Abyssinian well do it yourself - how to do it (instruction)

Initially, the Abyssinian well was named after the inventor - Nortonovsky. However, soon this man was forgotten, and since the first such well was installed in Abyssinia, such water sources began to be called the Abyssinian well. It was very easy to make such a device, and its popularity was due to the fact that it did not take much time and effort to get water. In this article we will tell you how to make an Abyssinian well with your own hands, give step-by-step instructions, consider the drilling technology, what to make of it, and how to get to the aquifer.

Material for the device

Abyssinian well do it yourself - how to do it (instruction) The tip and the mesh

Although the location and depth of the aquifer However, it’s not out of place to determine with a layer the accuracy of asking the neighbors about the depth at which they pump water. This will help determine the number of purchased pipes and it will be clear whether to make such a well on your site. What reasons can be in order to abandon this venture? Consider some of them:

  • The aquifer passes at a depth of more than 9 m. In this case, the vacuum pump will not be able to deflate the water.
  • A rock passes under the ground.
  • There are a lot of stones in the ground.

In the first and second cases, it is necessary to abandon the idea, since the small-diameter pipes used will not allow the pump to be inserted into the well, and you simply cannot pull it out of a large depth, or by reaching the rock , you can punch it. In the rocky soil, you can try at your own risk, but there is a very high probability that you will not be able to reach the aquifer. Moreover, you can generally spoil the pipe so that it can not be used in the future.

Water from the upper layers is often unfit for drinking.

If the conditions are suitable, then you will need:

  • Stainless, or galvanized pipe 3/4 inch (one inch) - the depth of the aquifer is taken into account, immersion into it, and its protruding part above the ground;
  • Cone for the intake;
  • Grid for the intake (stainless steel П52 is recommended);
  • Tin without lead impurities, or stainless steel screws;
  • Manual piston pump, or vacuum electric.

At the end of the pipe, which will enter the soil, you need to weld a cone (or make a threaded connection).

In order for the water to enter the inside of the pipe, in its lower part you need to drill holes with a diameter of 5 to 8 mm to a height of at least 50 cm and solder the grid from above, covering the holes with it (or fasten with screws).

Pipes are cut to a length of 1.5–3 m, and a thread is cut at their ends for further joining with steel couplings, as cast iron can burst. The length of the pipe cutting depends on the hardness of the soil and your convenience.

Choose a place

Abyssinian well do it yourself - how to do it (instruction) A suitable place for a well

Before you begin to make an Abyssinian well, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the norms according to which the well should be sufficiently removed from the sources of soil contamination - latrines and drain holes, moreover, not only in its own area, but also in neighboring ones.

In densely populated areas, it is not always possible to find a suitable place for a well.

What to do, because if you do not remove the well for a sufficient distance, the water will be unsuitable for drinking. We will have to come to terms with this and use water only for technical needs and for irrigation, or make an artesian well, but this is another topic.

Getting Started

Abyssinian well do it yourself - how to do it (instruction) Filter device layout

If you have a good soft it’s possible to say that it’s lucky, since not only the pipe-driving process is accelerated, but it happens with less effort. For driving this construction, you need a "drive-in woman" - a heavy steel bar weighing more than 30 kg, with a hole in the center and two handles on the sides. First you need to fasten a collar on the pipe, which is tightened with bolts - this is the so-called sub-cap, and then we put a woman on the pipe.

If you raise it manually, then the forces will very quickly run out. It is possible to attach 2 rollers to the pipe, and together, lift and release this “percussion instrument” with the help of cables. You can also use an alternative method - hammer the pipe with a jackhammer. As the pipe enters the ground, new pipes are screwed to it to lengthen. For a tight connection between them, use sanitary flax, because if the tightness is not achieved, then pumping out the water with a vacuum pump will be very problematic, and maybe even completely impossible.

Rearrange the sub-tabs above, and repeat the procedure. These actions must be carried out until the lower part of the pipe enters the aquifer. It is easy to determine. Always add water to the pipe to be driven, and as soon as it leaves abruptly, it means it entered the aquifer.After that, go deep for another half a meter - the goal is reached. If necessary, cut the pipe, and cut the threads with which the check valve and the hand pump will be fixed. Cut the thread, hold the pipe so that it does not twist. This is especially important when reversing the thread cutter - so you can unscrew the pipe from the coupling.

If you cannot use this method, you can drill a small diameter well and then pour a couple of bags of marble chips into it, which will serve as a filter. Insert into the well the same design that was intended for driving.


This video shows how you can drill with a jackhammer.


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