the case of a window sill, it is worth paying attention to hard rocks. Among them, the undisputed leader is oak. You can also look at beech, chestnut or pine.
  3. Well, of course, it would be wrong to overlook the aesthetic side of the question of choice. You can find many shades of wood, textures, too, not to mention the wood pattern. And if you just add to this a huge number of varnishes, paints and impregnations, then we can say that such a window sill will not only cope well with its tasks, but also act as a true decoration of the entire interior.

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself View the end of the product

You can also add here that if you want to make an interior truly unique, the window sill can be made independently. To do this, you need only a suitable board in size and appearance, which you need to bring to the required dimensions (which by the way should be about 10 cm more than the dimensions of the opening) and impregnate with special protective compounds. When all this is absorbed and dries, you can go to the installation itself.

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself Make a teardrop

But before that, on the inner surface of the future sill, you must perform a so-called teardrop. This is a small groove, about 8 mm wide and 3 to 5 mm deep, designed to drain moisture, which can and most likely will be formed on the inner surface of the sill as a result of temperature drops.

After the window sill is selected, you can install it. The work is best divided into several stages and carry out them consistently.


First of all, surface preparation must be carried out. We are talking about whether it is a new house or a major overhaul, after installing the window blocks, there is probably some construction waste that needs to be removed.

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself Wedges

Also at this stage it is necessary to maximally level the surface intended for the installation of the window sill. If there are at least slight distortions, they must be removed with wooden wedges. The only bias that is allowed is a slight inclination of the plane of the window sill towards the room, but we are talking about a few millimeters.


When the base is ready, you can begin the installation of the wooden window sill itself. Typically, this process is performed using a cement mixture.That is, it is necessary to prepare a certain amount of cement-sand mixture. Here it can be said that the solution should be enough to cover the upper planes of the wooden wedges used for leveling the plane by 3-5 mm. After that, a wooden window sill is laid on top and pressed down. Excess solution is simply removed with a spatula.

Sealing and fastening

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself Sealing

After the above steps, in principle, you can do without additional measures, but to achieve the best effect, additional sill fixing would not be superfluous. In the case when not only window sills are made of wood, but also the frames of window blocks, you can proceed as follows.

On the back of the window, right through the frame, you need to screw a pair of self-tapping screws into the window sill. The length of the additional fasteners should be chosen so that the screws are not less than 5 cm into the sill. Such measures will be far from superfluous and will allow you not to worry about the fastening strength of the sill. This is especially important if this window trim will be used to have flatware with flowers or other decorative elements on it.

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself Polished

Also, one should not forget that all the gaps remaining after the works should be sealed foam or silicone sealants. In this case, you will not have to worry about what will be blowing out from under the window sill.

Features of the installation

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself Prefabricated wooden window sill

, that in order to properly install a window sill, it is necessary to keep in mind certain features that the specified process has.

  • The width of a window sill is considered optimal if it protrudes from the wall at a distance of about 7-8 cm. This is quite enough in most cases. But, if you intend to use a window sill for arranging, for example, a large number of colors or it is planned to equip an additional resting place on the window sill (and this happens much more often than it might seem at first glance), then the width of the window sill may not be enough, and therefore you will have to install a wider element . In order for its mount to be strong enough to withstand the weight of a person, additional supports need to be built in under the sill. As them you can use rods of metal reinforcement. What pre-must be done holes.
  • Foam can be used as the material on which the sill is being installed. It is necessary, like a solution, in a sufficient amount to apply on the base, then put the window sill. Thus, it is possible to reduce the total time of work and to achieve maximum tightness of the window.
  • Installation of a wooden window sill is possible not only if the window blocks are also made of this material, but also in combination with plastic. With the right approach to choosing a color palette, a wooden window sill is quite capable of being in harmony with a plastic window, moreover, this structural element can add a certain highlight to the faceless punching of plastic than to add individuality to the exterior of the room.

In conclusion, we can add that the installation of a wooden window sill can be done independently, but in order for the result to be guaranteed successful, especially if there is not enough experience in carrying out such work, it will be better to entrust the work to the specialists and if you want to control the process.


Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself The template is outlined with a pencil

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself Assembling the lath pattern

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself Dimensions should be removed with maximum accuracy

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself The edges of the sill are inserted into the wall

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself On the other sides

Installing a wooden window sill do it yourself Check the level


A wooden ash window sill is installed in this video:


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