installation of cladding panels do it yourself

Nowadays, decorative block-type lining boards are often used in construction during the finishing works. By its appearance it resembles a rounded log, this gives the house a colorful appearance. Material differs in the high durability, environmental friendliness and the long term of operation.

installation of cladding panels do it yourself

Blockhouse wiring diagram.

When choosing a material, it must be carefully examined. It is necessary that there are no deformations, cracks, irregularities, mold and other damage on the boards. It is necessary to take into account the structure of wood: the tree rings are closer to each other, the wood is stronger. If you choose a block house, installation can be done by hand, if you follow the right technology.

Technology of installation of a house block

installation of cladding panels do it yourself

Parts for joining panels of panels and a corner of a block house.

Materials and tools:

  • block house;
  • drill;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • keys;
  • power saw;
  • hacksaw;
  • heat insulation;
  • construction level;
  • PVA glue.

How to mount a block house? Before you start installing the block house, you must purchase all the materials intended for work. It is necessary to prepare an electric drill, since the boards of the house block will be mounted with screws. If you expect a large amount of construction work, you need to prepare a drill-screwdriver.

When cladding, special blades will be used, which are fasteners made of galvanized steel. Such products are not subject to corrosion.

Klymer is a plate with cuts for screws. This bracket has a special tongue that holds the elements of the house block. The height of the tongue should be more than 6 mm. Thanks to the use of clamps, the assembly of panels is carried out reliably, without damaging the surface of the wood, without chipping and deformations.

installation of cladding panels do it yourself

Plastic lining mounting scheme.

At the same time, the junction points of the material will be invisible. For finishing, you must purchase 200 staples on 10 m 2 surfaces. They have a low cost. The use of klyaymerov reduce construction time for self-assembly block house.

It is necessary to prepare a saw with which to cut the boards. It is necessary to purchase insulation in advance. A good material for thermal insulation and sound insulation is mineral wool or fiberglass, which is available in the form of slabs. These materials are fireproof.

Depending on the thickness of the insulation, choose the size of the sheathing bar. To avoid the ingress of moisture, it is necessary to consider the proper vapor barrier of the building. A good material for this is glassine or special vapor barrier sheets with foil.

After purchasing the house block panels, they need to be given time to acclimatize to the external environment of the area.

installation of cladding panels do it yourself

Metal siding installation scheme.

During this time, you need to install a vapor barrier. Then lay a crate of wood beams over it. Pre-bars treated with antiseptic.

If the timber is mounted on a wooden surface, it is nailed or fixed with screws. If the walls are made of brick, then install the crate with dowels, pre-drilled holes for them.

The distance between the bars of the batten is 60 cm. Thermal insulation is laid in the openings between the bars, which is covered with a waterproof film on top. The film must be mounted with an overlap, fixing it with a stapler.

Then another layer of batten bars is mounted. On this crate will lay the slats block house. Therefore, when installing this crates, you must use the building level.

Immediately laying the panels of the house block

installation of cladding panels do it yourself

Installing the house block outside.

How to mount the unit? Mounting the block house start with the bottom row of crates. The panels are fixed in a horizontal position.

With the help of screws, the clamps are mounted on the batten. In the claws of the clamps, the first block of the house is set.

It must be installed with the groove down in order to prevent moisture from entering the groove in the future. Then on the spike of the first bar, you must install the groove of the next bar.

In the upper and lower parts of the slats, holes are drilled into which the screws are twisted. Screws must be placed at a distance of 40 cm from each other. The screw is twisted into a spike at an angle of 45 degrees.

Then put the groove of each next strip on the spike of the previous one. Thus perform the installation of slats over the entire surface.

The metal caps of the self-tapping screws can be decorated with special wooden caps. They are glued with white glue.

During the installation, a house block with your own hands may have problems when making corners. You can buy decorative items for facing the external and internal corners.They represent a kind of plinths. When mounting such baseboards, sufficiently large gaps of the boards may remain uncovered.

installation of cladding panels do it yourself

Characteristic of different block house varieties.

A planed 50x50 mm beam can be mounted in the corners. To him you need to fix the panel block house. This method can be issued not only external but also the internal corners of the building. For decoration, you can give an oval shape of the part of the bar that will be visible.

Then you need to arrange the doorways and windows of the house. They are decorated with platbands, which are boards specifically designed for this.

You can buy decorative frames with thread, inlay or other trim. Such platbands, made in the traditional decorative version, will give the building a colorful appearance.

You can choose the usual flat or semicircular platbands. Platbands protect the building from the penetration of cold, rain, perfectly cover all the cracks.

Platbands can be fixed in various ways. So, distinguish overhead and telescopic structures. Telescopic rims have special projections that fall into the slots of the window frame or door frame.

The assembly of the house block, made according to this technology, will provide durability, reliability and durability of the decoration of your house.

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